BRUNCH FROM FRIDAY WITH THE GIRLS IN WÜRZBURG <3 we had: a whole lot of fresh fruit, healthy sweet potatoe brownies, pretzel buns, fresh bread, healthy spelt oat pancakes, leftover Pizza, date balls, hummus, avo, jam, peanutbutter, chocolate mousse and smoothies 🍹 and guess what?! - there were no leftovers at all 😄

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Fish Dish!

My favorite meal to eat is salmon with some veggies on the side. My favorite way to cook salmon is with brown sugar and soy sauce. DELICIOUS!!! I sometimes bake it or grill it on top of the stove top. Paired with this meal I have squash, brown rice and a salad. This meal was great for my dinner and the protein that I needed for a post workout meal. And of course I had some tea on the side! Comment below on more meals that you’d like to see! 

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