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I’ve always loved being active, and I used to do sports basketball, soccer, volleyball growing up. Now I love running, biking and swimming. I also go to these dance-cardio classes at Body by Simone. The trainers are so empowering, it doesn’t matter if you can’t dance well. I’ve always been a healthy eater. In England, it was basically eating at the farm. Bangers and mash, of course, but it was very much about fresh, healthy food. L.A. is ideal for that. I don’t eat red meat. I’m big on chicken, fish and vegetables. It’s a way of life for me. I don’t think about it as a diet. - Lily Collins photographed for the New York Times

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How often does dr.flug take off his bag, and when he has it off does he sing a bit?

For showers, hygiene purposes (ew he sneezed new bag new bag), and messy food consumption. He does not take it off for sleep. How does he sleep like that? Nobody’s entirely sure. What they do know is that he doesn’t snore or drool, because his bag is always free of stains in the morning.

And yes, while he’s washing up he does tend to sing a lot a little.

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alllright! RFA+V and Saeran finding out that MC doesn't/don't really look after themselves that much? (sometimes skips meals bc they ate too much junk food, they don't have a consistent sleep schedule -me rn since i'm sending this at 2 am and I have school tomorrow lol-, "MC, when was the last time you took a bath? "lol idk")


  • constantly trying MC to get their life in order even tho his life is the same
  • he hates it when he asks MC when was the last time they slept healthily and they reply with “when was the last time you did huh”
  • honestly,,, he really can’t critique because he truly is living that Broke College Student Lifestyle 
  • he’ll try to help MC and himself? like MC will send him a message at 3am after eating a week old frozen pizza and he’ll freak out and tell them to go to sleep even though he is awake at 3am and probably just ate a whole bowl of leftover pasta without sauce or something
  • he’s so. consistent. with. his. “did you eat?” messages. it’s like he has them scheduled or queued or something


  • much like Yoosung, she’s trying to make MC get their life together even though hers is a trashcan fire rolling down a hill at ten miles per hour
  • an actual argument she had one time was whether she or MC was doing better because MC hadn’t eaten dinner but she had half a cup of coffee and they were discussing who should be telling who to take care
  • once she has more free time, though, she’s always trying to help MC
  • sometimes she goes over and helps them clean the place because knows MC sometimes just. has no energy to
  • she’s really surprised MC manages party-organizing and living like this at the same time? she must help?
  • sometimes she buys convenience store meals and goes to eat them with MC because even though it’s not the peak of healthy foods, it’s better than eating too many burger king hashbrowns and then skipping a meal because you can still taste those little potato fuckers in your throat


  • local man who basically lives on beer and whatever-food tries to help partner with equally messy life
  • he doesn’t go to sleep too early, but he starts to. why? because he hopes that if he keeps sending MC “goodnight!” and “good morning” it might just help them? 
  • ok he knows it probably won’t but at least it will be a reminder to MC that it’s already past 10 and maybe they should think about sleeping


  • ok no not really but
  • this pretty boy may not sleep much but he doesn’t even know what chicken nuggets are so he’s not familiar with the “oh god I ate so much fucking french fries i literally can’t eat anything else today” feel MC has got going on
  • like……. no please he loves MC too much to see them live like this,…
  • sends over food to MC’s place so they have something real to eat and don’t end up going to kfc at 2 am to buy some chicken popcorn and can instead reheat some delicious meal
  • also he constantly reminds MC to bathe and sleep because he just. he just wants MC to live better please


  • ha ha ha ha same
  • doesn’t. even try to help MC
  • he knows. he knows no ammount of messages will help or anything
  • why? 
  • buddy pal friend he’s living off chips and soda and sometimes goes for at least three days without sleeping and he can probably count the amount of times he bathed in the last two weeks in one hand
  • he wants to help MC so bad,,, but he’s scared his messages will come off as annoying so he just sends in jokes vaguely relating to the “good night/ have you eaten/did you take a bath” vibe and hopes MC can figure out the meme’s hidden meaning


  • he just worries
  • whenever MC says something like “i cant eat dinner i ate the biggest fucking taco i’ve seen” he worries a lot
  • it’s in his nature to worry quite a bit, but when it’s someone so close to him he worries even more
  • still, he’s also super considerate and makes sure MC never feels guilty when he tells them?
  • he likes to invite MC out to eat to nice little cafes because that means MC gets to go outside, get fresh air, eat ok and spend time with him
  • best boy


  • in an odd twist of events, it’s MC who begins to help him
  • sometimes, he forgot to eat meals because he was too distracted, or sometimes he couldn’t sleep at all. some days he just felt too tired to take a bath or pour himself some cereal
  • and MC knew how that felt, but like helll they’d let Saeran go on like that when they could help
  • it was… odd at first. asking saeran if he was feeling ok in the mornings, reminding him to eat and bathe- reminding him to do stuff they weren’t really doing- and seeing him actually appreciate it under his huffy facade
  • eventually, it became mutual messaging and reminding when saeran found out MC was doing pretty much the same things they were trying to help him fix
Thank You

It’s so wonderful to have an open honest discussion about how and why people feel the way they do about vegans and being vegan! I love this! Let’s do more of this honesty! I don’t want to be afraid to say I’m vegan because of the “stigma” and I don’t want non vegans to be afraid to talk openly about how vegans have made them feel and to ask questions because they are curious !

Eating Habits
  • Jupiter trine Mars; Jupiter in the first house; Jupiter in Aries; Aries on the second house cusp: Prefers warm or hot food. Might like spicy food. A special preference for meat, especially mutton. May enjoy leeks and onions, or flavour their food with mustard and chilli.
  • Jupiter trine Venus; Jupiter in the second house; Jupiter in Taurus; Taurus on the second house cusp: Is likely to eat large meals. Prefers warm food. Likes meat, especially beef. May enjoy apples, pears, berries, sweetcorn, cereal, grapes, artichokes, asparagus, or beans.
  • Jupiter trine Mercury; Jupiter in the third house; Jupiter in Gemini; Gemini on the second house cusp: Likes eating small snacks throughout the day. Drinks a lot of water. Enjoys dried fruits, peas, broad beans, and the like. May enjoy the taste of citrus. Is prone to eating issues or disorders.
  • Jupiter trine the Moon; Jupiter in the fourth house; Jupiter in Cancer; Cancer on the second house cusp: Likes food to be safe or familiar. Often enjoys sweet food. May really love milk. Probably enjoys eating fish, but not meat, and a lot of watery fruit and vegetables.
  • Jupiter trine the Sun; Jupiter in the fifth house; Jupiter in Leo; Leo on the second house cusp: Likes fun or childish food. Is adventurous with food. May love the taste of honey. Enjoys rice, cereal, meat (especially red meat), grapes, and iron-rich food. Probably really likes alcohol.
  • Jupiter trine Mercury; Jupiter in the sixth house; Jupiter in Virgo; Virgo on the second house cusp: Usually not a big eater, but healthy. Drinks a lot of water. Is prone to eating issues or disorders. Enjoys vegetables like carrots, potatoes, and celery. Fussy eater.
  • Jupiter trine Venus; Jupiter in the seventh house; Jupiter in Libra; Libra on the second house cusp: Likes their food to be attractive and well-prepared. Might like very sweet food and puddings. Enjoys berries, apples, pears, grapes, beans, corn, and cereal. Likes subtle, elegant spices.
  • Jupiter trine Pluto; Jupiter trine Mars; Jupiter in the eighth house; Jupiter in Scorpio; Scorpio on the second house cusp: May dislike sweet food. Either very healthy or very unhealthy. Enjoys red meat, garlic, and strong tastes.
  • Jupiter in the ninth house; Jupiter in Sagittarius; Sagittarius on the second house cusp: Can eat in excess. Often prone to drinking problems. Likes meat, especially game. May enjoy grape-fruits, raisins, and onion or leek based foodstuffs. Probably likes soup.
  • Jupiter trine Saturn; Jupiter in the tenth house; Jupiter in Capricorn; Capricorn on the second house cusp: Usually a healthy and regulated eater. Often enjoys meat, potatoes, and stock foods which are hearty yet not unhealthy. Is likely to need a lot of starch in their diet.
  • Jupiter trine Saturn; Jupiter trine Uranus; Jupiter in the eleventh house; Jupiter in Aquarius; Aquarius on the second house cusp: Likes unusual food. May enjoy apples, limes, and peppers. Often enjoys preserved fruit; likes alcohol.
  • Jupiter trine Neptune; Jupiter in the twelfth house; Jupiter in Pisces; Pisces on the second house cusp: Likes light, soft, and airy foods. May have a sweet tooth. Not a big eater, but not prone to eating disorders. Might enjoy the tastes of melon, lettuce, cucumber, or pumpkin.
NCT MTL to date someone active/healthy


Anon: Hi! Nct MTL to date someone who is healthy? Like someone who hikes or is sporty and someone who eats only healthy foods? Does that make sense?? Thanks in advance :)

Hi Anon! Hope I answered this okay, and that you like it <3

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Yuta would like having someone who’d share in his hobbies for having an active lifestyle. Working out together would totally be a thing and Yuta would often send photos of his healthy meals to you. I think he’d also really like the appearance body-wise of someone who likes to work out (the toneness of the body)

Jaehyun would also really like the appearance of a body of someone who works out, finding it admirable that they had worked so hard to get a body like that. The dedication of sticking to a healthy diet and/or workout regime would inspire him to keep up his own too.

With Johnny, I mean have you seen his arms like????? He’d just like having someone who’d come to the gym with him or go out on walks, help him with his workout regime and basically motivate him to excel and complete his goals.

Jeno, being a dancer, means he’d like it if someone had a hobby of similar/same energy aka working out. Not everyone dances but a lot of people do work out, so sharing an interest in active hobbies would be really bonding for him.

Jisung, again, is another avid dancer. Although he’s at the age where he shouldn’t really be worrying about working out etc as he’s still growing, having a partner who liked doing it and could help him and advise him on the best workouts/healthy eating would help Jisung make good decisions, health wise.

Ten would probably like someone who works out rather than someone who has a strict diet and can sometimes be fussy with their food. He’d want someone who wouldn’t mind overeating or indulging in rich, fatty foods, without worrying about how they look or what the weigh after.

Hansol, like Ten, would quite like someone whose quite active and looks after themselves well. Likewise, he’d like someone who could be quite lenient on their diet or food choices; someone who generally would eat quite clean, but would always treat themselves and let loose on dates with him or special occasions.

WinWin wouldn’t really care? As long as you weren’t ill or not eating enough/too much, he wouldn’t really question your food choices. He might someone who could get excitable with him sometimes, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’d have to be active or sporty as much.

Jaemin really wouldn’t care about if you work out and/or eat healthily. As long as you were medically healthy and there was no risk of you suffering illnesses from poor health choices, it wouldn’t really bother him. Whether you work out/eat healthily, it’s your own choice.

Renjun would be like Jaemin - honestly, he wouldn’t care; your decisions were your own decisions and he’d just hope that you weren’t overworking yourself or being to hard on yourself, nor slacking and causing problems for your health.

Kun, I don’t think is interested in health or working out. He wouldn’t mind if you were as long as you’d always make time for him too, and it wasn’t the only hobby you had or thing you spoke about him with.

Chenle would totally be the type to always bring snacks and drinks with him everywhere. He’d want someone he could share them with, not someone who’d turn him down or only have a little bit. Since he’s so young, someone who works out/eat healthily might make him a little self conscious about his own health decisions.

Taeil is at the age, I think, where appearance or anything like that wouldn’t matter to him. He wouldn’t care about weight or if you had toned muscles or tight abs. He’d rather much like someone who would eat anything happily and still feel quite confident in their image.

Mark honestly wouldn’t care about a hobby/interest like this. Although, I do think in the need, he might end up with someone who wasn’t a strict gym-junkie or healthy eater. Not sure why, I think he’d just like having someone quite laid-back and chill and would rather stay at home than go out and be active.

Taeyong, I think would be the kind of boyfriend who’d love to spoil his partner and hate to see hem self conscious or worrying about their weight. However, generally, people who work out aren’t really overly worried about their image, but he’d still be worried for them seeing their very healthy meals or working out for a crazy number of hours.

Doyoung wouldn’t have much in common with someone quite active or health-conscious. He’d rather be able to openly and easily cook and eat out with his S/O, without them turning him down or opting for a healthier option because of what their regime demands of them.

Haechan would rather date someone quite like him, whose not interested in that kind of lifestyle. Yeah he’d want someone a little active in the sense, they’d always be up for an adventure - but honestly, I just don’t see him with someone like that but you never know!

Whole foods

No, not the store (the closest one to us is about an hour away). I’m talking about actual whole foods, which Ray has been very interested in lately.

Today at breakfast, he ate probably a quarter of my banana. And just now, he ate several of the cooked carrots out of my veggie and quinoa stir-fry and then he had some pieces of the flesh of my apple.

I love how adventurous his palate is becoming. And I’m grateful that I eat healthfully most of the time so that, when he gives me his best puppy-dog stare, I don’t mind sharing my food with him.

Dating Wes Would Include

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•You both started out as editors, and of course clicked right away.

•He got onto Smosh Games, and you became a writer ( you were both so proud of each other )

•Everyone making bets as to if you would end up together

•They called it before you even knew it you were interested

•You’re totally best friends with Noah, and he asked about the relationship first.

•It didn’t take long for you guys to get together, and everyone loved it


•"Wes, let go"
“I’m going to miss you though”

•Okay, but, he ADORES you

•Lowkey brags about how cool and beautiful you are all the time

•You’re a super healthy eater and are always trying to get him healthy substitutes. He never dislikes them, but he obviously prefers some good cupcakes

•Him always trying to get you to eat icecream

•"Y'know you want a bite"
“What’s one spoonful gonna do?”

•He not AT ALL a jealous guy, he trusts you with absolutely everything, no matter what

•It was almost crazy how soon he entrusted you with every little thing, he just adored you immeidetly

•You guys are the hardcore dream couple

•You’re really sick with weapons and athletics and combat, and he LOVES IT SO MUCH

•Being the referee on Smosh Summer Games, and the fans fell in love with you

•Being there for him when he has asthma issues

•He was into your guys relationship as a serious thing really fast

•Once you sat down and ran through a script you were working on as a side project away from Smosh. You had your reading glasses on and were waving around the pen in your hand. You were obviously running off just coffee, and were just wearing sweatpants and a tank top. You were ranting on and on and were so passionate about it and when you finished he just, “I love you”

•Big hugs where he picks you up and spins you around

•Constant hand holding, hair twirling, arm around you - anything. Sometimes he just likes to have a hand gently on you, just to know you’re there

•You guys are DEEP sleepers, but he’ll force himself up to make breakfast for you when he can

•The fans really loving the relationship, it first being clear from a few of his instagram posts that were selfies or random pictures of you. Neither of you came out and said it, but everyone caught on




•Grocery trips have to be a team effort. When he leaves a shopping list it just looks like chicken scratch, if you go by yourself you forget a bunch, and if he goes by himself you guys only get chocolate and candy

•But you guys makes a great team

•You’re both really hardcore and strong and everyone jokes about how you’re both the go-to people for a zombie apocalypse

•Him calling you in during livestream to make you say hi to the camera. You don’t like to, but he always tricks you into it

•Your apartment is a HAZARD. There are swords and weapons of all sorts everywhere, and you two are the only ones aware of all of the whereabouts

•Courtney once came over and almost cut her finger off when she accidentally found some ninja stars by the cereal

•He loves it so much when you play with his hair

•Hardly ever fighting, but when you do its sad and shaky, because neither of you want it to be happening

•You make up really really fast though, the one time you didn’t, it was crazy how zoned out you both seemed the whole week, just tired and strained. Everyone felt bad. But when it got worked your moods came back faster than the speed of light

•Both knowing your relationship will keep growing day after day

•Just trusting each other completely, working together through everything, and loving each second of being with each other