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5 Ingredient Energy Bites!

Looking for an energy bar that doesn’t have a zillion ingredients and tastes good? Look no further!

These are super quick to make, can be stored anywhere, and taste like a Reese’s cup!

You can make as much as you want, but here’s how I made them:

2 cups quick oats (I used Quaker)

¾ cup of honey

1 cup of peanut butter (you might need to add more depending on the amount of oats you use; you can also use any kind of nut butter)

A few shakes of salt

Dark chocolate chips (who measures chocolate…pshh)

Add the oats and peanut butter first, then add the salt, honey, and the chips last. It can get hard to mix with a spoon, so feel free to use your hands!

Once all of the ingredients are thoroughly mixed, you can roll them up like I did or make them flat like bars. They will last about a week and can also be put in the freezer. 

Feel free to use whatever ingredients you want…throw in some raisins, flax seed, wheat germ…whatever you feel like!

Let me know if you tried them!


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