healthy chocolate cake

  • Ravenclaw: I decided to go on a diet.
  • Hufflepuff: Oh yeah? Would you like me to recommend some healthy tasty snacks to you?
  • Ravenclaw: No, it's fine, I gave up on the diet.
  • Hufflepuff: Why?
  • Ravenclaw: Because cake exists.

A super healthy cinnamon roll made from an adapted recipe from chocolatecoveredkatie (aka queen of healthy baked)

1/3 heaped cup spelt flour
½ tsp baking powder
Pinch of salt
¼ cup mashed banana

2 dates
½-1 tbsp warm water
¼ tsp vanilla
½ tsb cinnamon

All you gotta do is mix the ingredients for the dough until it forms a dough and leave it to the side.

With the dates you can omit the water if you have very fresh dates. Mash/mix/blend (what ever you gotta do to make a paste)

Roll out dough into a long snake on a floured counter.
Smooth date mix all along the dough snake

Roll in up ( use common sense which way you roll it)

Pop in an oven proof or microwave proof dish and cook

190-200 for 10 mins (fan oven) (approx)

3.5 mins at 900 ( microwave) ( approx)

Top with what you want

I used some coconut yoghurt and sweet freedom choc shot. Nuts and syrup with be good too.

Chocolate cake in 2 minutes 30 seconds? Yes please! 🙋

Especially when it’s gluten-free, dairy-free, paleo, and delicious! 😋

Simply mix together:

3 Tbsp almond flour,
2 Tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder (or you can use cacao for extra health benefits),
2 Tbsp maple syrup,
1 Tbsp original unsweetened almond milk,
½ Tbsp olive oil,
1 egg, and
a dash of sea salt.

Microwave times vary based on mug and microwave so maybe try popping it in for 1 min 30 secs and then at 30 second intervals until at desired consistency (it usually takes me between 2 - 2.5 mins).

Let cool for a couple mins, top with some rainbow sprinkles, and enjoy!


Did some serious bowl licking after making these vegan and gluten free dark chocolate brownies! 🍫 😋 Tried one with my coffee tonight (The Lovely Husband and I have a little coffee-and-snack ritual in the evenings which we both really enjoy) and it tasted amazing, although I definitely need to work on the recipe as they didn’t hold together properly. Still, as The Lovely Husband pointed out, better that they taste amazing and you just eat them with a spoon, than the other way round!

They have lots of healthy fats in them like coconut butter and cashew butter, are made with oat flour, have organic cocoa powder and dark chocolate chips for a rich chocolate taste and are sweetened by maple syrup. A treat, for sure, but on balance, full of natural, good stuff . Which is how I like it.

Now to work on getting them to hold together!


Les traigo otra receta!!!

Parte de mi filosofía “El arte de la sustitución” en la cual creo que podemos comer absolutamente de todo en una versión mucho mas pura, saludable y natural, sustituyendo los ingredientes necesarios.

Esta receta es de unos hot cakes o panquecas de chocolate-plátano. (libres de gluten)

Se las preparé a mi mamá y mi hermana que son las jueces más difíciles, mi hermana a pesar de ser mayor que yo es más díficil de complacer con el sabor de los alimentos que un niño de 5 años a medio berrinche y con aberración por los vegetales, y mi mamá es experta en la cocina, sazón y sabores, resultado: LAS AMARON!! El sabor es realmente buenísimo, y cuando se enteraron de lo saludable que eran… WOW. Ahora tengo (por que me lo exigen) que preparar mínimo una vez por semana.

Son muy sencillas, se que la Cocoa no es la de mejor calidad pero es la más fácil de conseguir.

Aparte les enseño como hacer “harina” de avena, tan fácil cómo licuarla hasta que quede hecha polvo, la utilizo para sustituir cada que sea posible la harina de trigo, los resultados son exactamente los mismos.

Engrase poquito mi sartén con aceite de coco u oliva para que no se me peguen.

Ahora si, no se les ocurra volverse a acercar a los hot cakes de harina refinada, azúcar y mantequilla, procesados y con químicos, que les he traído la más perfecta solución jajaja.

Espero lo intenten! Y aun mejor que los amen tanto como yo y mi familia.


gloriously dense yet light and fluffy chocolate cake

fun fact: when making this recipe i debated or not whether to add extra fat such as oil or butter and ultimately i decided to; however, i forgot to add the oil and remembered when i put it in the oven said oh well and it actually turned out to be really moist and delicious :) the power of bananas

another extra fun fact: also i didn’t wanna spend money so i took 2 bananas from the cafeteria to make this cake 

bonus: i didnt have parchment paper so taking this cake out took about 30 minutes :)

bonus #2: i dont have cooking utensils so i am currently using a rice cooker as my mixing bowl and a fork as my whisk #college


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