healthy bulldog


There are many parts of our food that we should think twice about before throwing them out. Things like radish greens are one that’s easy to find a solution for! Here is one example in a healthy and easy soup.

Try to practice using as much of your fresh ingredients as you can! Be creative!

Joining us today is Parsley the French Bulldog, a creation of sewgoods!

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doggies come in all shapes and sizes. a greyhound may appear very thin, but that’s healthy for a greyhound! a bulldog may appear a bulkier dog, and that’s healthy for a bulldog! a saint bernard may appear bigger than other dogs, and that’s healthy for a saint bernard! a saluki may appear smaller than other dogs, and that’s healthy for a saluki! 

the best part? people love animals. people understand that there are tons of different animals out there that look different and may appear thinner or bigger than others, but that’s healthy for that specific dog. humans aren’t much different - we all come in different shapes and sizes. some people are naturally bigger than others, some are naturally smaller. that’s what great about being human. we’re all unique lil flowers