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Cleansing Facial Toner

I dedicate this post to Aphrodite and Freyja, who have been giving me feels about starting a series on beauty magic.

This is the main facial toner I use. After years of fighting with my skin and wasting tons of money that I didn’t have on skin products that didn’t work, I decided to try some DIY options.

I found the base recipe for this toner via Pinterest a while back, but tweaked it to suit my skin (combo, acne prone due to hormonal imbalances). As I began to really perfect the recipe, I realized that all of these ingredients had properties that could be harnessed to help me not only physically, but in other ways too. I hope you all enjoy!

• 1 part apple cider vinegar (for cleansing, healing, promoting good health, protection)
• 1 part charged water (I use sun water for clarity, confidence, and boldness)
• 3-5 drops of tea tree oil (cleansing, healing wounds, purification)
• pinch of sea salt

Combine all of these ingredients in a suitable container (a spray bottle or old toner bottle would work) and shake to mix. I like to focus on it glowing with a bright, healthy light as the ingredients come together.

I then charge it in sunlight for one hour before using, to boost the energy.

This toner can be used after you wash your face to improve skin, combat acne, and wash away any leftover emotional or psychic debris from your day.

I hope this little recipe helps someone out! Feel free to tweak it as you need. Go forth and get witchy, y'all! 🌌

You can always workout. If u can’t go to the gym, go outside!!!! It’s always a good idea to have a good pair of shoes, some light weights to strengthen your muscles, and a yoga mat so it doesn’t hurt to lie on the ground. And find a routine that works for u!!! I use Kayla itsines bbg! I love it. Your gonna have to work for a good body, but YOU CAN DO THIS! Make it happen so you can become the better you. DO IT FOR YOU!


Growing up, Brennan’s education was always enhanced at home. Her father’s occupation as a science teacher allowed her the opportunity to continue learning outside of traditional school hours. Her curiosity and insatiable thirst for knowledge were better able to be nurtured, given her situation. She had an advantage, for sure. In the past, Booth harbored concerns about his own child’s education. He was unable to provide Parker any such supplemental enrichment- at least not as it pertained to science. But Booth also knew that Brennan (his “partner” at the time) and Max could potentially aid in that department. And they did just that. Nowadays, Booth and Brennan still take that approach with their kids’ education. Learning does not come to a halt when the bell rings. Parker, Christine (and presumably little Hank) are consistently engaged in learning. Whether it’s how to play peek-a-boo, the periodic table of elements, the bone song (the REAL one), reading, riding a bike, or standing up to a bully (or a monster), their education is supplemented at home. It’s quite evident that these children immensely enjoy expanding their minds and skill sets (I assume Christine will eventually take to riding a bike just fine). And both Booth and Brennan are able to teach their children the most valuable of lessons- both academic and life. The two of them have so much knowledge to pass down.  And since their varying strengths and areas of expertise complement each other, their kids will undoubtedly be incredibly well-rounded. Whether they become writers, scientists, hockey players, or car salespeople, they will have had a solid educational and emotional foundation. 

Obviously, Booth isn’t always interested in science and logistics. He wanted Christine to learn to ride a bike without making it into a physics lesson. It does not mean he has any sort of contempt for science. Or that he doesn’t possess the utmost respect for his wife’s intelligence and her team’s expertise. And it certainly doesn’t imply that he does not want his children to reach their full intellectual potential. If you recall the end of 11x16, Booth would be the proudest father in the world if Parker turned out like Brennan. He understands how important science is. After all, it is absolutely vital to his job. There is a reason he wanted to work with Brennan after their first case together. There is a reason their solve rate is unparalleled.  And while he himself may not want to infuse a teachable moment into every facet of his home life, he can appreciate Brennan’s round-the-clock devotion to science and mathematics- and really, learning in general. It’s a part of her. And to be honest, it’s part of why he fell in love with her. He loves her mind just as much as any other component of her.  He read one of Brennan’s “thick” science books when she was on the run for three months. Did he enjoy it? Clearly not. But it made him feel closer to her. And there have been a number of instances where it is apparent some of Brennan’s scientific knowledge and desire to learn has rubbed off on him. Remember when he scored in the 97th percentile? He was going to try for 99% the next year. “You turned me into a monster.” Similarly, Brennan isn’t always concerned with the intangible. How many times has she dismissed Booth’s faith or his gut feelings? But there are also occasions during which she notes their tremendous value. “There’s a time, and a place.” Booth and Brennan will occasionally disagree on each other’s teaching methods and priorities. And because they are famously stubborn at times, the two of them may even get a bit competitive over the best way to impart their wisdom (i.e., the end of 12x06). That’s the heat though. They have been this way since the beginning. At the end of the day, they will inevitably come together and find a compromise. They will understand from where the other is coming. That’s what they have always done. “Mass graves for me, and a beach with liquor for you.” Booth has made it clear he wants his kids to grow up to be more like Brennan. And Brennan wants her kids to grow up to be like Booth. Those children will be obviously be the best of both parents. Ultimately, the most important thing is that Parker, Christine, and Hank have every opportunity to learn, grow, and succeed. And that they have a better childhood than Booth and Brennan. And most importantly, that they are happy, healthy, bright, and loved. 

Also…rainbows  ❤ 🌈 ❤

The Rising Sign’s Features

Aries rising: Broad shoulders, always smiling, strong body, large forehead, bushy eyebrows, walks fast, youthful look, sharp and active eyes, sharp jawline. 

Taurus rising: Round face shape, long eyelashes, button nose, neck is thick and strong, short or average height, thick hair, soft skin, small teeth, great voice, full lips.

Gemini rising: Average height, big head, dark hair, thin skin, talks fast, walks fast, long arms and hands, talks with their hands a lot, oval face shape, long chin and nose.

Cancer rising: Stout body, short nose, prominent nose tip, pale skin, broad chest, big hands and feet, round and dreamy eyes, high cheekbones, wide lips, slim arms and legs.

Leo rising: Big eyes, gold-tinted hair and skin, tall or short in height, live energy, broad shoulders, strong bones, soft hair, light hair in color, soft and loud voices, rectangular face shape.

Virgo rising: Oval face shape, sharp and bright eyes, wide hips, graceful movements, broad forehead, dark hair, curvy lips, focused looking face, soft voices, pointed nose.

Libra rising: Well shaped eyes, curved lips, light or dark eyes, smooth and clear skin, tall in height, nice legs, square or oval face shape, dimples, smooth and dark hair.

Scorpio rising: Strong facial features, warm lips, thick and dark hair, sometimes wavy hair, strong jawline, big teeth, tans easily, thick neck, big hands, square face shape, light and mysterious eyes.

Sagittarius rising: Oval face shape, happy face expressions, open and clear eyes, well framed butt, light hair, large teeth, broad forehead, tall in height.

Capricorn rising: Round face shape, tans easily, small chest, short in height, dark and soft hair, round eyes, sensitive skin, think and long neck, young looking.

Aquarius rising: Bright and healthy eyes, square shaped eyebrows, long arms, thin top lip, tall in height, small chest, square or triangular face shape.

Pisces rising: Round and light colored eyes, dimples, big ears, big nose, young looking skin, short in height, small feet, delicate skin, full eyebrows, dark hair, nice smile.

Adjectives to Describe Eyes
  • beady: beady eyes are small, round, and bright
  • bloodshot: bloodshot eyes are red in the part where they should be white
  • boss-eyed: someone who is boss-eyed has both eyes looking in towards their nose
  • bug-eyed: a bug-eyed creature or person has eyes that stick out
  • clear: clear eyes are bright and healthy
  • close-set: close-set eyes are very near to each other
  • cross-eyed: having eyes that look towards each other slightly
  • dead: if someone’s eyes are dead, or if their voice is dead, they feel or show no emotion
  • deep-set: deep-set eyes seem to be a long way back into your face
  • doe-eyed: someone who is doe-eyed has big attractive eyes and looks as if they do not have much experience of life
  • hazel: the light brown and slightly green or golden colour of some people’s eyes
  • heavy: if your eyes look heavy, they have a sad or tired expression
  • hollow: hollow eyes or cheeks seem to have sunk into your head, for example because you are tired, thin, or ill
  • hooded: hooded eyes have large eyelids that partly cover them, often giving them a threatening expression
  • lidded: with your eyes half closed
  • liquid: liquid eyes are clear and shiny
  • piggy: piggy eyes are small and not attractive
  • pop-eyed: having eyes that stick out
  • rheumy: rheumy eyes look red and wet because of illness, sadness, or old age
  • shuttered: used about someone’s eyes or expression when their eyes are partly closed, usually because they do not want to show what they are feeling or thinking
  • sunken: sunken eyes or cheeks curve inwards, often showing that someone is ill or old
  • via Macmillan Dictionary -

Imagine Matt Murdock adopting you, a baby involved in one of his cases, when your parents can’t take care of you.

Matt was becoming increasingly glad that he didn’t need much sleep in order to function. As it turns out, taking care of a baby was a round-the-clock job. That didn’t mean that he regretted taking you in. Not for a second. Well, okay, maybe a few, but never for long. A moment always came along that made everything worth it.

“Are you sure it’s a good idea for a blind guy to be pushing a stroller?”

Matt arched a brow at Foggy’s question, “Are you implying that I’m not a responsible parent?”

He could hear Foggy’s clothes crinkle as the man shrugged, “I’m just saying, man, there’s a tiny human depending on you for life, the universe, and everything. I mean, if I had a kid I’d probably lock them in a padded room where they couldn’t get into trouble. The outside world is a dangerous place. There’s cars and animals and germs and people and-”

“I get it, Foggy,” Matt chuckled, his heart swelling as he heard your contented burbling from your spot in the stroller. That was one of the great things about babies- they always bounced back. Despite the fact that you had been largely neglected by your birth parents, you were still healthy and bright and affectionate as could be. “I can handle it, I promise.”

“Well, if you ever need me to come over and babysit, you know where I live,” Foggy ducked down to get a better look at you, “I’m gonna be [f/n]’s cool uncle that takes them out for ice cream and brings them newspaper comics and stuff.”

“Isn’t that more of a grandma thing?” Matt observed, grinning in his friend’s direction.

“Shut up.”

Gif Credit: Matt

I think I liked you better when you didn’t have a knife in your hand, Peaches... Chapter 44 - The bathroom counter

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When Blake finds herself sold out to the Saviours by her abusive fiancé, she realises that she’s certainly not on her own anymore and finds an unlikely friend in Negan. And Negan does NOT like men who beat their girlfriends, one tiny bit…. Look out for friendship and maybe something more…

Chapter 44 - The bathroom counter

[When Negan returns from his run, he shows Blake exactly what he brought back for her…]

It had been a long day that was for sure, and Mia unceremoniously let out a humungous yawn, smacking at her lips, her eyes closing sleepily.

“Wow, well someone’s tired,” said Blake, who had been sitting on the floor of Negan’s room, playing with the tiny toddler for the past hour.

The two of them had a had a busy afternoon.

After finishing up their breakfast, Blake had taken Mia outside, so that they could watch the trucks, that were taking Negan and some of the other Saviours to one of the outposts, driving away out of the lot.

They had lingered there in the sun for a while, Mia pointing at the walkers outside the fences below and asking why they couldn’t come in.

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Title -1.

Genre: I just wrote and hoped for the best.

Member: Hyuk.

Word Count: 1146.

Description: They always had numbers from zero to the uncountable, what is this stranger doing on the bench with a minus one above his head?

There were always numbers, the same place on every person. The number was never the same for two people. Some would count down the very seconds before your very eyes and some would be simple still numbers, no counting down, just how many days that person had left to live.

Because they all had two things in common. It told you how long the person had to live and it was always above their head, like individual ticking time bombs that all had their own way of counting down.

In your life you had seen people with seconds, years, decades left to live, it always scared you when someone was on the verge of death, but that normally happened when you were in hospitals. The numbers had always been positive, sometimes beyond what you had the ability to count or what you could transfer from days to years in your own head. You had grown accustomed to it, you saw it everywhere you went, the numbers were above the head of your closest friends, your parents and teachers, it was even on animals, it was normal for you.

And you soon learned that only you could see this, your parents thought you were out of your mind when you would tell them there were numbers getting smaller on the people you saw most often. In their eyes you were out of your mind, in your eyes, it was strange that they couldn’t see what you saw.

But one day it got worse, you began seeing the people that everyone else couldn’t see, the ones that used to have numbers above their head and were now aimlessly wandering the earth without the knowledge of the people around them. Because they were dead, you saw them at their best stage in life, they all returned to their better days, when their bodies and minds were at their best before their life was taken from them.

And whenever you saw them there was always a zero above their heads, faded and no longer needed, unlike the numbers you saw on living people, a strong black or a vibrant red when there wasn’t much time left.

It was when you were walking alone that you paid most attention to them, at times like now, when there were still a few people around but they were never looking at you. You stared at the way their numbers were dead, just like them and you watched as they tried to tell you things. You were following one of them now, it wasn’t your smartest idea, but when you saw a ghost gesturing for you walk with them, to tag along on the journey, you couldn’t turn them down, you never could.

You could tell good from evil spirits, it wasn’t hard like people believed, and they couldn’t deceive you so easily now that you had been seeing them for so long. This man, this old man you were following, he looked genuinely distressed, puzzled beyond his soul’s capability and in dire need of another person to hear him out. And that’s how you found yourself following him, to the naked eye you looked like you were new, taking a curious self-directed tour of the area as you watched your surroundings. In reality, your eyes casting to and frow were caused by this man who seemed he couldn’t gravitate in a straight line.

You were a student, you were studying for your future dream job at the moment, you didn’t really have time to waste on following spirits who wanted to take those few who could see them on a stroll. But then again this was no stroll, especially not when the old man was waving for you to hurry up. Why did he look so old? You had never seen someone so old, that particular curiosity made you pick up your pace to walk closely behind him so you could examine him more.

He came to a sudden stop and you would have walked straight through him if you hadn’t trained yourself to be prepared for their sudden stops. Spirits liked to randomly halt in where they were going just so they could float around in the air before zooming off again as if they were imagining they were some sort of car fueling up and taking off again. And that’s exactly what this man did, he looked around, peeking into the windows of study halls and lecture halls before looking at you and gravitating himself away again.

“For real? I don’t have time for this” You sighed, but you didn’t stop following him, you just held onto your bag tighter and jogged after him in an attempt to catch up with him. You walked in silence behind him, and just when you were about to tell him you had homework to be doing he stopped, turned his head to face you and pointed into the distance. Not too far away from where you stood, you saw him, a boy your age laying on one of the benches outside.

“What? Is something wrong with him?” You asked but the man only gestured for you to move closer, so you did as you were told to do. You slowly approached the male, his eyes were closed and his head was resting on his folded arm beneath it. You were just out of hearing range, or so you thought. And that was when you saw it, his number. It caused your heart to stop and your mouth was left hanging open in shock. You shook on the spot, you didn’t know what to do with yourself, but you knew you weren’t here to deal with this, at least you wouldn’t be much longer.

“Ah!!” You screamed, and that made the rest of your body move into action, you turned on your feet and practically ran with the spirit repeatedly appearing in front of you in an attempt to make you go back. The boy on the bench jolted into a sitting position to see you running away, his ears pricked as he heard you growling at something in a distressed rush of words

“No spirit dude I’m not going back, this isn’t my business and that’s not my problem or yours to deal with” You snapped, repeating yourself to him over and over again, until you were slamming the door to your campus dorm through his body and he disappeared in defeat as you threw yourself onto your bed.

You were left pulling the blankets over your body and you kicked your shoes off your feet. Your body continued to shake as you pulled the blanket over your head and clenched your eyes shut tightly.

Because that boy had a number above his head like no other.

He had a minus one. And it was just as bright and healthy as her best friends.

Here’s part one to one of the new series I promised, tell me what you guys think?

Wife of a future mafia leader will be updated soon!