This is the name of the illness cobra and phy have. It consumes their souls and breaks them, making them weaker and weaker every day, untill one day the soul just shatters.

Other monsters can have it as well

It depends on the monster/human/whatever of how weak or strong they are when they’re born, and how fast or slow soulerma is consuming the soul. Monsters/people with this illness live day to day with big pain. It can be given to the newborn if any of the parents have it. Or if someone has a perfectly healthx soul and just touches the dark area, then chances are high that the person can get it as well.

When the person dies no soulfeather of the world can bring them back, they are officially dead


It’s a feather where a piece of a monsters/someones soul is consumed into.

When someone dies and they have a soulfeather, they come back. But a single ‘hairpiece’ from the feather falls off. If the feather lost all it’s 'hair pieces or needles’ then it dusts and the person stays dead. Everyone who is a scientist or someone who knows how souls work can make a soulfeather. But don’t make two feathers. It won’t work and instead of one hair piece on one feather, one of each feather falls off.

If anymore information needed, just ask me.