WTF FA BLOGGERS?-"Healthism"

A new series called WTF FA BLOGGERS calls out FA Bloggers (with a special showcase of  thisisthinprivilege ) for their direct ignorance

“Healthism,” is a term bounced around by FA blogs, particularly thisisthinprivilege (TITP). It is not a widely used term in the actual scientific community nor does it really mean anything. The FA bloggers use it as a catch-all term for people who are concerned with fitness and health, As they see ANY encouragement of proper diet and exercise as either 1. being “fatphobic” 2. encouraging fat people to develop EDs

A Google search of “is healthism an actual thing?” yields an entire first page of ENTIRELY blog posts, the majority of them from FA blogger artetolife/thisisthinprivilege/bigliberty and others.

An ask in their blog asked a question, “How fat is too fat?” To a blog that is all about HAES and no fat people ever have health problems talk, its an important and valid question to ask. Is someone who is 150 pounds overweight just as healthy as someone who is 5 pounds overweight (we on this blog obviously know the answer)? This was artetolife’s response:

You’re a fucking healthist if you believe this. Healthism is a value system, not science. Stop conflating the two. If you knew anything about the actual science behind why people are very fat you’d realize that it has fuckall nothing to do with you nor does it mean they a) can b) should c) haven’t tried to lose weight.


ATL claims to be a scientist but never cites her own work or other specific research studies. She is not a nutritionist. Again, she is NOT a nutritionist. I am not denying that there are some people who are obese based on serious health conditions, but the MAJORITY of them are not. 70% of adults in America are at least overweight. That is not all genetics.

Other posts in the “healthism,” tag include posts about doctors suggesting weight loss, people judging fat people on their eating habits, not getting a job, a fitness blog about yoga, being ignored at a family reunion, complaining that thin people eat junk food constantly, getting cavities from poor diet choices AND GAME OF THRONES.

Game. Of. Thrones.

Someone tell me what the f those posts have to do with anything?

Any and all weight loss/healthy diet suggestions or denying specific privilege to fat people is “healthist,” by FA blogger standards. They believe if you eat well, lose weight etc or are a physician who recommends weight loss you just hate fat people, know that the “science is fake,” and just want all fat people dead. If you think I’m exaggerating, just check out some blogs.

It’s funny as well, as many posters on TITP in particular say that they “eat healthy,” “eat better than my thin friends,” and “exercise all the time.” It seems that many of their SUPPORTERS would actually be healthists then, right? Many of them claim to be athletic, yet those posts are praised. Why is it only when a thin/average person suggests they eat well or exercise are they condemned as “healthists?”

(Mod note: Sorry if this seems rambling. I was so angry)