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anonymous asked:

Lol your blog cracks me up, what the fuck is healthism? Yikes! Wouldn't it just be easier to exercise and eat healthy rather than constantly arguing or "fighting fatphobia?" I do not undetstand how A LEGITIMATE HEALTH PROBLEM is so near and dear to your heart. Why let a health problem define you? I honestly just do not get it.

Ok, I’m going to pretend you’re not the fucking asshole troll you clearly are and answer this, because I want people to understand the answers.

Fat people are not inherently unhealthy.

Unhealthy people are not bad people.

Some of us can’t exercise because of health problems. Like me. I can’t fucking regulate my body temperature, and I’ll get a fucking heat stroke and die. Do you think I’m a worse person because of that?  Because if so, you’re both ableist and healthist and an asshole. 

Most people who can afford to eat well, and if they don’t it’s not your business. You can’t tell what people eat or how much they eat by looking at them.  I have PCOS, which makes my metabolism really low, I’ve got hypothyroidism, which makes my metabolism low.  These are controlled as best as possible with medicine, but it’s not perfect. I often can’t eat when I want to because my fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis make me too exhausted to do basic maintenance around the house.  Do you think I’m a bad person because I’ve got these health problems?  If you do, you’re a healthist asshole. 

My health problems do define me.  They take up my entire fucking life.  I’m disabled from diseases with large genetic components.  These things are not in my control. If you think that I have a choice in any of this, you’re an asshole.

Fat people are not inherently unhealthy.

Unhealthy people are not bad people.

-Mod Siarl

WTF FA BLOGGERS?-"Healthism"

A new series called WTF FA BLOGGERS calls out FA Bloggers (with a special showcase of  thisisthinprivilege ) for their direct ignorance

“Healthism,” is a term bounced around by FA blogs, particularly thisisthinprivilege (TITP). It is not a widely used term in the actual scientific community nor does it really mean anything. The FA bloggers use it as a catch-all term for people who are concerned with fitness and health, As they see ANY encouragement of proper diet and exercise as either 1. being “fatphobic” 2. encouraging fat people to develop EDs

A Google search of “is healthism an actual thing?” yields an entire first page of ENTIRELY blog posts, the majority of them from FA blogger artetolife/thisisthinprivilege/bigliberty and others.

An ask in their blog asked a question, “How fat is too fat?” To a blog that is all about HAES and no fat people ever have health problems talk, its an important and valid question to ask. Is someone who is 150 pounds overweight just as healthy as someone who is 5 pounds overweight (we on this blog obviously know the answer)? This was artetolife’s response:

You’re a fucking healthist if you believe this. Healthism is a value system, not science. Stop conflating the two. If you knew anything about the actual science behind why people are very fat you’d realize that it has fuckall nothing to do with you nor does it mean they a) can b) should c) haven’t tried to lose weight.


ATL claims to be a scientist but never cites her own work or other specific research studies. She is not a nutritionist. Again, she is NOT a nutritionist. I am not denying that there are some people who are obese based on serious health conditions, but the MAJORITY of them are not. 70% of adults in America are at least overweight. That is not all genetics.

Other posts in the “healthism,” tag include posts about doctors suggesting weight loss, people judging fat people on their eating habits, not getting a job, a fitness blog about yoga, being ignored at a family reunion, complaining that thin people eat junk food constantly, getting cavities from poor diet choices AND GAME OF THRONES.

Game. Of. Thrones.

Someone tell me what the f those posts have to do with anything?

Any and all weight loss/healthy diet suggestions or denying specific privilege to fat people is “healthist,” by FA blogger standards. They believe if you eat well, lose weight etc or are a physician who recommends weight loss you just hate fat people, know that the “science is fake,” and just want all fat people dead. If you think I’m exaggerating, just check out some blogs.

It’s funny as well, as many posters on TITP in particular say that they “eat healthy,” “eat better than my thin friends,” and “exercise all the time.” It seems that many of their SUPPORTERS would actually be healthists then, right? Many of them claim to be athletic, yet those posts are praised. Why is it only when a thin/average person suggests they eat well or exercise are they condemned as “healthists?”

(Mod note: Sorry if this seems rambling. I was so angry)

Low Energy\No Spoons? Some tips.

First of all, I noticed that some of the people who accuses low energy levels are doing a diet based on low calories. Well, don’t do a self-made diet, or you’ll have low energy levels for like, forever. One of the reason is: cutting down all the sugars leave your brain nothing to work with, so you feel tired all the time and this is not ok. Instead, go to see a nutritionist who can help you to eat well and better.

So, what I do when I feel so tired I can’t leave my fucking bed?

1. Eat. It’s a simple thing that most healthists will not tell you to do. As I already explained, your brain needs something to work with.  You still need to eat, especially if you do intensive and stressful jobs… like studying. I also advice to eat specifically a piece of chocolate if you really feel like you have been awake for days.

2. Studying “just” 30 minutes is better than wasting your afternoon trying to study. If you can’t focus just go to do something else, more stimulating. Forcing yourself to focus will not work. Plus, you have wasted an afternoon you could have invested in binge-watching trying to study abominable things like geography.

3. Have a nap. This is something people avoid to do, but sleeping is the most effective recharging method for your body. Sleeping for 30 minutes up to 1 hour won’t take away time for you work, but your brain will be ready for work. Plus, your memory usually gets a boost after this!

4. Procrastinating isn’t a sin. Having an effective and forgiving method to organize your work is essential. But remember that fatigue is not predictable. If you are in pain and can’t work… just don’t. Your health must to be the priority, not the essay for the next week. Taking a day for yourself, even if it wasn’t planned is healthy and will not screw you.

5. Try to avoid to do more than one big “thing” a day. This is because if you regularly have no spoons or you are in the middle of a flare up you wont’ be able to finish anything. Instead focusing on “one big thing” in the Big Things Week is more effective. Setting up a specific calendar for this is extremely helpful.

6. Instead of doing 1 hour of studying and 15 minutes of relax, try doing 30\10 sessions. Shortening your study sessions means less stress, less fatigue and less pain, sometimes.
7. In your “bad days” programming your favorite subjects may be a good idea.

This is all, I think. Feel free to add your own tips and tricks (or insults if I wrote bullshit). To the next guide!

anonymous asked:

/rant/ I strongly dislike when people talk about how unhealthy certain foods are. Look we get it you don't want the extra fat, calories or sodium topped on top of your popcorn that you already reluctantly bought! But here's the thing, I don't care if you equate eating food to moral character (which is fatphobic and classist as f*ck), just don't make me suffer hearing your healthist, self loathing musings! /okrantover/

Definitely! Being fat already means even buying junk food gets me disapproving looks from random people. And then I go to eat it and I get shamed for that. Fuck off! Let fat people eat what they want.

Society doesn’t shame skinny people for eating an entire pizza. Why then do fat people get crap for eating anything other than a salad?

-Mod Egg

anonymous asked:

Hey! I've dealt with fatphobia all my life and it sucks. My family tells me I have to lose weight because they say I can't possibly be healthy... I eat vegetables and exercise daily, i'm just overweight. I try to explain HAES to them, but they don't believe it. Do you have hard (scientific) evidence I can give them? Or maybe just a good way to explain HAES? I'm tired of this shit. Love you! X

So, I found this fact sheet

I’m not really a HAES person myself, even with the revisions people have made to it, I still think it’s pretty healthist. Like, it’s some kind of “good fatty” criteria, which I’m not ok with. I can’t exercise because of health issues, but that doesn’t make me a bad person.

Health =/= physical fitness.  

But, if it helps you deal with your fatphobic family, I’m all for that. Use whatever tools you need. I’m sorry you have to deal with so much fatphobia from the people who should be supporting you. :(

-Mod Siarl

SJW as Parents
  • Child: What did I do wrong?
  • SJW: I’m not going to educate you on what you did wrong. Google exists, mmkay?
  • Child: I don’t think I did anything wrong. All I did was ask for broccoli with dinner tonight. I want to be healthier.
  • SJW: You healthist shit! Your actions do not exist in a vacuum. Maybe you should have thought about how I feel about that! Have a fucking seat and eat your cheeseburger.

“Anti-obesity campaigns aren’t out to kill fat people, therefor anti-obesity campaigns aren’t actually trying to get rid of fat people and don’t hate fat people” is pretty directly parallel to “I just think homosexuality is an illness and a sin, and should be gotten rid of, but I don’t hate gay people or want to kill them, I just want them to stop being gay.”

Fat people are at a societal disadvantage. We are actively discriminated against and marginalized in ways that are structural and systemic. There are government programs devoted to prevent people from becoming like us. Homosexuality was criminalized instead, but that’s still the government trying to prevent people from being gay.

Doctors tried to come up with ways to make people not-gay, and those didn’t work any better than weight loss did. They tried to pathologize homosexuality, just like they have with fatness, and noted correlations with depression, suicide, drug use, a range of illnesses, and, of course, eventually with AIDS (which was originally dubbed Gay Related Immune Deficiency, or GRID, and many claims were made that it was either the natural result of gay sex or punishment for it from an angry god).

Regardless of whether or not it’s a choice, regardless of whether or not people are born this way, attempts to change it work very rarely, the evidence that the thing itself is damaging to the person is very thin and relies purely on correlation, it doesn’t affect other people at all, and it is never ever a reason to discriminate against people. It is never a reason to be shitty, ever. It is never a reason to run huge campaigns to get rid of it. Ever.

Campaigns to eat healthy and exercise? OK, whatever. Still healthist and usually ableist, and they need to fucking fix that. But campaigns to eliminate obesity are campaigns against fat people. Obesity isn’t a thing on its own. It does not exist outside of fat bodies. It’s not like measles, that invades your body and makes you really sick, and you get better or die. Just like you cannot have a campaign against homosexuality that is not a campaign against LGB people, you cannot have a campaign against obesity that is not a campaign against fat bodies.

There are going to be a lot of people pissed at me for this. I don’t give a fuck. I am queer – and, frankly, have put up with a lot more harassment and physical attacks and threats for being queer than most of the people on this site who are going to be mad – and I am fat, and I have been the object of both of these things in action, and they are very similar indeed.

The haters aren’t going to listen. I didn’t say it to convince them. I said it for me, and I said it for us, the readers of this blog, the fatties and the queers.

To hell with the phobes and haters. They’ll keep on hating. We need to support each other in the face of their hate.


alex37k  asked:

Being an extremely think healthy person, I realize that I have a genetic privilege. I have overweight and underweight friends, all of whom I identify primarily by their personalities rather than weight. However, I think that if you are fat to the extent that you are suffering poor health repercussions, your weight is a bad thing. I believe you can be fat and proud, but should not be proud of being fat. What is wrong with my mentality? Is there something wrong with this way of thinking?

You are wrong to think that anyone else’s health is any of your business. You are wrong to judge what is good or bad for others. You are wrong to think that you know whether or not any other person’s health is affected by their weight. You are wrong to think that you get to decide what anyone else gets to be proud of. You are fatphobic and healthist, which is, well, wrong.

And you’re not actually asking this question. You don’t actually want to be told you’re wrong. You’re “Just Asking Questions,” implying things while framing them as questions so you sound reasonable.


Repeated for the asshole in the inbox who can't be bothered to read anything we've said about health, and wants an excuse to shame fat people while denying they're shaming fat people

“Health” as defined in this culture is a bankrupt concept. It means nothing, takes no individual bodies into account, and is ableist as fuck. TAKE YOUR HEALTHIST BULLSHIT AND SHOVE IT UP YOUR LEFT NOSTRIL.

Furthermore, no one else’s health is any of your goddamned business, and your busybody moralism about health is damaging to everyone. You very plainly value some abstract concept of health over the actual lives of actual people, or you would not be asking about health in the abstract.

You have no idea of what the actual habits and lives of actual fat people are like. You are assuming based on stereotypes. A lot of the things you assume are unhealthy may actually have health benefits for individual people. You have no way of knowing.

If you genuinely, seriously, truly want to know more, then go archive diving here. Hunt for the word “healthism”. Spend some time learning about how fucked up this society and your personal thinking on this topic are.

And stay the fuck out of our inbox until and unless you do. We’re not here to educate you. We’re certainly not going to back up your shitty, harmful ideas.