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Step 1: Where Do They Come From?

Find a general biome that fits what you envision for this culture. If appropriate, make up your own. You want to focus on how plentiful the water is and where it is, what food sources there are, and what natural resources (wood, iron, reeds, etc.) are available. You’ll also want to look into natural structures like caves or cliffs, and common weather phenomenon like hurricanes or droughts.

If you’re writing a premodern culture with few outside influences, you could stop here, since location pretty much gives you everything you could want. The local vegetation and weather patterns will dictate how they build houses. The natural phenomenon will be explained by religion. The availability of water and food/arable soil/animals that could be domesticated will determine if they are nomadic or not. Their natural resources will determine how quickly technology progresses.

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paleravenlady  asked:

Can I request Doflamingo, Rocinante, Kid, Law, Zoro, and Sanji comforting their chubby gf after they found out she was skipping multiple meals and barely eating? Sorry if it's too many. >_<

It’s never too many! As far as now, I have no character limit.
I spent so long on this one, and hope you like it.
–Captain AJ

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You Know It's Fake, Right?

“You know wrestling’s fake, right?”

Oh, you mean that the outcomes are predetermined, the dialogue is scripted and the fight scenes are choreographed? Sorta how The Walking Dead is fake. Or Game of Thrones. Or Breaking Bad. Shit, every single movie and television show you watch is “fake”. And yet I still have never heard someone say “you do know that The Hunger Games is fake right? They are just acting. Jennifer Lawrence isn’t really starving.”

So what’s the difference? Is it because movies and television are prerecorded? The actors are free to mess up and botch their lines all they want but it’s okay, they’ll just edit it out? In wrestling, there are no cut takes, there are no “let’s run that again”’s. No. You go out, you do your spot weather it’s a promo or a spot in the ring. You do it right the first time or you don’t. There is no do over’s. Is that the difference? Is that where all this anti-wrestling stigma emanates from?

Or is it because the injuries are “fake”? While it is true that some wrestler’s would cut themselves (blade) to make a chair shot look more brutal, that is far from the case now. The world of wrestling has changed. These men and women are healthier than ever. WWE’s wellness policy has all but eliminated harmful drug usage among it’s employees as well as prohibiting such actions. However, there are real injuries. You cannot “fake” getting hit with a steel chair. You cannot “fake” being thrown into the mat by a 300+ pound dude. You cannot “fake” falling from over 20 feet onto a table. There are no “bouncy mats”. There are no “rubber chairs”. The props are fucking real. The pain is fucking real.  The broken bones, torn muscles and concussions are fucking real.

Oh, and to those who say “shit I could take any of these guys in a fight”, well, I would pay a great sum of money to see you try. There’s a reason movie stars and musicians have body guards and wrestlers don’t. The fact of the matter is that they don’t need them. These dudes are masters of power, strength and stamina. Three things you do not get by sitting in front of a screen all day stroking your neck beard and shoving doritos in your face.

You don’t have to like wrestling. It’s not for everyone, I’ll admit. But these men and women deserve respect. The fans deserve respect. So when you say “you know it’s fake right?” to a person who loves wrestling, you look like nothing more than an ignorant hypocrite.

Why are so many radfems anti fat acceptance?

It seems like it would be natural for radfems to encorporate it into thier philosophy, because so much of fatphobia and diet culture is based in patriarchy and oppressing women. Dieting is mostly directed at women, men are allowed to get much fatter than women before people start attacking them for their weight, and dieting demands that women dedicate a lot of their time–and money–to making themselves smaller and more acceptable.

But I see so many radfems focusing on the health component and attacking women for being unhealthy and embracing habits they view as unhealthy, like eating whatever they want. Maybe it’s that radfems have never dieted and don’t realize how much time exercising for an hour a day will actually effect the amount of time you have to spend on leisure or your career or education, not to mention how much time managing what you eat to record your calories and also get enough nutrients on a heavily reduced diet. The reason I’m FA is because I have dieted, and it takes hours every day to exercise enough to lose weight, and maintaining a low calorie diet requires obsessive record keeping that drove me insane.

I just can’t take someone seriously if they write about how shitty it is that women spend so much time doing household chores, but then see nothing wrong with expecting women to spend time and money because it might make them a little healthier and insult women who decide that they don’t want to engage in that.

According to “a study,” women who prefer sex without condoms tend to be psychologically healthier than women who prefer their dicks all wrapped-up like a slimy, pulsing Christmas present. Why? Because semen, it turns out, has antidepressant qualities when absorbed by the vagina. Or the mouth, since this study involved oral sex too.

It’s an anonymous goddamn survey of how 300 women think their sex-lives are going, and it completely ignored other factors, like how a woman who’s having unprotected sex might be doing so with one or more close, trusted partners. I would guess that healthy and regular sexual relations have a bigger impact on a woman’s happiness and satisfaction than the male gender’s apparently Xanax-filled cum.

The study also found that oral contraceptives made “no significant difference” on the women’s mood, so yeah, their measurements probably weren’t too precise. But look on the bright side: Someone is finally encouraging people to have unprotected sex. My motto is that it’s important that every voice be heard, even the stupid ones that are bad for the world. Wait. That seems like kind of a shitty motto now that I’ve said it out loud

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