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Wait, I think I got it! White people are bad, so if white people try to do something good, it’s still bad even if the thing is good! Ah-ha!

Smh what if people just want to eat healthier or in a way they feel is more moral? I get that vegans have a holier-than-thou stereotype to them but it’s a diet choice, it has nothing to do with race.

Note: I love meat.


i kind of really love how comparitively mediocre yuri is?

like hes going for THE big deal skating competition after having completely messed up the year before. and yeah, he does really awesome and still makes it into finals, but like, you KNOW most sports anime would have had him magically be placing first in each competition

but instead, he just barely squeaks through to finals. the people he’s against are GOOD, and definitely worthy of being there. instead of going the lazy route and having yuri suddenly become the best of the best after only a few months of training with victor, he’s simply noticeably better than he was the previous season. and in the context of the show, thats FANTASTIC. so what he didnt get first? he’s still WAY better than before, and the other skaters take him more seriously now.

tbh thats both way more realistic and a way healthier way to be depicting a sport like this. it doesnt matter as much if youre #1, it just matters if you improve

How to End a Toxic Relationship

1. Step out of denial and admit to yourself that you are in a toxic relationship.

2. Journal your emotions so you have a record of when things are really bad (as we pretend to ourselves that things are fine when our freind or partner is treating us well).

3. Look for what you’re getting from the relationship. Are you putting up with meanness or abuse as you think it’s better than being on your own? Then, look to have your needs met in healthier ways.

4. Hang out with people who are positive, and who treat you with the kindness and respect you deserve. Doing that will help you to recognise your worth, and to see your frind or partner for who they are (That is, a toxic individual who is ruining your life).

5. Reward yourself for being strong enough to stand up for your right to be treated properly.

6. Get help for the feelings that come with the pain, or the shame, of being treated like you’re insignificant, worthless, or deserving of less than other people.

It’s so easy to get caught up in old habits of thought. Even when we know better, even when we understand that it’s causing us unnecessary pain, it’s hard to stay on track. Our habits of thought are well-worn paths and there’s comfort in the familiar, but they always lead us right back to the same place. 

To become someone new, to venture into terra incognita, is daunting and difficult. It takes time and concentration. But the more we practice reacting to situations in new, healthier ways, the easier it gets. The more we catch ourselves before we slip into a downward spiral of thought, the better our experience of being a person will be. 


Leverage is one of my favorite TV shows and one of the reasons is that the women in the show are actually adults. The younger woman is in her late twentys and even though she is portrayed as autistic she is still treated like an adult. They don’t baby her, she is extremely skilled and respected in her feild, and the show does an amazing job of showing that even though she is learning to understand and interact with people in a healthier way that she is not a “child”. She is a fully grown woman. The other woman is in her late 30s- early 40s and is still portrayed as a beautiful and desirable woman. She is single and in an on - off relationship with another character and there are no comments about her needing to settle down or needing to find a man before she becomes an old spinster. Leverage is a great show and you should all check it out.

One of the prompts (by anon) I got was something sweet between Jay and Justice, and here is a quick one from after Kirkwall when I imagine Anders and Justice have started to learn to work through their situation in a healthier way for the both to them? Imagine Jay just hugging Anders and reading a letter over his shoulder, and the news is GOOD, and Justice steps forward because he wants to react to this or ask something idk. Jay looks up when his boyfriend starts glowing and the kind of ‘being close to Justice feel’ washes over because he’s surprised, but immediately props his chin back on it again when Justice doesn’t step away from the hug.

Hugs for the glowy part of the family is rarer, I think, so Jay is more than happy to get to give those whenever he has the chance. ^u^

Yoongi Scenario: Heartstrings - Part 2.

Request: Hello! I want to request a Yoongi angst scenario in which you are a couple, but you feel neglected because he’s always working so you have a really big fight? You want to be together but Yoongi thinks he’s not enough. Thank you <3

Genre: Romance / Drama.

Part 1

It had a been two months since that time at the dorm, and even if Yoongi refused to talk about it all the boys knew, all of them were worried and all of them were well aware that their friend was having a hard time.

Yours had been a relationship that had done good things for Yoongi, he had become healthier and in more ways that could be explained, happier. The people around him, specially his six friends who lived with him could tell how not having you in his life was making him change into something else entirely.  

The usual skinny Yoongi was now close to the bone, he was working his hardest, so much it was sometimes painful to see, they went touring for a month in which everyone was so stressed the boys didn’t actually have the time to inquire about how he was coping with the breakup, and yes, everyone had the initial thought that said breakup wouldn’t last, that it was just another fight and you were going to get back together and things will be normal again. But as another month went by they realized they were wrong.

Yoongi scowled and glared when the subject what brought upon even if it was just superficially, but as they continued to witness how their friend continued to consume himself in body and mind more and more they knew they had to do something.

At first they all agreed it was Jimin who had to go and try to make Yoongi if not talk, be a bit more open about what was happening to him, at least so he could know he wasn’t alone. So Jimin went to Yoongi’s room when Jin wasn’t around, the younger boy sat beside him and tried in his own way to tell Yoongi he counted with them and they were worried, but Jimin’s soft words received a death glare and silence, when he tried to insist Yoongi bit his head off saying he was perfectly fine and didn’t need anything, that if they had so much free time to worry about him they might as well put themselves to work and then threw him out of his room. 

It had been something harsh and rude even for Yoongi, the six of them tried not to get angry at him and just understand but it was hard when Yoongi was behaving like an asshole all the time. It was like he didn’t care anything aside from work anymore, not even about them.

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He just doesn’t understand them

As someone who loves finding hints of what’s to come in Star Wars, I couldn’t ignore the following passage in Adam Driver’s recent interview:

Q: There are parallels between Kylo Ren and your “Silence” character. They both flirt with the antithesis of their convictions. Kylo Ren is tempted away from the Dark Side, so much so that popular fan theories think he’s actually a good guy. And in “Silence,” Father Garrpe risks dying if he doesn’t renounce his faith.

A: There are interesting good-versus-evil battles in both. I didn’t think of it as good and evil, necessarily, but more the anguish of faith. Since you’re making that comparison, they both have strong doubt, and strong doubt goes hand-in-hand with faith. On the outside is actually probably a healthier way to live than just complete devotion to whatever it is.

They’re also two movies where a kind of superpower is persecuting against a smaller organization or belief system. They both feel morally justified to behave however they need to to accomplish that, regardless of whether it means persecuting other people that they just don’t understand. So in that way, yeah, they both have anguish of faith. It’s yet to be determined for Kylo Ren, but I guess it’s more determined in “Silence” whether the character rises to the occasion or not.

Now I’m trying to figure out who are those whom Kylo “just doesn’t understand”.

Impulse Control

“You should really try and find a healthier way to deal with your anger over this election”
- husband to me after listening to me complain about all the horrible things Trump has done in his first week of office