healthier planet

Every day, I’m thankful for all of the people fighting to protect animals & the environment around the world. As George Carlin once said, “I like it when a flower or a little tuft of grass grows through a crack in the concrete. It’s so fu*kin’ heroic.” In my eyes, you people are these heroic grasses and flowers and I admire every one of you. Working together, we can protect a healthier planet! 🐸 🐸

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Almost seven months ago to the day, I wrote the following words beneath an Overview of Paris:

“The purpose of this project from its very beginning was to inspire new perspectives that would help us better understand why we need to take care of our planet, but also take care of each other. The massacre that took place today was tragic and gruesome. I am in no position to say how we can stop the violence that plagues our world, but I am optimistic that by coming together after such a tragedy, we move closer to realizing we are indeed one species that must see beyond the borders, cultures, beliefs, religions, ethnicities, and whatever else currently separates us so that we can work together to create a safer, healthier planet.”

These words ring true following last night’s horrific events in Orlando, Florida. While the Overview perspective may take us further away from realities on the ground, seeing the bigger picture helps us understand that while physical distance or ideologies may separate us, it is undeniably true that we are all apart of one species on a single planet. A species, that I believe, wants peace far more than it does violence. As we mourn those who were lost in this tragic event let us also hope, and believe, that there will be brighter days ahead.

Source imagery: @digitalglobe