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 The first photo is of me today, and then the other is back in August. I’m so proud of myself, I’ve been eating a lot less and I’ve been walking, drinking water and I got a physically demanding job. 

I’ve always been heavy my entire life, but I’m slimming down. I haven’t weighed myself in a while, but last time I checked I was 248, my one in August I was 270. ❤ I’m making healthier choices for food and I’m going to start going to the gym. Nothing lasts forever, and if you want to change yourself it’s as simple as making the choice then following through.

See more Before and After weight loss pictures  or  SUBMIT yours.

Having a rough body-image day. Or, more accurately, having a rough day feeling like I have so far to go to feel healthy and spunky and motivated again.

Losing weight won’t make me happy, I know, but it would be nice to whittle down some of this physical “burden”. I’m uncomfortable. A lot of my clothing doesn’t fit. And at the same time, I’m beginning to go through the motions of working out and making healthier choices with food, drinking lots of water, being mindful of getting enough sleep, and I don’t feel that excitement or motivation that I used to feel.

Maybe it’ll take seeing and feeling my body changing to hit my stride again, or maybe it’ll just take some more time. Either way, I’d love to improve how I feel sooner rather than later.

Fresh salad for lunch/dinner 💪🏽🥗

- Kale
- Half a tomato
- Cucumber slices
- Carrot slices
- Red bell pepper slices
- Some chili pepper
- Baby papaya
Topped off with some seeds, black pepper and hot sauce (my ultimate favorite) and some garlic and ginger.

Filling and delicious. 🌞

I’m really trying to be healthier and make better food choices. It is very difficult to change my old habits but slowly I am transforming.

Shattered - Part 9

|Prologue| |Part 1| |Part 2| |Part 3| |Part 4| |Part 5| |Part 6| |Part 7| |Part 8| |Part 10| 

Member: Taehyung

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Word Count: 2185

Summary: Time breaks relationships, but it can also rekindle them.

A/N: I’m not going to lie, I’m absolutely heartbroken for Taehyung and the news about his grandmother’s passing. We all knew something was happening with Taehyung, but this is definitely so unexpected. The fact that he had to deal with all this alongside the promotions and all the antis. No one should ever have to face that kind of hurt. I wish the best for Taehyung and his family. He is undeniably an incredibly strong person and what we should do is send him all the love and support we have, and keep his grandmother in our thoughts ♥︎

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“W-what did you s-say T-taehyung?” You’re not quite sure if your misheard some words or if you were still in daze from what happened.

“Come live with me at my place Y/N. Bring Jaemin as well. I know that the police are taking care of Hanseok, but what if he comes back and does something even worse than this time? I’m not always going to be next to you and I can’t stand the thought of Hanseok laying a hand on you and treating you with so much disrespect. I know this is very sudden,  but I just want to know that you’re safe Y/N.”

“Taehyung… I… I don’t know what to say. A-are you sure about this?”

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Imagine Naruto watching Sasuke putting the groceries away and suddenly realizing how much he’s ingrained himself in Sasuke’s life when Sasuke’s cabinets are filled with more of his favorite junk foods than Sasuke’s healthier choices of foods.

Transformation Tuesday!!!
This is what’s up y'all!

I’m on the Don’t Eat Like a Dumbass diet. Where I live a normal life but make healthier choices with food. I don’t eat cookies every day , but sometimes when I get that hella strong craving ….I eat me a cookie.

My daily calories sit at about 1500-1800
I set a very easy goal of 5 pounds a month. So I’m taking baby steps towards that finish line.

July Goals 🍉

New tumblr, I thought I might start by posting some of my July goals!
♥ Stay hydrated/drink 68-85oz daily
♥ Walk on the treadmill daily
♥ Do maternity shoot (we’re scheduled for the 13th!!)
♥ Make healthier food choices!! (I’ve been having so many cravings for sweets! Trying not to over-indulge.)

Anyone else have some goals for this month? (:

So this is really nerve-racking. I hate to admit that I am totally embarrassed of the top photos but I am also super proud of how far I have come and the bottom photos. This isn’t a B&A, because I’m still transforming myself… So I’m calling it a B&D (before and during haha). I’ve been focusing on trying to make healthier food choices to nourish my body, and I’ve been lifting weights to strengthen it. 6 and a bit months between the pics.. Taking it slow to make sure it sticks 💪🏼

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IF YOU HAD TO MARRY ONE BROTHER BUT KILL ANOTHER, WHO WOULD YOU KILL AND WHO WOULD YOU MARRY? (I haven't finished the latest season, so ignore what has recently happened.)



but;;;;; ohhhHH NO

ok. ok breath. alright.

i think i’d marry sam–BUT I MEAN UNDER WHAT CIRCUMSTANCES WOULD HE MARRY ME AFTER I’VE KILLED DEAN OH LORD??…but if it did work out, here’s why sam and i would probably work better than me ‘n’ dean:

  • DOGS!!! DOGS
  • i really wanna learn yoga
  • piggyback rides everywhere

and if sam saw monstery things he would take care of it and then be like “AAAAAAAAAND yeah ok we’re good no more of that noise until it pops up again” but dean would be like “SCOUT GET INVOLVED! BE AGGRESSIVE! B-E AGGRESSIVE!! LET’S FIND THE NEST BABE”

and i’d be like

“but can i shower first”

Sassy Fran and Mack are frienemies due to their different tastes in food. Mack prefers greasy, fatty foods like burgers and fries while Sassy Fran prefers more gourmet and neat foods. Mack also barely has any table manners and Sassy Fran hopes to one day show him how to not eat so sloppily and also show him delicious, but healthier food choices. Sassy Fran is quite enthusiastic about it, and Mack is determined to eat any of the foods recommended to him (even thought he’ll probably stick with the fatty foods..)

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Hi sharee!!!! I'm 15 and i'm a girl i'm about 5 ft tall and i have a pot belly!! A POT BELLY!?! How embarrising can it be? All my friends are super skinny and pretty and they wear all kind of pretty clothes but i can't! I have to wear large t-shirts and i have to wear clothes from which i can look a little un-fat. I hate my life!!! Please help!

You’re not a tree, you can move and change.
Why hate your life when you have 100% control over your weight. Weight is something you can change. It’s all about effort. You get exactly what you put in.
Start getting active, join a sports team or ask one of your friends to be a running buddy. Find a fitness you love. And start making healthier food choices.
But I’m gonna tell you right now, losing weight won’t make you love yourself or life. You will still have issues when you love weight. You just get to wear a smaller size when you face them.
So I would start trying to developed a more positive outlook on life, it will help you achieve your goals ❤️

Little Talks

Title: Little Talks

Pairing: Ryan x fem!Reader

Rating: PG-13 (Swearing, Implied Relationship)

Summary: “could you do a readerxRyan where the reader is not-so-thin and becomes very self-conscious after some comments from some of the RT boys and Ryan reassures her?”

Word Count: 646

A/N: don’t even ask me about the title okay im shit and it seems kind of fitting also the song is stuck in my head and this is short apologies

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Hey Sharee :) I find it hard to stick to healthy eating. I binge eat, and I don't know why. I feel like I'm always regretting my food choices and it's driving me insane. I feel so stupid, why can't I control myself and just eat well?!! Any suggestions? I'm sick of my unhealthy habits. I'm trying to make new habits with a star chart (lame I know) and I think it's helping. Thanks!

Star charts are NOT lame! They are a great visual reminder to keep pushing and moving toward your goals. I love star charts <3

Overcoming poor eating habits is not something that is tackled overnight, or goes away when you decide you want to make healthier food choices. It takes time and consistency. You’re creating entirely new habits, not changing your socks. So don’t be discouraged when you feel down. It will be hard! And that is okay. It’s okay to be upset and angry with the process…..this just means you’re trying <3

So lets talk about binge eating first. Most people have a time in their life when they eat too much (some people it’s just around the holidays like on Thanksgiving or Christmas). And other people overeat more regularly, like when chips and dip are on the table or at a girls/guys nights with lots of junk food around. Binging or overeating is NOT uncommon. When it because is issue is when the D (disorder) is added. Binge Eating Disorder (BED).

I personally overeat around chips. it’s a weakness and I’ve come to accept it. I have 1-2 cheats a week and I dedicate one of them to chips.  What helped me develop healthier eating habits on a daily basis was that I limited my opportunities to the foods that I could eat 1000 of and STILL want more. I stopped having chips in the house or I was not in control of the foods that entered the house (i.e. when I stayed with my parents during school breaks), I kept my healthy foods in a separate cupboard in the kitchen so I wouldn’t have to stare at all my brothers junk food. Take the initiative and create environments that will set you up for success. Limit the opportunities you have to make poor food choices. The longer you are able to avoid them, the more you realize that you CAN do this. 

Along with these lines, there will be people who don’t understand your struggles. People will read this message and think “ this girl is crazy, it’s JUST food!” and that is okay. Not everyone experiences problems with overeating. I was 256 pounds at 17 years old, that does not come from having a healthy relationship with food. While I never had a disorder. I did have extremely unhealthy eating habits. I did not have the D (disorder) in my eating habits, but I had a little more of the overeating compared to the norm, hence the obesity. Soo…don’t feel bad. There are lots of people out in the world in the same place as you. I’ve been there too! And you can overcome it <3

To help you develop attainable healthy eating goals. Check out my “clean eating 101″ page. I have some easy to follow steps along with a great (in my opinion lol) video that has some practical tips to creating a life with healthy eating.

you can do this <3

Love yourself more

1. Wash your face with gentle cleansers

2. Start making healthier food choices so your body gets the proteins, carbs and vitamins it needs

3. Exercise at least 3 times a week, even if it means going for a 30 minute walk or doing a 30 minute cardio video from YouTube. Exercise releases endorphins and endorphins make you happy

4. Squat so you smile every time you think of your butt

5. Moisturise your hair with coconut oil or argon oil at least once a week to leave your hair healthier and shinier

6. Stop dating if you feel like you’re chasing ghosts who are wearing his smile

7. Pet as many animals as you can trust me this will make your day

8. When you’re saying yes to others make sure you’re not saying no to yourself

9. Walk away from toxic relationships.

10. Wear red lipstick because fuck everyone