ok y’all it’s time to stop using the word “neurotypical” to mean “someone who told me to do yoga when i said i was sad”. that was not it’s original context (it was, in fact, coined by autistic people and yoinked by mentally ill allistics lmao), and the idea that “non-mentally ill people” is a coherent class of people is BONKERS. ANYONE can be susceptible to mental illness, you do NOT know everyone’s history with mental illness, and even though people who are vocally against mental healthcare are obviously shitheads and dangers to themselves/their loved ones, to claim that their views are because they have a squeaky clean bill of sanity is just fuckin……wild.

I know I’m a broken record here

But healthcare remains in danger.  GOP thinks they are nearing in on a deal to repeal ACA that would get a vote next week.  Please, please call your senators.

Dark Elites (BTS AU)

They were elites hidden in the dark, nobody knew a single thing about them- except for the fact that they’re 8 members.

In the world at the age of 2030, Korea has been divided into four regions; Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze.

The Platinum region was said to be the most perfect place to live in. Best education, best healthcare. But it was very dangerous to live in. Living in there means you’re an open target to assassins- who get paid to kill people that are thought to be littering the Platinum region by corrupted government officials.

The Gold region had the kindest community, but the authorities were very strict. Accidentally drop a crumpled paper outside? A day of community service. Shouted while you were outside? A day of jail. Everyone wonders how people can stay happy while living in the Gold region. But here’s the thing; they aren’t.

The Silver region was just okay in everything, but gangsters and mobs were everywhere. When the clock ticks 6:00 PM, everyone must be inside their homes to lessen the chance of accidentally getting shot, or getting mugged and whatnot. Authorities were useless in the Silver region, and the mobs themselves knew it.

The Bronze region was the region of diseases. Every type of sickness would be found there, since the said region had the worst healthcare. It was normal for everyone to smell the stench of death ever since the year of 1990. They were forcedly divided at that year, and here they were. Death was normal for them, and nothing ever changed it.

With all these regions on Korea, a group had a sinister plan to create the Diamond country; residents of the Platinum region who could enjoy the whole country for themselves, along with a few chosen among the other regions.

With this being said, they plan on destroying the Gold, Silver, and Bronze regions. And only the Elites can stop them.

Character Profiles / 1

So Trump won,

And I’d like to apologize in advance to the people I treasure here for the language that follows, but to all of you who voted 3rd party or did a so called protest vote, to the Bernie or bust crowd as well…I’d like to send out a sincere, heartfelt FUCK YOU. Actually, not just sincere and heartfelt but also angry and disgusted by the self entitled filthy pieces of shit you all are.

Smug sons of bitches - with no offense to your actual mothers who may be decent people, just created some really REALLY STUPID offspring. You were warned again and again about this, but you dense fuckers couldn’t get that this was the time to take one for the team. And now you killed us all, you’ve given a madman control over the worlds most powerful army and arsenal. Read these words carefully: YOU killed - us - ALL.

The number of states that could have been won today if you weren’t so VERY FUCKING STUPID is astonishing. And now you won’t have a future, your kids and mine if born at all won’t have a future…you effectively set us all on a path to the motherfucking apocalypse because you wanted to ride around on a cute lil high horse. So was it worth it? 

Hundreds of thousands of NATO troops are now on high alert for war, stock markets plummeted, one TRILLION dollars went down the drain tonight you dumb ass little self entitled shits. Gay rights, GONE. Women rights, GONE. Voter rights, GONE. Climate change discussion, GONE. Black lives support actions/groups, GONE. Healthcare, GONE. All minorities in danger…but rest assured all you college educated, white republicans, independents or otherwise, your turn to get screwed will come. If you don’t regret your stupidity now, you will soon…too bad it will also be too late by then. Some of you dumb fucks probably still think the law and constitution will still mean anything with fascists at the helm…lol

Don’t any of you fuckers dare say a word to me, I will end you. Actually, you can shove any views on the subject far, far up because if you excuse me, I’ve gotta go explain to my loved ones that some fucking little turds who think they’re special played around with fascism and that nothing matters anymore because our countdown clock just started and it won’t tick for long.