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Proper eye hygiene is not something that gets taught in health class, but given the number of eyeballs reading this sentence through the filmy membrane of soft contact lenses right now (as many as 30 million pairs in the U.S.), it probably should be. Failing to throw out old contacts and replace them with new ones as often as we should puts us at risk for a number of horrifying complications: ulcers, infections, and about $175 million in U.S. healthcare costs every year.

Oh, and you could have a motherfucking parasite living inside your eye, eating your cornea. We’ll pause now as some of you run to the nearest pharmacy.

When corneal scrapings are the recommended course of action for those who are suspected of having a condition, you know we’re in nightmare territory right out of the gate.

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Trump Travel Ban Spotlights U.S. Dependence On Foreign-Born Doctors
A quarter of doctors practicing in the U.S. went to medical school elsewhere. Many of these physicians practice in parts of this country that the government says need more primary care providers.

Don’t forget, a lot of our docs are from outside the US. Head Cheez-whiz and his cronies really don’t understand (or likely even care) how things work for most of the people in this country. Disgusting.


HEAVEN: Oh, you must be J! It’s nice to finally meet you. I’m your big cousin, Heaven. (coos) You’re so cute!

JOON HYUK: ≡(*′▽`)っ ?

HEAVEN: Uh… Pibby Ania? Is he asking me to play with him?

TITANIA: Yup! He’s asking if you wanna help him build a block empire with no taxes and free healthcare.

HEAVEN: Oh, sweet! Yeah, for sure, lil’ J. Let’s get to it!