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New Obamacare Rule Protects Transgender Patients
The Department of Health and Human Services issued a final rule under Obamacare on Friday that prohibits denying health care or health coverage on the basis of gender identity.
By Dominic Holden

Just hours after the Obama administration on Friday stood up for transgender students, it took unprecedented steps to protect transgender patients.

Transgender people must be provided transition-related services and cannot be denied health care by providers or professionals who receive federal funding, according to a final rule announced Friday by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The rule specifically bans the denial of coverage or health care itself on the basis of gender identity.

Girls slip through the diagnostic net, said Attwood, because they are so good at camouflaging or masking their symptoms. “Boys tend to externalise their problems, while girls learn that, if they’re good, their differences will not be noticed,” he said. “Boys go into attack mode when frustrated, while girls suffer in silence and become passive-aggressive. Girls learn to appease and apologise. They learn to observe people from a distance and imitate them. It is only if you look closely and ask the right questions, you see the terror in their eyes and see that their reactions are a learnt script.”

Girls also escape diagnosis, said Attwood, because they are more social than boys with the condition. Their symptoms can also be missed because it is the intensity of their interests that is unusual, and not the oddity of what they do.
Women's March on Washington set to be one of America's biggest protests
Pink hats will be much in evidence as an extraordinarily wide range of groups come together to repudiate President Trump the day after his inauguration
By Joanna Walters

Before the bunting and barriers are even cleared away from Friday’s inauguration of Donald Trump, hundreds of thousands are likely to attend the Women’s March on Washington the following day, 21 January.

“A march of this magnitude, across this diversity of issues has never happened before,” said Kaylin Whittingham, president of the association of black women attorneys. “We all have to stand together as a force no one can ignore.”

The Women’s March now has almost 200 progressive groups, large and small, signing on as supporting partners. The issues they represent are as varied as the environment, legal abortion, prisoners’ rights, voting rights, a free press, affordable healthcare, gun safety, racial and gender equality and a higher minimum wage. Men are invited.

More than 300 simultaneous local protests will also occur, across all 50 states, and support marches are planned in 30 other countries, organizer Linda Sarsour said.

“We have no choice. We need to stand up against an administration that threatens everything we believe in, in what we hope will become one of the largest grassroots, progressive movements ever seen,” said Sarsour.

How I got insurance to pay for top surgery

I live in a state that does not have laws requiring insurance companies to pay for transgender health needs. So how did I get my insurance company to pay for my top surgery?

Long story short, I got pretty lucky and kind of cheated the system a bit, but for anyone out there that might be in a similar situation as me:

I was eligible for a breast reduction because of my size. I was a 30E, but anyone who has large breasts and have experienced shoulder/back pain or any other problems stemming from your boobs might be eligible!

There was a MINIMUM amount that needed to be taken off for insurance to cover the procedure. BUT THERE WAS NO MAXIMUM. So, I was lucky enough to have a really cool surgeon and I explained my situation to him. I told him that I didn’t want ANY boobs because I didn’t even identify as a woman in the first place. I told him that I would like a man’s chest and showed him some pictures and he felt comfortable that he could give it to me.

So I ended up getting a double mastectomy COVERED COMPLETELY BY INSURANCE. Even though they really just think that I got a breast reduction because of my back pain.

Feel free to share so that anyone in a similar situation knows that this is an option! Let me know if you have any questions :)

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Planned Parenthood vows to fight GOP’s threats to defund it
Now that the 115th United States Congress has convened, Planned Parenthood is on the chopping block. On Thursday, Speaker Paul Ryan announced his plans to cut federal money to the organization, which provides preventative and reproductive healthcare to people of all genders and ages across the US. Planned Parenthood has promised to fight back — because a cut to its federal funds could be disastrous. Read more

“Look, Spicer. I don’t want you to Change yourself because I Love yourself. You’re funny, Brilliant, and a pretty great leader when given the chance. If you want to collect these things, Go for it. Just.. When you ‘take over the world’, Free Healthcare. Equal pay for all genders. And no one starves ever. Capiche?”  

……Got It❤❤❤❤”

Just a little thing about their whole “Good/Bad” relationship
Doing the Right Thing For Trans Health Is Now Easier Than You Think
I've written many times about the importance of educating the trans population about its rights, and the failure of our national (non-legal) advocacy org...
A Judge Just Suspended Obamacare's Transgender Protections — Here's What That Means
A federal judge in Texas issued the ruling in the final hours of 2016. Nearly 19% of surveyed transgender patients report they have been refused medical care.
By Azeen Ghorayshi
Chance encounter

While getting my hair cut today I was approached by a smiling, older woman.

In talking with my hairdresser, this woman overheard my mention of attending physical therapy school this fall at her Alma Matter where she pursued nursing in the 1960’s.

We quickly connected and talked about the progression of healthcare, gender roles, and the power of education.

We laughed at the shenanigans she got into and reveled in how education has given women an infinitely greater freedom than any gift throughout the decades.

How great it is to connect with perfect strangers and spoil myself.