The Bloody Red Baron’s traumatic brain injury,

 The issue of head trauma and brain injury has been in the spotlight a lot lately, especially when it comes to sports and athletic injury, as well as auto accidents, job accidents, and of course, soldiers returning home from war.  Perhaps one recently recognized case of traumatic brain injury in history is Manfred von Richthofen, also known as the “Red Baron”.  One of the greatest combat fighter pilots of all time, the German ace helped form the foundation of aerial dogfighting.  He wasn’t the most skilled pilot, but he utilized tactics which made him the most dangerous airman of World War I, earning him 80 kills, making him the highest scoring and most decorated pilot of the war. Richthofen’s incredible success was mostly due to his strict adherence to a set rules governing dogfighting called the “Boelcke Dictums”, written by German flying ace Oswald Boelcke.  Today the Boelcke Dictums are holy gospel among fighter pilots, still taught to trainees in air forces around the world.

On July 6th, 1917, Richthofen suffered a gunshot wound to the head, damaging the frontal lobe of his brain.  Amazingly, the wound didn’t kill him, and he was able to land in friendly territory. He had to undergo several operations to remove bone fragments from his damaged brain, and was temporarily blinded and paralyzed. Amazingly, Richthofen made a quick comeback, spending only three months convalescing and healing, attempting to return to active duty in August but finally returning to the air on October 23rd.

Richthofen wasn’t the same after his head injury, and modern medical professionals  have looked over his case and determined that he could have suffered from a serious traumatic brain injury. He become disinhibited and compulsive, often making snap judgments and irrational decisions.  He also had less control over his emotions, becoming moody and depressed.  In his journals, his writing became more simplistic, disorganized, and nonsensical.  In the air, he became more and more reckless, taking more dangerous risks and ignoring the Boelcke Dictums which he had rigidly adhered to before.  It is was quite clear that Richthofen was suffering from head trauma (and perhaps battle fatigue) resulting in decreased cognitive ability. It is a good possibility that the Bloody Red Baron had lost his edge due to his injury.

On April 21st, 1918 Richthofen broke formation with his squadron to chase an Allied plane.  Flying mere hundreds of feet above the ground, Richthofen pursued the fighter deep into enemy territory, totally oblivious of enemy fighters diving on his six and a mass of anti aircraft fire rising from the ground.  Neurologists call this “target fixation”, a habit common among those suffering brain injuries where a person will fixate on a particular object or thing while losing awareness of his or her surroundings.   Richthofen sustained a mortal gunshot wound to the chest, going down and crashing.  He was buried with honors by British forces.  Today, most medical and military experts agree that the Red Baron would have never been allowed to fly again in any modern air force.

anonymous asked:

Do you or do you not support for-profit healthcare? If you do, you are not pro-life. You cannot say you care care for the poor if you support a system that lets people die for lack of ability to pay for medical care. And the fact that you think that doing some charity work somehow makes up for supporting such a heinous system is just sad.

I will agree with you that our healthcare system really sucks, but socialized medicine is NOT going to fix the problem - it will actually make it worse. The reality is that healthcare is expensive because the government screws with it. They restrict competition in the insurance market and that drives up the costs.

This may surprise you, but socialized healthcare systems have actually been known to kill people.  There end up being fewer doctors and reduced facilities to accommodate patients.

In an account given by Kitty Werthmann, she warns America about the horrors of socialized medicine:  “After Hitler, health care was socialized, free for everyone. Doctors were salaried by the government. The problem was, since it was free, the people were going to the doctors for everything. When the good doctor arrived at his office at 8 a.m., 40 people were already waiting and, at the same time, the hospitals were full. If you needed elective surgery, you had to wait a year or two for your turn. There was no money for research as it was poured into socialized medicine. Research at the medical schools literally stopped, so the best doctors left Austria and emigrated to other countries. As for healthcare, our tax rates went up to 80 percent of our income…”

Here’s an illustration for this which I got from @professorlogan81: “Imagine the patient, health insurance company, and the doctor as points of a triangle with the government in the middle as a circle….  What happens as the circle grows larger?  It starts to get between the patient and their doctor and insurance company.”

Hunt's divisive approach to junior doctors is not helping the public

Another summary of how and why Jeremy Hunt is trying completely the wrong tack if he truly wants to address patient safety. This time in an article from Pulse Today, a GP magazine.

“It is well accepted that Jeremy Hunt has distorted statistics about weekend deaths to try and frighten the public into supporting his objectives. And he is still refusing to acknowledge that he has scared patients and the public, and angered NHS staff by misrepresenting statistics. Junior doctors already work seven days a week, what doesn’t happen at the weekend is elected surgeries, outpatient clinics and a lot of the subsidiary services. If you wish to run the NHS so that those services are available at the weekend then you need to employ additional staff, not make the current staff work longer.”


Raising their child a second time,

The story about two parents and their journey caring for their daughter, who suffered a traumatic brain injury from a terrible car accident.  Imagine suffering a brain injury, and basically being sent back in life to square one; having to relearn how to walk, talk, clothe yourself, feed yourself, bathe yourself, go to the bathroom, even simple things like swallowing without choking and sitting up.

I know two people who’ve suffered TBI, one a close friend of mine. After a construction accident he was also in a similar situation, and it took him a few years of healing, physical, and occupational therapy before he could go back to work.  He is pretty much 100% functional, but he is not the same as he was before the accident.  Regardless, I am so proud of him.

Sanders admits he can’t pay for his own programs.

Interviewer: You’re for increased spending in a lot of areas; increased revenue in some areas. But would you submit a balanced budget?

Bernie Sanders: No. Never. Arguably you could not do that.

No. Never. Arguably you could not do that.

That’s it. End of debate. Bernie Sanders himself admits his budgets will not balance. That means more debt onto future generations.



The Best Health Plan For America’s Rapidly Aging Homeless? Housing.

Rachel Solotaroff has treated homeless patients at her Portland, Oregon health clinic for nearly a decade. But only recently has she noticed an unsettling trend in the type of people seeking care.
Last month, she met a man who had been sleeping on cement for so long that his metal hip replacement had begun to wear through the skin. Before that, she treated a struggling diabetic woman who had stopped taking her medicine because she had had no fridge to store it in. From dementia, to chronic heart disease, to arthritis, Solotaraff has become a first-hand witness to the dramatic aging of America’s homeless population.
Every major country on earth, whether it’s the U.K., whether it’s France, whether it’s Canada, has managed to provide healthcare to all people as a right and they are spending significantly less per capita on health care than we are. So I do not accept the belief that the United States of America can’t do that.
Ted Cruz is a bigger threat than Donald Trump

While you were laughing at/worrying about Trump, a much worse man is gaining power.

On Google, I found many of his personal quotes which, after the nice icing of political words are removed, are actually quite disturbing. 

On immigration:

As President, I will stop illegal immigration, build a wall that works, triple border security, and put in place the surveillance and biometric tracking to secure the border. Border security is national security. We need to stop Obama’s amnesty and enforce the rule of law. And we need to reform legal immigration to protect American workers.

(This sounds a lot like Trump, except instead of JUST a wall, he wants expensive, fancy technology and keep them darn Mexicans out because they are terrorists who threaten social security and steal our jobs.)

On gun control:

The right to self-defense is an essential component of the liberty we enjoy as Americans and is embodied in the Second Amendment. From successfully protecting law-abiding citizens’ Second Amendment rights at the Supreme Court, to defeating legislation that sought to take away this right, I have always championed the right to keep and bear arms.

(This sounds very republican. Keep reading.)

On foreign policy:

As Commander-in-Chief, I would adopt a foreign policy strategy that follows three principles; Restore leadership on the global stage, rather than withdrawing from it; Fiercely defend our allies and interests; Judge each challenge through the simple test of what is best for America, because what is best for America is best for the world.

(Yes, you heard that right. What’s best for America is best for the world.)

On healthcare: 

If I am elected President, I will repeal Obamacare and propose commonsense reform that makes health care personal, portable, and affordable. I will expand competition in the marketplace, empower consumers and patients to make healthcare decisions with their doctors, and disempower the government from getting in between doctors and their patients.

(Expand competition in the marketplace? In other words, health is a business?)

On law enforcement:

I’m proud to stand with law enforcement, to stand with the police and firefighters and first responders. They are American heroes. And they need a President who doesn’t vilify them and who doesn’t seek to tear us apart along racial lines and inflame racial divisions. Instead, we need a President who works to unify us behind shared American values.

(Yes, he did just defend the police by saying all the recent issues were not race based.)

On environment:

The federal government has imposed far too many regulations that stifle growth, and often protect special interests more than the environment. As president, I will end regulations such as the EPA’s Waters of the U.S. rule and foster economic growth by restoring authority to the states. I will end the backlog of maintenance of our national parks.

(In other words, the government should NOT help the environment.) 

On national security;

We need a Commander-in-Chief who will prioritize U.S. national security interests. That starts by calling the enemy - radical Islamic terrorism - by its name, defeating ISIS, rebuilding the military, and securing the border. Border security is national security. And on day one, I will rip to shreds the catastrophic Iran deal.

(I don’t believe this needs a caption.)

On energy: 

I will embrace an energy policy that utilizes the bountiful resources in this land - from oil to natural gas to ethanol - producing abundant and affordable gas and electricity resources. We are on the verge of an American energy renaissance, and I will lift the regulations that are prohibiting exploration, the Keystone pipeline, and job creation.

(He just said that non renewable resources are ABUNDANT and AFFORDABLE. We are on the verge of an ENERGY RENAISSANCE. THE KEYSTONE PIPELINE.)

On top of these, he is extremely homophobic and says only four states actually have to follow the supreme court ruling from last year. He wants to completely abolish abortion and destroy the IRS.

This man is disgusting. Spread this around.

Girl with cancer dies waiting for hospital bed despite having a donor
Laura Hillier, 18, died from leukemia, waiting for a special bed to become available in a Canadian hospital. At her funeral friends signed her casket with loving messages in a now-viral image.

It’s just horrifying to think this could happen in an industrialized country with the means to prevent it.  

From the article:

“Laura might have experienced a few more milestones if a Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, hospital had been able to accommodate a bone marrow transplant for the young woman.

Numerous donors were a match with Laura and ready to donate, but Hamilton’s Juravinski Hospital didn’t have enough beds in high-air-pressure rooms for the procedure.

Hospital staff told her they had about 30 patients with potential donors, but the means to only do about five transplants a month.

Laura was first diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia at age 13.

New Government of Canada e-petition calling for Canada's healthcare to cover prescription medication, mental healthcare & ambulance services

There is a new Government of Canada e-petition asking for The Canadian Government to advance the Canadian Healthcare system to include prescription medication, psychologist & registered therapists, and ambulance services to all.

Text of petition:

Petition to the Government of Canada

  • The Canada Health Act ensures access to emergency medical care and hospital stay;
  • Many Canadians pay out of pocket for prescription medications;
  • Many Canadians pay out of pocket for psychologists, and registered therapists;
  • Many Canadians pay out of pocket for ambulance services.

We, the undersigned, residents of Canada, call upon the Government of Canada to amend our Health Act to include as a right for all Canadians prescription medications, psychologists and registered therapists, and ambulance services regardless of ability to pay.

If you want to sign this petition, do so here.

These epetitions can force the Government of Canada to debate/change laws/take action on these issues:

If they can get 100,000 signatures, the government may be forced to have a 1 hour debate in Parliament. Even if they don’t reach this mark, they still will have more importance than any other petition on the internet. The government will also respond to every petition with 500 signatures or more filed within 45 days.

“Ontario funds all public services at the lowest rate per person of any province in Canada and as a result Ontario funds all hospitals at the lowest rate of any province in Canada.

"Ontario now has the fewest hospital beds left per person of any province in Canada. It’s not just by national measures. For the entire OECD, that’s all developed nations of the world, Ontario is third from the bottom in the number of hospital beds left, followed only by Chile and Mexico,” Mehra says.

Drastic cuts to nursing staff – with the most recent layoffs involving 169 registered nurse positions at Windsor Regional Hospital announced January 18 – means Ontario also has the fewest nursing hours per patient of all Canada’s provinces, she says.

“We have devastated health professional services like rehabilitation therapy, we have privatized and contracted out vital patient-care services like cleaning and food services to the detriment of patients.”

If the health-care cuts continue, the OHC and its partner organizations are planning to hold a province-wide referendum asking Ontarians whether they support them.

Fidgety, sensitive, and seemingly always on the brink of tears (when they’re not actually crying), babies are a lot to take care of. But sick babies? They’re on a whole other level.

When Anthony Halmon became a father, he was also taking an entrepreneurship class in his junior year at the Perspectives Leadership Academy. The 19-year-old was mentored by the Network For Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE), an organization that was partnering with his school. The NFTE asked him, what was one thing he hated seeing his baby daughter go through? “Being sick,” he answered. And what did his daughter love? “Pacifiers.” Halmon was soon inspired to create the Thermofier, a pacifier with a thermometer built in.

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