5 easy steps to take care of yourself everyday

Take care of yourself. Be the person who has the confidence to take situations into your own hands and trek through life’s struggles. How can you improve your day to day activities to be the best version of yourself? Let it start with you - take matters into your own hands. Here are 5 easy & essential thoughts you could use to take care of yourself.

Drink water

This one is an essential! Strive to drink 8 8-ounce glasses of water a day - stay hydrated to be able to function optimally throughout the day. Many people who complain of headaches in hot weather may not know that they may be dehydrated! 

Aim to get a consistent, sound sleep every night

Most adults need 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night. Any less can make you feel sleepy the next day… and the day after that… It’s best to stop work an hour before you intend to sleep and keep it very calm in the evening!

Devote time during a week to do your hobby

What’s your hobby? Whether it’s hiking, reading, singing, or something unique, spending time to do something you love is both relaxing, productive, and fun. For example, if you’re a music enthusiast in school from 8am-3pm, you could spend an evening listening or recording music. The purpose is to help you strike a balance in your life.

Catch up with your thoughts, your friends and family

It is always a meaningful time to reflect on your goals, your hopes, and to catch up with your friends and family. I challenge you to message someone you care about today and see how they’re doing. They may be pleasantly surprised.

Organize your day based on your goals

What’s better than ending your day knowing that you’ve began to complete your daily/weekly/monthly goals? You can take a piece of paper and write down what you want to achieve, and by when. It’s important to set realistic goals to better maximize your productivity and results! 

Taking care of yourself is a basis to improving your life. You can start today. :)

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Take care,

Monica Taing

“Free education and healthcare sounds like a nice idea, but how would we pay for it?”

We’re already paying for it.  Privatized education and healthcare are extremely not free.  We spend about $73 billion on college tuition and $3.4 trillion on healthcare each year.  Compare public funding plans to those numbers, not to zero.

It’s time to stop falling for “you know, ‘free’ healthcare isn’t really free” and start pointing out that private healthcare is also not free.


Medicare For All isn’t just the common sense, humane thing to do, it’s also much cheaper than what we’re doing now (because it cuts out the insurance company middle man). Medicare For All is the smart thing to do, and it just makes a lot of sense.

Same thing for tuition-free college. It’s just common sense. A well educated populace is more beneficial to the community, the country and the world. Education is an investment in our future. And this also includes trade schools.

Sure, “Medicare For All” and similar schemes sound good, and sure they’ve worked in a large number of other countries, but don’t forget the hidden catches!

Medicare For All would cost a lot of money, as opposed to private insurance, which is free.

Medicare For All would sometimes deny people coverage for certain care, as opposed to private insurance, which always pays for everything.

Medicare For All would deprive people of other options, as opposed to private insurance, where your employer gets to freely choose which option you get.

Medicare For All would make citizens responsible for the expenses of people who were irresponsible with their own self-care, as opposed to private insurance, which only covers yoga instructors and triathletes.

Finally, Medicare For All would be available to everyone, even the undeserving, as opposed to private insurance, which is carefully allocated on the basis of moral merit.


Um…at the risk of sounding snobby here: Do the elitist GOP get that the house doesn’t even look that good?

Not that I’m judging: I grew up in some mediocre places too. It’s fine, and there are certainly worse places. I agree with her: It was likely fine to grow up in.  

But it’s a pretty mundane and rundown. By any standards.

But it’s a standing house. So apparently, per the Republicans, she’s a limousine liberal.