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So i think my ulcer is just getting worse? I passed out for a solid 12-18 minutes on the floor after puking my guts out? My meds really aren’t working and to make it worse its ur boys time-of-the-month so like im really worried about blood loss right now because my ulcer is bleeding and i am bleeding and im white as a sheet rn. Im just taking it slow but i really think i should be in a hospital rn cause im in an excruciating amount of pain.


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Criterias cultures use to define abnormality

1- Cultural Norms and Relativism- Is it normal behavior/thoughts in that culture?

2- Statistical Rareness/Unusualness- How rare is the behavior/thoughts in that culture?

3- Personal Distress- Does it bother the affected person themself?

4- Mental Illess Diagnosis- Are they professionally diagnosed or not?

5- Maladaptiveness/The 4 D’s- Distress, dysfunction, deviance, dangerousness (to self or others), gets in the way of functioning and reacting in healthy, effective ways.

Note: most therapists and psychologists have an intergrated view of the 5 criterias and they should all be considered. The more criterias you fit, the higher the probability of you being mentally ill or having a more severe illness.

Note 2: Certain/unusual circumstances and time/frequency of symptoms also must be considered.