Today is World Suicide Prevention Day, a day where people around the globe can join together in the common goal of helping to save lives. In honor of our official September #GetKind theme, “Mental Health”, we’re challenging you today to look beyond yourself, reach out a hand, and lend support to someone who might need it — even if that someone is you.

Don’t be afraid to share your story with others to help educate and destigmatize the emotional and mental struggles that others work though each day. If we all work together on this #WSPD we can make a much bigger difference.

Let’s #GetKind. 💙

2014 is the year of affirmation. Take the time to affirm the aspects of your life you want to attract, develop or transform.

Right now, I choose to focus on my mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health. The principal theme is balance. I turn to balance in all situations knowing that balance facilitates me in living a harmonious life.

More affirmations here.
May #GetKind: Mental Health Awareness - Random Acts
This month, we're revisiting a topic that's of significant importance to us. May's official #GetKind theme? Mental health awareness.

Over the past few months, Random Acts has partnered up with several amazing organizations and individuals (namely, To Write Love on Her Arms and IMAlive, a crisis chat network), each of whom have made it their mission to raise awareness for mental health issues. For this month’s #GetKind theme, we’ve decided once again to focus on that very same topic, and we want you help us spread the word.

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It’s never overreacting to ask for what you want and need.

Amy Poehler

As our September #GetKind theme, “Mental Health”, draws to close, remember that kindness doesn’t always have to be an outward gesture — sometimes, getting kind for YOU is just as important. Be good to yourself, ask others for a listening ear, or give yourself a quiet evening bundled up with your favorite movie and a mug of tea — you deserve it. 

You are loved.

Art by Emily Morse