Fitness Journey - Week 6 Down

The last couple of weeks I have really been taking it seriously.I’ve been desperate to start seeing some real results and I do believe that it’s finally working. I am very pleased to say that my abs are now showing…I don’t want to get too muscular, but this is definitely a step in the right direction.

I’ve also been juicing a lot for my meals lately….especially for breakfast just because when I wake up in the morning, most days I just don’t feel hungry. I mean only for breakfast do I have this problem, so the past week in particular I just either do a juice meal supplement, or a Boost meal supplement. They really have been helping to get that extra couple of inches on my waist down.

Now last week i know I said all this exercise was helping with my mood and depression/anxiety, however, I had a couple of major setbacks emotionally this past week. One was me having to deal with my old group mates about getting some of the sessions back for a few songs that we did, and it’s been a huge pain. One member is holding all the songs and is being quite stubborn about releasing them to me, when it’s my intellectual property as well as his that we’re talking about here. It really sent me down and it’s been hard work not letting this struggle affect me so much.

The other issue I had last week was with my sister. We’ve been fighting a lot more than usual lately and that always makes me feel terrible simply because she is my best friend and confidant, and when we are not on the same page, everything in my life seems bleak. It’s looking like both of us will be better off if we just don’t live together anymore. I really do not want our relationship to suffer anymore. So these little issues kind of sent me in a downward spiral, but I still stuck with my fitness goals, and even achieved a personal best last night when I dead lifted 145lbs. So yay for me!

I know all this shall pass, and I will keep working my hardest on music and will be releasing music this year if it’s the last thing I do. Also my body will be ON FUCKING POINT! Bet.

Aaaand here’s the smellfie!!

Fitness Journey - Week 3 Down (No Progress)

Sorry for my delay in updating you guys….I had a performance yesterday that I was stressing over, so I didn’t have much time for blogging.

So, I’m not really proud of myself this week, and actually I secretly kind of want to eat the world so that I can gain back the weight that I so undeservedly lost this week. You see guys, I’ve been sick in bed all week with a combination of allergies/fever/sore throat/hangover from hell. My sore throat was so bad this week that I literally could not eat any solid foods for 4 days. So I basically have been surviving on Boost (you know the meal supplement drink). 3 of those a day and now all the fat I wanted to WORK off, just kind of disappeared. I feel like it wasn’t fair. I was actually enjoying watching it slowly melt away. Now I feel like I cheated in a way. 

Here’s the pic for this week:

One thing I can say however, is the back fat has diminished significantly. And that’s one part of my body I knew would be frustrating for me.

Well now that I’m back to good health, I’m heading to the gym now to get back on the workout regimen. Check back with me next week to see some REAL PROGRESS : )


I keep wanting to really fix my diet again - which is odd that its not up to scratch seeing as im studying to be a damn nutritionist - as its really taken a back seat seeing as i'm busybroke and living in the city (good luck getting mixed lettuce that survives more than a day before going brown..). Plus me and my boyfriend broke up (he dumped me - again - and now has turned around and is sorry and wants me back and blah) so its been cheese and wine with my ladies, black coffee and cigarettes with my work friends, vodka and juice with my house mates, and lollies and chocolate with myself in bed on a Sunday watching ‘Lords of Dog Town’.

My version of having some wonderful fresh fruit is eating a god damn orange..

Anyways, i feel that i really need to work on my eating.
Basically diet is responsible for every single thing that goes wrong with your body and now
- im covered in eczema 
- my face is breaking the fuck out
- my hair doesnt stay not-oily for more than two days
- i’m tired as fuck
- and my stomach feels like its got a hole burnt in it

Time to fix this shit.

anonymous asked:

I think harry's wife is going to be smoking hot. Like an actual goddess. He totally deserves a girl like that.

Every girl is a goddess in her own way. Every girl is smoking hot in her own way. Whoever Harry ends up, curvy and on the thicker side or thin and on health-kicks, they obviously are very attractive and lovely to Harry’s eyes. xx

Lately I’ve been seriously miserable and exhausted and in emotional pain and I don’t think it shows to other people but then again I have no idea how I’d show it to people I’m not close to. And there’s a (grounded, I think) fear that if I truly expressed it to anyone I’d burden them with my sorrow and make them have to emotionally comfort me.

For @kuro-kelly, from her AU cinnamon roll!Nozomi with her whipped gf eri also her sweater request. Here you go, I tried to mix it up which might not end up well lol


Oh my god guys do you know how much this means to me? I thought no one really cares about this fic but in the past few day it got a lot notes! I’m still working on the second chapter -since months- and it isn’t easy because health problems and school kicked in so not matter how much I worked it sucked. I wasn’t fine since school started and there were things I didn’t want to talk about online. I was about to quit and write a public apology letter to all that 5 people who have read it… But this kinda gave me hopes and inspiration to finish it ahahah…  So thank you very much to you all for everything… ;w;

Hi there.

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I greatly apologize for my absence these past few months; I was dealing with a lot of personal things that seemed to happen all at once culminating with all of my mental health related things literally kicking my ass, for lack of better wording.

But I’m okay now, I think. Or, at the very least, I’m getting there. I’m in therapy, and I’ve started taking medication as-needed, both of which have done a world of wonders for me. 

So I’ve decided to come back. I understand if some of you are mad at me for leaving this blog for a while. I was mad at myself for a while there. But I do hope that you all give me a chance again. I’ve missed writing for you guys; you guys, who got me through some of the hard times before I even knew I was having hard times. I miss our conversations, I miss the sweet messages and the feedback, the much-needed critiquing on my imagines and one-shots. 

I missed you guys, and I hope you missed me too. 

So please, feel free to send me requests. I write for literally anything and everything, including musicals, movies, TV shows and books. Send me messages if you want. Pop in and say ‘hi,’ or ask for advice. 

Thank you for believing in me and giving me another chance.