Bernie Sanders perfectly sums up why the GOP’s health care bill failed

  • On Friday, the Republicans pulled their health care bill from the floor, just minutes before their second scheduled vote in as many days, signaling once and for all that the GOP replacement for Obamacare is dead.
  • Though Trump was quick to blame Democrats for the failure, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders was quick to offer a rebuttal, calling the defeat a “major victory” to the regular people who stood up in opposition to the bill and proclaiming that, “[t]he bill’s defeat shows Americans won’t accept huge tax breaks for billionaires while 24 million people are kicked off health insurance.” Read more.
Break-up Novella.



I’m not 100% on this specific part of the Break-Up Novella bit I felt like I needed a filler part in between Parts 3 and 5. I promise you, Part 5 will be filled and it’ll be better and we’ll see their relationship really get better. There may or may not be a cheeky smut scene at the end, as well as the cutest scene I think I’ve ever written in my life. 

I’m really iffy on this part, so, I apologise in the horrendous flow. I really tried to work through it, I can promise you, haha. Chances are, I will come back to this a really re-do it to fit the novella properly. I lost all inspiration for this section and I’m so unsure as to why. I think I’ve just been SO excited to write the final part because I hate it when the missus and Harry fight because I just love them and I’m rooting for them SO hard… :(((

Enjoy! xx

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even more gorillaz headcanons
  • they tried to get noodle to eat brussels sprouts when she was little and they went on a health kick. she didn’t understand what they were called and thought they were called russel sprouts. to this day brussels sprouts are referred to as russel sprouts by everyone in the band and this is just an accepted phrase now. whenever they pass the produce aisle someone inevitably yells “hey russel!” and holds up a brussels sprout when he looks over (at least, 2d and noodle do. murdoc tends to just chuck a brussels sprout at russ’s head from all the way across the aisle and then pretend it wasn’t him.) 
  • they all love the beatles so much. they tend to play beatles songs to warm up before practice; can’t buy me love was a favorite of noodle’s when she was little because 2d would dance with her and swing her around during the instrumental part while they sang. i want to hold your hand is also a popular one because during the bridge — “and when i touch you i feel happy inside” — 2d and noodle go all fake-sentimental and dramatically sigh and swoon all over the room. usually they sing to russ and get him to clasp their hands during this part or stroke murdoc’s face dramatically (he always pushes them away but he’s laughing.) one of the first songs murdoc learned was blackbird and he tends to play it to himself in his room when he’s alone, singing quietly. he taught it to noodle when she was really young and caught him singing it and even now, sometimes they’ll sit in the studio with their guitars singing blackbird together — it’s their thing. 

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HThyHerbal starters! (Please be aware of the fact I’m still very new to herbalism myself!)

Starter herbs; always remember to start with the simpler to grow, easier to use and cost effective herbs. They are just as brilliant as any other herbs!
- Lavender
- Oregano
- Chives
- Sage
- Thyme
- Basil
- Lemon Balm
- Mint

Starter books; the best way to learn and understand the varsity and intensity that herbalism has to offer you is to hit the books, go to your library and ask them if they have herbalism books the older the better. Read gardening books, and also go to farmers markets if you can they have heaps of cheap books that are packed with information.
-Rosemary Gladstar’s - A Beginners Guide to Herbal Medicine.
-Rosemary Gladstar’s - Herbal Recipes for Vibrant Health.
-Paul Beyerl’s - The Master Book of Herbalism
(Although this one is very magickal as well)
-Simon Mills - Dictionary of Modern Herbalism
-The Royal Horticultural Society’s Encyclopedia of Herbs.
(This one’s great for herbalists who are gardening as well.)

Handy Hints: When beginning herbalism you may think you’ll have it mastered a lot sooner than you will but don’t stress because really it’s not a topic you can master. Just remember to always aim for further learning, read more books, do more trial and error, make more remedies and always stay positive about it. 

There are so many topics to learn; diagnosis, understanding the human body and how to treat it’s issues, understanding how to grow, harvest and store herbs, dosages, remedies etc. The best way to learn all this stuff is to just do it however you please. Don’t spend hours and days stuck on the one part of something. Just study all different topics and bits and pieces, it’s all about how you organize your informations. Keep a folder/book for each category. (Herbal properties and warnings book/folder, herbal remedy and dosage books, growing, harvesting and storing herb books.) This is an easy way to keep yourself interested and build a solid guideline that you can easily go back to whenever some information slips away! 


We Got Friday Nights

A little friends to lovers drabble/one shot for @thesschesthair​ cos she likes them and she is awesome!

also on and ao3

When your best friend is gorgeous, smart and one of the most decent people you’d ever met, it makes sense that people would think you were a couple. Of course every time this happened to Killian Jones and Emma Swan they’d laugh it off and say there was no chance that anything like that could ever happen.

They were friends - for almost five years - and they quite liked it that way.

Only one time, she had seriously considered it.

They were in the middle of this health kick - running a few times a week after Emma had almost collapsed chasing a skip up a fire escape. Killian had offered to run with her - it wasn’t safe for her to be running around on her own, he’d said - she’d rolled her eyes and reminded him that she could take care of herself and that Storybrooke was hardly the crime capital of New England. He’d still insisted on joining her.

One Saturday he’d knocked on her apartment door, too early for the sun even to have peeked over the horizon. The park was deserted as they pounded the trails in companionable silence until it began to rain. A fine mist at first, it quickly graduated into a heavy downpour with large, freezing drops saturating them in seconds as they raced to the cover of the trees.

Killian laughed when she slipped in the mud, his hands coming up to her waist to halt her fall -  they were warm, even through her soaked t-shirt. He was close enough she could really appreciate those damn blue eyes of his that never saw him leave a bar without at least one phone number (wanted or not). His hair had fallen over those eyes. She’d told him a dozen times to cut it and he always just shrugged. Water dripped down those silky tendrils, drizzling across his cheek. Dazed, she’d stared at his perfect face.

For a second, she’d forgotten who he was ( her best friend ) and why they’d never been more than that (she didn’t do relationships or men in general, he just didn’t do commitment). For a moment he was just a handsome, perfect guy who she was very attracted to… so she reached up and brushed away the rogue strands, her fingers sliding down his cheek, reluctant to break the contact. It was okay- just for that moment - to let herself get lost in the smile he gave her and to imagine what it would be like to kiss those lips and for those hands to tighten at her waist and draw her close.

They’d hugged a thousand times. But that was different, because he was her friend and every hug they shared was devoid of that pulling tension she felt right then. Warmth radiated from him as the rain tumbled through the pine trees. She let herself daydream for a few perilous moments about a “them” - a dream of cozy dates and tangled limbs and kisses and-

Then, of course, reality kicked in. The rain vanished, the sun replacing it in the blink of an eye. He’d tugged on her shoulder, rousing her out of the dream as he asked her if she was ready to head back. She’d smiled and nodded, avoiding his gaze until her feet found that rhythm again on the mossy footpaths, each step pushing that idea further away.

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I keep wanting to really fix my diet again - which is odd that its not up to scratch seeing as im studying to be a damn nutritionist - as its really taken a back seat seeing as i'm busybroke and living in the city (good luck getting mixed lettuce that survives more than a day before going brown..). Plus me and my boyfriend broke up (he dumped me - again - and now has turned around and is sorry and wants me back and blah) so its been cheese and wine with my ladies, black coffee and cigarettes with my work friends, vodka and juice with my house mates, and lollies and chocolate with myself in bed on a Sunday watching ‘Lords of Dog Town’.

My version of having some wonderful fresh fruit is eating a god damn orange..

Anyways, i feel that i really need to work on my eating.
Basically diet is responsible for every single thing that goes wrong with your body and now
- im covered in eczema 
- my face is breaking the fuck out
- my hair doesnt stay not-oily for more than two days
- i’m tired as fuck
- and my stomach feels like its got a hole burnt in it

Time to fix this shit.

THE most delicious veggie deli board I’ve had since coming home to Oxford for the summer (Manchester’s Bakerie does amazing vegan boards). I had this at a little pub and it was just so good and nutritious. It was green tomato, beetroot puree, humus, goats cheese mouse, raw sugar snaps, raw carrots, raw broccoli, a fresh radish salad & two pieces of  seeded wholemeal bread which unfortunately i couldn’t have due to being gluten-free (hence the nibble on the edge of my bread as my family gladly helped me out).

recently my own mental health has been kicking my ass pretty bad, and I thought I would make a post about the different techniques I use to try and get myself back up off the ground.

1) just start.
the hardest part about studying when your mental health is acting up is just finding the energy to start. get yourself into a place that you feel comfy and safe, whether it’s a library or a special corner or your room and just try to bite the bullet. I know this is easier said than done, but I promise this is probably the biggest hurdle you need to leap. just do what you need to do.

2) find your own safe space for studying
for me, it’s very hard to study in my room/when i’m home because i’m tempted to take naps or paint or play music or do something else. if I know I have lots of work to do, i usually go straight to my local coffee shop right after school so i’m not tempted to slow down when i get home. that way, i’m in a place that doesn’t allow me to get majorly distracted AND i can get myself some food or coffee to keep me motivated. if you need absolute silence or can’t study with lots of movement around, a library is your best option; however, wherever you feel best is a good bet.

3) build yourself (or find) a playlist
certain music can really help me get out of a bad mindset and into one that allows me to study easily. If you have certain songs you listen to to make yourself feel better, throw those in with some relaxing piano. My personal favorite is listening to the OST’s of my childhood video games and Studio Ghibli soundtracks. Spotify also has a few playlists for studying in whatever genre you’re looking for.

4) stay hydrated
i’m sorry i know this is on literally every masterpost for mental health but it’s for a good reason. I’m not expecting you to slam 70 oz of water every day and be a picture perfect studyblr with a water tracker app on their phone. if you notice yourself feeling shitty or sluggish, even a sip of something (even if it’s not water if it isn’t available) will help in the long run. 

5) eat something. anything
the same goes for food: i’m going to be real with you and tell you that a very small percentage of people actually eat avocado toast or fruity granola shit in the morning. I don’t even eat breakfast myself, but i structure my day so that i’m constantly snacking throughout the day. even if all you can manage is some crackers, it’s a good start. 

6) set up structured breaks
i use the app Tide (it’s a pomodoro timer) and i set up studying as 25 minutes of work with a 5 minute break in between. it’s completely free (score) and you can customize both the work length times and break times. it also offers different white noise options like “ocean” and “forest” if a music playlist isn’t for you. if all you can put in is 50 minutes of work with 20 minute breaks in between, at least it’s something you didn’t have done before.

7) prioritize
if you’re running low on energy, find the one or two things you NEED to have done. tomorrow is a new day, and it’s possible you may be felling better. for me, I have both BPD and depression, so my mood and energy swing back and forth day by day. if I feel terrible one night, sometimes the next night I feel like I can fight the world. obviously i’m not sure what situation you’re in, but don’t push yourself to finish things that aren’t immediately due if you really don’t feel good. 

i hope some of these help! if you know of anything that helps you study with your mental illness, shoot me a message and I can add it here!

It’s a little silly, but hey pulling from my own life of trying to get away from ‘fake food’ haha! Enjoy @amanda-teaches!!

“Dude do you even care what you put in your body?”

“No, I read ‘pie’, the rest is just blah blah blah.”

Sam threw up his hands as they headed to the car. “I though you’d promised Y/N that you were going to cool it with the junk food for a bit?”

“Yeah, well she’s not here is she?” Dean kept the bag close as they pulled out of the lot. “I get you two have bonded over this whole health food kick, but really, I can’t deal with this no pie deal.”

“When did she say ‘no pie’? I’m pretty sure it’s just the processed crap, which is exactly what that is. You can make pie without chemicals Dean.”

“Yeah, whatever, I believe it when I see it or taste it even! How is it good without the crap?!”

Sam let the subject drop, he knew Y/N was planning on making a pie with more ‘friendly’ ingredients for when they arrived home.

“So, still convinced you need all the ‘blah blah blah’ in there babe?”

“Okay, okay! I guess not, this was…this was amazing sweetheart.” Dean pulled Y/N into his lap and attacked her neck with kisses.

“Ha ha, well good maybe we can give your insides a rest if you’re willing to keep trying what I make.”

“If it’s as good as this and I’m not eating only salad, I’ll try whatever you want.”

“Are you going to thank me like this every time too?”


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Waiting for Emily (Sanvers at Dinner)

Maggie doesn’t say much, and Alex lets her stew.

She lets her because she knows Maggie isn’t into the whole talking thing anyway.

She lets her because Maggie changed three separate times before settling on one of Alex’s sweaters, and she lets her because she’s been off all day, and she lets her because she looks at the door every single time it opens with equal parts relief and terror when it’s not Emily.

And Alex isn’t used to seeing Maggie terrified.

Not even when they’re fighting back-to-back against assassins who’d like to see them both skewered. (Alex being held at gun point is the exception. She still has nightmares about how scared Maggie had looked.)

But she looks scared, tonight, and so Alex lets her stew.

She lets her stew while she feeds her small talk about her and J’onn’s latest training sessions with Winn, “because honestly that boy needs to be able to do more than wield a stapler at someone if he’s gonna be out in the field,” about Pam from HR’s latest scoop on whether Theresa from accounting is leaning in the sapphic direction, about Kara’s latest health-food kick with Lena.

The benign topics are a nice break from the heaviness of their days, their lines of work; the benign topics make Maggie crack small smiles, make Maggie hold Alex’s hand instead of wringing her own.

“You look absolutely beautiful, you know,” Alex tells her at some point, because lord almighty, she does.

Maggie just shakes her head, and Alex squints.

But she lets it go. For now.

She doesn’t ask. For now.

Because Maggie doesn’t talk until she’s ready.

And Alex isn’t going to push.

For now.

But she might, soon.

Because Maggie looks like she might break, soon.

And Alex cares too much for her – loves her too much – to let that happen.

So she lets her sit and she lets her stew and she lets her listen to Alex’s DEO gossip until it’s forty-five minutes later and Maggie and Emily apparently used to fight about Emily’s distaste for parking regulations and Alex hates her, she hates her, she hates her, because who tells someone they don’t deserve to be happy?

She tries to tell her on the drive home.

“You know she was wrong, Maggie. Don’t you?”

“Alex, I told you, it’s whatever, it – “

“It’s not whatever, Maggie – “

“Danvers. Drop it. Please.”

Alex takes a deep breath and Alex does. For now.

For now.

For now.

wampus headcannons

- movie nights, they watch really bad or really old movies on a projector for everyone to see

- quoting corny lines and throwing popcorn at the screen

- making fun of the special effects and doing voice overs

- action movies are a must but the really popular ones are the movies that end up making everyone cry

- the entire wampus house has a soft spot for pixar and disney movies

-  “what’s the plural of wampus?” asks a fifth year in potions “can this wait till after class” “sorry professor, i need to know right now, im having an identity crisis”

- a few of the wampus students are really big softies especially the scary looking ones, odds are the more terrifying they look the sweeter they are

- they hoard girl scout cookies, thin mints and caramel delights are left out in the library so the other houses can have a snack while studying

- very body positive, it they see someone body shaming they immediately step in and kick some ass

- motorcycles aren’t allowed on campus but “if its flying it technically isn’t on school grounds professor”

- the short sweet looking wampus students are the most dangerous, they’re the ones who watch out for their more naive housemates and make sure they don’t get into any trouble

- sometimes a little reckless, there was a parkour phase that ended a little messy, their pukwudgie friends had to knock some sense back into them

- they tried petitioning the school for a jungle gym

- “wanna race to class” *other person already started running*

- “if you don’t want to play quidditch then, tag your it”

- after being caught running in the halls by a head boy “aren’t you a little too old for tag” “no and neither are you, tag your it” and the students run away laughing as the head boy chases after them

-  some of the wampus students like going on health kicks “my body is a temple” 

- “good for you, now pass the fucking gravy” some of the other wampus students don’t care about things like that

- they manage to get pizza from somewhere outside of the school and refuse to tell the other houses how they did it, however they don’t mind sharing

- that one wampus that wakes up before the sun rises to go jogging

- majority of them sleep in till the afternoon on the weekends

- “im in the house of warriors, im scary, right?” a first year asks an older housemate “terrifying” not really

- they can get out of hand on occassion, fights are not uncommon and bloody fists are not unsurprising but the entire house is usually stronger afterwards

The remaining “Loud House” episode titles for Season 2 has popped up!

(They are also have been verified!)

Future episodes with confirmed plots

“Kick the Bucket List”:  Lincoln and Clyde’s plans to spend the spring holiday are turned upside-down when they have only one day to complete all the activities on their activities list.

“Party Down”:  Lori manages to successfully throw a party, but all of her invited guests are unable to come due to their plans.

Others with plots TBA

“Fed Up”

“Shell Shocked”

“Pets Peeved”

“Pulp Friction”

“Potty Mouth”

“L is For Love”

“Relative Chaos” (30 minute episode!)

“Out of the Picture”

“Room with a Feud”

“Back Out There”

“Spell It Out”

“Fools’ Paradise”

“Job Insecurity”

“Arrgh You For Real”

“Garage Banned”

“Change of Heart”

“Health Kicked”

“Lynn-er Takes All”

“Future Tense”


“Friend Or Faux”

“No Laughing Matter”


“No Spoilers”

“Mall of Duty”