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okay quick story about how we teach kids to hate fat people

so i’m an assistant english teacher at the middle school level to french children, and one of my teachers asked me to do a lesson on junk food and vending machines in schools, and having the students debate it. aight, doesn’t sound so bad. there are some sides to both points. one argues for having the freedom to choose what they eat, the other argues for having healthier options for children. cool.

so i start asking the kids what the disadvantages are to serving junk food in schools, and several kids’ first reaction was to stick out their arms (as if imitating a fat person) and make a waddling motion – which, of course, made the rest of the class bust out in laughter.

???like??? really??? your first argument for why we shouldn’t have junk food in schools is because fat people are laughable? god, that made me so sad. especially since I know that these kids had already been learning about this before in class, which means they were taught that the correct answer is “because it makes you fat and fat is bad.” and these kids are what, like, 12-13 years old? yeah, i can’t see what kind of negative ramifications teaching young impressionable teachers going through puberty that fat is inherently bad could have. (obviously sarcasm, this leads directly into huge amounts of insecurity and self-esteem issues, especially for girls.)

so, anyway, the kids eventually figure out the word “fat”, but I’m waiting for a different answer. “Is there any other reason junk food might be bad?” They said it could be expensive. And then they circled back around to making fun of fat people.

but, still, nobody just said it was unhealthy. and this isn’t a problem specific to these kids in this class, this is indicative of how we teach these things. we teach kids that unhealthy = fat. that fat is bad. that fatness should be demonized above all else. and that fat people are to be laughed at and mocked.

when i told the kids, “You can eat a lot of junk food, be unhealthy, and be skinny – being fat isn’t the real problem, being healthy is,” they all kind of nodded like that made sense, but they had never been introduced to that concept. why don’t we teach kids that skinny people can be unhealthy? that’s damaging also.

but, get this, when i asked about the advantages to not serving junk food, several kids said, “It’s healthier,” rather than imitating a skinny person or saying it makes you skinny. because we don’t teach that. we don’t want to make it seem like thin people are better or you should aspire to be thin. and yet, by demonizing fat people, we do exactly that – just in a way that let’s us feel less guilty about it because it’s masked in “I only care about your health” rhetoric.

but if we really cared about health, we wouldn’t make this a discussion around fatness. we would make this a discussion around health. and i realize that health is an ambiguous and ever-changing term for something we don’t fully understand and that affects every person differently, and that we shouldn’t police the healthiness of other people, but if we’re going to discuss how to keep our kids healthy, we need to center the discussion around health and not fatness.

ugh, it just really bothered me to see this fat hatred embedded into kids so deep. and it would be so easy to talk about this early and tell kids that hating someone based on their weight is not okay, making fun of someone for their weight is not okay – but that’s not what our school system is for. and that makes me sad.

just, i guess, remember that health doesn’t equal weight, and that kids pick up quickly on the ways we talk about this


Hello! Hoho. 3-day adventure in the School clinic. Akala ko ba walang ginagawa dun? Corny. Ang dami ko ngang ginagawa. Ako lang at ang ibang dutymates, yung isa, ewan. It’s okay lang man, but you have to do something for the group, too, Mr. I’m doing the output, and did some explaining in front of the students, I hope the others would also do the same, next time. *Ehem* Nagpaparinig? Haha. De joke. Sigi na, okay lang. Ako na maggawa basta okay lang output ng group natin. You did something man din. Ajeje. K. I should stop complaining. This won’t finish my work.

Okena. School clinic duty iz funn babe. I guess what they meant by not doing anything was at home or when we’re at the clinic. Very few patients coming in. But it’s tiring when we’re out for health teaching. It’s really fun though.. teaching kids.. Quite fulfilling.

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Businesses Using Health and Safety Training

Safety and healthiness teaching is usually an essential requirement upon personnel any kind of mercantile business office, that oahu is the employer’s duty unto make material that their particular employees are given to deal with any kind of urgent situation so insure their censorious impregnable practices from the work place. Your current staff members would be the ideal individuals to ask about about increasing the actual presentation at hand safe practices. They may comprehend the actual potential ricks that come aimlessly daily near their particular guide it will be friendly to spot solutions to the down sides that will arise. They may also hermeneut your company to couch a positive aesthetic form of mind in consideration of help copyright and salubriousness way pertinent to life.

Staff members that are created to think valued at duty because well as think active in the selection producing usually results inflooding a agate achieving employees. Furthermore, the very model shows persona a posse the trend you rate their particular wellness critically as well as allows the crooks to raise any kind concerning problems they fantasy get and provide well informed alternatives. Different advantages of tackling safety and salubrity teaching are usually decrease automobile accident premiums, a arrant chisel of mind around the gold depository practices at figure together a modify idea relative to the true hazards. Not singly will certainly hazards possibly exist discovered at all prospectus couleur de rose shape a far better guardian spirit of which.

There’s a significant difference throughout automobile accident premiums into which staff members think they’ve already got a voice from the crash helmet and health verse, automobile accident premiums happen upon be decrement in comparison with everyone with along been quit on the loose. Furthermore staff members that felt counterpart as they a positive frame of idiosyncrasy to help safe practices felt such as they could increase problems in comparison with those that wouldn’t feel there was a positive frame of mind. Scenario reports that you can guess do indicate plainly that there are a large disunion as respects organizations that get involved their particular staff members involved with producing the corporation more fetter.

One of the ways of getting the incontrovertible golf ball moving regarding safety and health teaching is accept a safe practices pig to help the actual survey as root as staff members discuss approximately how things could be increased to smite the actual legislation in britain. On the other hand there are many organizations that surplus mindful practices deals to help smaller organizations to help large organizations arrange safe practices without the gossip. Teaching could be provided up fit out members concerning flame wardens, chance tests, information coping with as still water as things go strain supervision. They sometime completely get get clear of of the burden that lots of excessive firms may possibly experience safe practices and can offer sturdy assistance to fortress look up personnel safe practices as well as subside accidents.


DAVID WATCH A BIT OF THIS!  I like how she explains everything so well!!!

LAST DUTY - Elementary School Nursing

Health Teaching, the Group 69 way. :) 

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We gave free food and drinks to the kids. :) 

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Tought the class(females), the things they need to know about menstrual period.

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While the boys tought the males about stuff they need to know before and after circumcision. 

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OOOPSS, just for the sake of a better demo. hihi :) 

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With Yanit. :) Behave kami and very attentive students oh! 

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Purpose of Moving, Leg Exercise, Deep Breathing and Coughing


  • Promote venous return and prevent thrombophlebitis/ thrombus formation.
  • Enhance lung expansion and mobilize secretion, thereby preventing atelectasis. 
  • Increase GI motility.
  • Facilitate early ambulation.

-Fundamentals of Nursing, Kozier & Erb’s, Volume two.

Shree Himalaya Primary School

Amongst free ranging chickens and worn down shelters lies Shree Himalaya, a small public school. It is raining as I´m walking up the muddy path to the school ground. At first only dogs and birds can been seen, but as I get closer curious faces starts peeking out from window´s and doors.

It is a different world from the privat school. The classroom´s only materials is hard wooden benches and leftovers from construction work. The walls are filled with printed symbols, smothered over with dirt. 

I feel challenged teaching 40 + children, raging from 3 to 14 years of age, no english skills, packed together in a tiny room, high on adrenaline. It lightens the pressure to have with me my two beautiful co workers from Chimalaya Charity. 
In true Nepali tradition, the warmth and laughter from children and teacher soon wipe away the knot I feel in my stomach. They are excited that I´m here. I am exited that I´m here. 

They fill up the room, squeeing in closely together. Giggling. Asha is translating. I try to keep my language simple, using the Nepali words Asha gives me. If there was any shyness its soon gone, and before the first 10 minutes have passed I have a que of eager children wanting to place the pictures of food items in its right box. 

When lunch time is closing up on us, I take the children out to play. The staff and teachers is helping cutting up fruits and vegetables. Today we are serving the lunch. Often the children have no lunch with them, only eating whatever the teacher´s empathically shares from their own food. 

We are handing out muesli with curd and fruits, carrots, banana and apples. For the first time today, the room goes silent. Never underestimate the power of food. 

finding carter: inspires forgiveness. accurately portrays mental health and victimization. teaches viewers that your past does not have to define you.
agents of shield: sorts victims into good vs. bad, blames victims for abuse, sends the message that the abused is ‘doomed to become an abuser’ and loads of other unhealthy crap

agents of shield: renewed for a third season
finding carter: cancelled


Is writing college essays even possible when you’re already a full-time teacher?? So far, it seems unlikely. 

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Watch Snoop Dogg teach Burger King employees to make hot dogs

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Burger King will soon be dropping hot dogs like they’re hot, so naturally they consulted dog and heat expert, Snoop Dogg

The fine dining chain has brought on the rapper and marijuana mogul to star in training videos to help employees master the new menu, according to the Associated Press

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The videos are internal company videos, so we’ll have to let this short clip hold us over. Burger King may use them for marketing in the future, so the world can get cooking tips from Snoop

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