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hi edye! just a small question, i saw a studyblr quote post thing today and it was "i dont stop when i'm tired, i stop when i'm done". i'm just wondering if you would consider this a good way to be or do you disagree and if you have any advice i'd be grateful, thanks x

This is a great question! Okay *takes deep breath* the short answer is by and large, NO, I think it’s actually a really unhealthy mentality and it’s one of the things that’s most distressing to me about students’ mentalities today.

Let’s discuss the argument FOR this being a healthy mentality. If you are a student who struggles with procrastination, and you define “tired” as “lazy/not wanting to deal/wanting to procrastinate” then yes, sometimes it’s important to push past the part of you that’s “tired” and finish the job. And inevitably, we are ALL going to have to pull an all-nighter. For example, once I hit finals week, I was up til 3 am for three nights in a row (0/10 would recommend! I made poor choices), finishing my stats project. In that case, yes, I had to stop when I was done and not when I was tired or else I would have completely screwed myself over even more.

Now let’s discuss my primary argument AGAINST this being a healthy mentality. I went on a rant to my dad about this and I was like, “oh, so don’t stop when you’re tired, stop when you’re done, and having a mental breakdown and depressed and sleep deprived and experiencing panic attacks and developing low self esteem and judging yourself by your grades and unhealthy?”

THIS IS WHY so many students hit high school and fall to pieces. Because they feel that they MUST continually push themselves past “tiredness” (aka your body and mind TELLING you that you need a break so you can function) just because they can’t stop until they’re done.

Let me make some points:
1. If you are struggling with a class and this is the only way you can achieve work, you gotta talk to the teacher or a counselor about more efficient study skills or consider switching to another class. You should not be having to push yourself to exhaustion over one course.
2. If anything, we underestimate our body’s communication signals, particularly under stress. So if you realize you’re tired, YOU ARE TIRED. You are mentally burned out, so you aren’t even going to be able to produce your best work, and you are PHYSICALLY burned out too. You’ll get sick more easily, you’ll feel like shit, and it’ll be a total mess.
3. If you need something done, it’s MUCH healthier to LISTEN to your body and take a nap or go to bed early, and wake up early to finish what needs to be finished.
4. PRIORITIZE. My friend wrote down the percentage grade breakdown for each class, and hung it above his desk, so whenever he was running short on time or sleep, he could prioritize and invest the most energy into work that was worth a higher percentage of his grade. Triage, my friends. If you must compromise, then do what’s the most important, and go to sleep.

This mentality creates students who are stressed out, constantly pressuring themselves, always feeling two steps behind, and frankly reaching a point of abusing their own minds and bodies.

90% of the time, STOP when you are tired. Be GOOD to yourself. You wouldn’t stand behind a friend who’s falling asleep or crying over homework, cracking a whip and chanting “don’t stop when you’re tired, stop when you’re done!!!!” SO FOR GOD’S SAKE DON’T DO THAT TO YOURSELF.

You are nothing without your mental and physical health. NOTHING. If you jeopardize your health because you’re trying to follow some stupid mentality to be a Good Student and Get Work Done, it’s eventually going to catch up to you.

If you find this quote inspiring and by following this “rule” you end up working harder, producing better work, and feeling BETTER about yourself and your health, great. But if this quote makes you feel like when you’re wavering on hour three of studying, when you’ve gotten 5 hours of sleep and you’re sick, when you don’t have the energy to leave the house, when you think you’re worthless because you got a B, you should STILL KEEP GOING, then that is frankly horrible.

I do not believe that this is good advice. I think everything should be in moderation, and that the study skills that should be advocated are “I don’t stop when I’m DISCOURAGED, I stop when I’m pleased with my work / I’ve finished / I’m successful / I’m proud or confident” where it focuses on emotion and self efficacy. Essentially swapping out health and achievement like that is destructive, inappropriate, and potentially detrimental to the young impressionable students out there trying to develop good study habits.

At a Zodiac Sleepover, the Signs are...

Aries- pranking an unsuspecting victim

Taurus- making a fort to sleep in

Gemini- trying to stay up all night

Cancer- making the snacks

Leo- telling everyone a funny story

Virgo- talking about crushes

Libra- swapping health/beauty tips

Scorpio- trying to scare the crap out of their friends

Sagittarius- starting a game of man hunt

Capricorn- bugging you for your wifi password

Aquarius- pulling out the ouiji board

Pisces-falling asleep first

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wow nobody saw this coming on halailah dot tumblr dot com

Their ringtones for each other: Arya set Gendry’s to something annoying as a prank and he never changed it.

Their FB relationship status: In a relationship. They post cute animal videos on each other’s timelines and it’s gross.

Whether they are addicted to couples selfies: Arya loves taking pictures of them. Gendry pretends he hates it but he totally doesn’t. Mostly they take selfies doing things/going places, not just sitting around.

Which of their friends is over-joyed shipper trash that they are together: HOT PIE.

Who overshares intimate relationship details: Oh god Arya has no filter whatsoever. Gendry’s horrified.

Who steals the other’s clothes: Please imagine Arya absolutely swamped in one of Gendry’s sweatshirts. It’s good for your health. (Also: that sweater swap scene with April and Andry from Parks & Rec)

Who’s the PDA fan: Arya usually initiates it. Gendry doesn’t object.

Who proposes: GENDRY

AgeofDragon Iron Bull Tank

With my Dragon Age game finally and properly redownloaded, I took a look at Bull so I could see why he was my unstoppable force. So here is my Iron Bull build, which this only my current build and I have not finished the game so I might not have the “highest” level stuff for him even.

Swift Greataxe w/Superb Corrupting Rune:

  • 385DPS (291AoE)
  • 16% Armor Penetration
  • +2 Constitution (Dense Two-Handed Haft) 
    • [Important as this affects Health, plus it brings his Constitution to 15, giving a total bonus +2.5% to Melee defense]
  • +12 Strength (Masterwork Bladed Pommel)
    • [Important for Attack, bring his Strength to 59 and giving him an extra 24.5% to his hit accuracy and 49% to Guard Damage.
  • 9% Critical Chance
  • 32% Critical Damage

Masterwork Battlemaster Armor: 

  • 258AR
  • 9% Heal Bonus
  • +45 Maximum Health (Superior Vanguard Mail Arms)
  • 11% Melee Defense
  • 19% Ranged Defense (Battlemaster Coat Legs)
  • +15 Increase on Stamina from Masterwork


  • Enhanced Belt of Urgency (Moderate Boost to Attack Speed, when below 50% Health)
    • sometimes swapped out with Superior Belt of Melee Defense (10% Defense) for harder fights
  • Enhanced Rampage Ring (30% Duration)
  • Superb Ring of Barrier Penetration (%20 Damage)
  • Kitty’s Collar (-100% Damage Resistance, Block One Melee Attack every 30 sec., 75% Chance to Heal to Half Health when Dying, Resist Leathal Strikes Every 60 sec.)

Preferred: Devour, Ring of Pain, War Cry
Enabled: Everything, but Rampage

Not on Bull, but on Sera. I have her Defending Iron Bull.

So yeah, it’s safe to say that it was the Kitty Collar that was pumping him up and making him undead, invincible Bull.

Rough Notes [PBE]


Pushing to the PBE sometime tonight or tomorrow. Going to throw up a really rough changelist of the subtle stuff. I’m going to take the time to call out more subtle things that are harder to notice and give much less detail about the really obvious stuff.

These are really rough patch notes and we are highly interested in heavily iterating on a lot of these. For example, I’d love to hear your suggestions for what cool Dragon bonuses could be - and I know we’re still heavily iterating on the Jungle.


I’m going really light on context in this post because this isn’t an official patch notes - I just wanted to get a good list of details out there so you guys have some inkling of what’s going on when the stuff gets deployed to PBE.

As usual, if you have questions, feel free to ask but try to keep it in this thread if possible.

Fountain Regeneration

Improving feel of regeneration in fountain

  1. Fountain Regeneration now heals for 25% of the amount healed on live but ticks 4 times as fast.

Stat Growth Per Level
Champion base stats and stat growth per level adjusted to help reduce the impact of early level advantages

  1. Roughly, characters will start the game with an additional 68% of their per level statistic compared to live.
  2. Each level, characters will gain from 72 to 128% of their per level statistic compared to live, totalling to 1700% of your per level statistic.

Bounty Changes
With Stats Growth Per Level changes, early advantages are somewhat diminished - thus removing the unpopular gold rubberbanding mechanic from S4 to compensate for the new system of stats growth

  1. Kill gold is no longer reduced before 4 minutes.
  2. Gold gained from Assists now scales from 25% to 50% over the first 210 seconds of the game.

Death Timers
Shifting Death Timers to be longer based on level for a larger portion of the game to give a team on the backfoot an uptime advantage

  1. Death Timers now increase by 2% every 30 seconds starting at 35 minutes, rather than 2% every 60 seconds starting at 25 minutes.

Towers have received some changes to change both tower feel and to simplify the calculus involved in determining your damage to a tower

Inner Towers have been given some anti-split push / anti-siege potential. Inhibitor Towers have been given more ramp-up to make it easier to defend against single targets

  1. Towers no longer gain Armor and Magic Resistance over time, but they still gain Attack Damage.
  2. Tower Armor and Magic Resistance have been normalized to 100.
  3. Tower HP has been set to the following:
    Outer: 2000 Health
    Inner: 2000 Health
    Inhibitor: 2500 Health
    Nexus: 2000 Health
  4. Inner Towers have a new mechanic - Shielding:
    Inner Towers have a shield protecting them that regenerates after 60 seconds of not taking damage.
    While the shield holds, nearby champions gain a moderate shield as well.
  5. Inhibitor Towers have a new mechanic - Beam:
    Inhibitor Towers attack their target continuously, up to 4 times a second.
    Inhibitor Towers slowly ramp their damage from 100% to 260% over the course of 6.5 seconds.
    Inhibitor Towers slowly ignore their targets armor from 40% to 100% over the course of 6.5 seconds.
    Ramp is reset when Inhibitor Towers change targets.
  6. Base Tower regeneration reduced to 5 hp/5 from 15 hp/5

Simplifying Minion Math as well as removing the ability for resistance penetration to increase wave clear power

  1. Minions no longer gain Armor and Magic Resistance
  2. Minions gain increased maximum Health at a rate roughly comparable to the old resistance bonuses such that their effect HP is the same.

Homefield Advantage
Wanted to give the defending team an advantage in their base and remove other rubberbanding mechanics

  1. While a character is in their own base, they receive a movement speed and minor resistance bonus.

Inhibitor Respawn
Removing this rubberbanding mechanic as the base buff seems to accomplish the same thing while not dragging the game out artificially

  1. Inhibitors respawn timers increased to 300 seconds from 240.

Blue Buff
Blue Buff, acquired ealy, can lead to some unbreakable siege scenarios. With two buffs, this siege power can extend to 100% uptime. Wanted to reduce the duration on the buff a bit rather than attack the power of it to shorten some extended sieging scenarios

  1. Blue Buff duration reduced to 120 seconds from 150.

Red Buff
Blue buff is incredibly broad in application as it is used to dominate lane and contribute to clearing minions in wave clear, while red buff has some in-combat advantages - we wanted to give red buff some kind of role to play in a siege to give greater rewards to controlling the map before a siege

  1. Grants you 1% of your maximum Health every 5 seconds.
  2. Duration reduced to 120 seconds from 150.
  3. Slow reduced to 5-10% / 8-15% for ranged / melee characters from 5-15% / 8-24%
  4. Burn damage rescaled to 5-56 damage per second from 10-44 damage
  5. Burn damage now applies to Towers

New Powerup: Still Waters
Adding a pickup to the lanes after 20 minutes to add some incentive to visit this area in the mid and late game, as well as provide some split pushing power

  1. In the top and bottom lanes, at the entrance to river, a powerup will spawn beginning at 20 minutes and every 3 minutes thereafter.
  2. This buff confers:
    +50 out of combat movement speed.
    Standing Still for 0.5 seconds grants up to 25% increased vision range and the ability to look over walls.

Replacing current Elixirs with Elixirs that serve more divergent strategic powers, especially in the late game

  1. Elixir of Fortitude and Brilliance have been removed.
  2. You may only benefit from one elixir at a time.
  3. Elixirs may only be bought when your champion is level 9 or above.
  4. Elixir price increased to 400 gold.
  5. New Elixirs added:
    Elixir of Ruin: Grants Health, +% Tower Damage. Nearby minions gain +% Tower Damage and their movement speed is set to 90% of your own, up to 500.
    Elixir of Iron: Grants Size, Tenacity and Slow resistance. You leave a trail that increases ally movement speed by 10%
    Elixir of Sorcery: Grants AP, MP/5 and bonus true damage when damaging a champion or a tower.
    Elixir of Wrath: Grants AD, 10% physical vamp and scoring a kill or assist will extend the duration of the flask by 30 seconds.

Baron Nashor
Attempting to create a greater call to action for the team that has the Baron Nashor buff, rather than passively grind the opponent out

  1. Health and Regeneration removed (AD and AP boost remain the same)
  2. Baron Buff additionally grants you Empowered Recall, reducing your recall time to 4 seconds.
    This also massively heals you and grants you an 8 second movement speed buff once it finishes.
  3. Baron Buff buffs nearby minions around you significantly, causing them to gain up to 90% your Movement Speed as well as specific bonuses on type:
    Melee Minions: Gain 80% damage reduction from almost all damage types
    Ranged Minions: Gain increased damage and a minor increase in range.
    Siege Minions: Gain massive increases to range - such that they outrange towers. Their attacks are 50% slower but are AoE and deal 4x damage to towers.
    Super Minions: Gains 75% Movement Speed when nearby enemies as well as 25% Attack Speed.

Dragon bonuses adjusted to be more ‘back-loaded’ so that a team that opts for a fast pushing strategy versus a team that goes for neutral objective control will spike in power at different times in the game

  1. Slaying Dragon now grants you a stack of 'Dragonslayer’ which grants different permanent bonuses depending on how many Dragons you’ve slain.
    Stack 1: Increased Regeneration
    Stack 2: Increased AD / AP
    Stack 3: Increased Movement Speed
    Stack 4: Increased Health
    Stack 5: Triples all other bonuses
  2. Dragon gives 50% reduced XP, compared to live.
  3. Dragon no longer grants global gold.
  4. Dragon deals 20% increased damage to units for every Dragon their team has slain.
  5. Dragon takes 7% reduced damage from units for every Dragon their team has slain.

Itemization Updates

Enchantment: Captain’s
Removing overlapping mechanics from Elixir of Ruin and Baron Buff - and most people didn’t use Captain’s for this purpose anyway

  1. Minion MS amplification removed.

Armor and Magic Resistance
Resistances are inherently reactive buys - and the constraint of Negatron Cloak and Chain Vest makes the act of cleverly reacting to your opponent much much harder than it should be

  1. All Armor and Magic Resistance items can now be built out of a cloth armor / null magic mantle.
  2. Recipes, gold costs, stats and build paths have been adjusted to compensate for the above change.
  3. In effect, there is now no meaningful difference between 'Chain Vest/Negatron Cloak’ items vs. 'Cloth Armor/Null Magic Mantle’ items as they will all build from the same root.

Health and Mana Regeneration
We’re swapping from items granting flat HP/5 and MP/5 to increasing a % of your base regeneration + % level regeneration. This allows different characters to benefit from regeneration items differently - as well as allowing these items to more naturally scale as the game goes on.

  1. Items that grant Health and Mana regeneration now grant either % Base Health Regeneration or % Base Mana Regeneration
  2. % Base Health / Mana Regeneration take into account your champion’s Health and Mana regeneration and any Health and Mana regeneration they gain per level.
  3. This does not take into account: skills, masteries, runes and other sources other than your champion statistic.

Example: Your champion has 7 mp/5 at level 1 and 18 mp/5 at level 18. You buy an item that grants +50% Base Mana Regeneration. At level 1, this item will provide an additional +3.5 mp/5 at level 1 and 9 mp/5 at level 18.

New Items

Crystalline Bracer
Recipe: Rejuvenation Bead + Ruby Crystal

  1. Grants Health and Regeneration.

Righteous Glory
Recipe: Catalyst + Crystalline Bracer

  1. Grants Health, Mana and Regeneration
  2. Active: Grants +60% MS to you and nearby allies when moving towards enemies for 2 seconds. When this speed boost ends, it emits a shockwave, slowing nearby enemy champions by 80% for one second.

Warmog’s Armor

  1. Health reduced to 800 from 100.
  2. Regeneration triples when out of combat.
  3. Cost slightly reduced.

Raptor’s Cloak
Recipe: Rejuvenation Bead + Cloth Armor + Rejuvenation Bead

  1. Grants bonus movement speed when near turrets or Zzrot Gates.

**Zz'rot Portal**
*Recipe: Raptor Cloak + Negatron Cloak*

  1. Spawns a gate at a location that summons monsters. These monsters proceed down the nearest lane and attack minions and damage towers.

Edit: Not currently in this build. Also no one spells like that.

Recipe: Raptor Cloak + Kindlegem

  1. Active now boosts the damage of nearby towers by 100% or prevents nearby enemy towers from attacking.
  2. Stats adjusted to fit the recipe items (Health/Armor/Regen/CDR)

Jungle is different now. For reasons!

Reasons that are outlined in the previous PBE post. Don’t look at me like that.


1. Jungle Difficulty and Rewards have been increased
2. Red and Blue buff timers moved to 2:30

New Jungle Camp: Scuttle crab
This neutral objective is intended to add control to the river as a setup for Baron / Dragon or provide protection/enable river ganks in the early game

  1. Spawns in top and bottom river and patrols the river it is in.
  2. Is not hostile - tries to run away from enemy champions.
  3. Grants a speed shrine in the river that provides vision and out of combat movement speed to people who cross it.

Smiting a large monster from one of the monster camps will now grant bonus XP and a monster specific bonus when you kill it - this ensures that the Jungler always potentially benefits more from the Jungle than other roles

Brambleback (Elder Lizard)
1. Restores a large amount of Health.

Blue Guardian (Ancient Golem)
1. Restore a large amount of Mana.

Krugs (Ancient Golem)

1. Grants Gift of Heavy Hands - adding Execute Damage to your attacks.


Gromp (Large Wraith)

1. Grants Gift of the Toadstool - grants Toadstool Armor, poisoning enemies that attack you.

Raptors (Wraith Camp)

1. Grants Gift of the Eagle Eye - grants you a buff that automatically grants you true sight for a short time the next time you are spotted by an enemy ward.

Murkwolf (Wolf Camp)
1. Grants Wolf Sentry - A ghostly wolf patrols that quardrant of the jungle for a moderate time. If an enemy champion enters that quadrant of the jungle, it’ll run at them and alert you to his position.

Jungle Itemization
Jungle itemization has been overhauled - all existing jungle items have been removed.

Hunter’s Machete
1. Hunter’s Machete now grants 30 magic damage on hit over 2 seconds and grants 8 health and 2 Mana per second while fighting monsters.
2. Hunter’s Machete can only be bought if you have Smite as a Summoner Spell.


Hunter’s Machete now upgrades into 4 items that amplify or change your Smite ability - depending on what overarching Jungle Strategy you want to do: Gank, Invade, Fast Clear, or Counterjungle

Stalker’s Blade
1. After killing 3 monsters, you can smite Teemo enemy champions, dealing a small amount of true damage and reducing their movement speed by 50% for 2 seconds.

Poacher’s Knife
1. Upgrade Smite to Quick Smite. Quick Smite has reduced cooldown - has further reduced cooldown when you kill large monsters and grants bonus gold if you use it on the monsters in the enemy jungle.

Skirmisher’s Saber
1. Upgrades Smite to Challenging Smite. Challenging Smite can be cast on an enemy champion - doing no true damage but revealing them for a long time and causing your attacks to deal bonus true damage each time you hit him.

Ranger’s Trailblazer
1. Upgrades Smite to Desolating Smite - which causes Smite to deal 50% splash damage to other nearby monsters as well as stun them for 1.5 seconds.

The 4 above items can be enchanted with 4 enchantments that offer bonus statistics so you can customize the item based on what kind of role you want your jungler to transition to

Enchantment: Warrior
* Grants AD and Life Steal

Enchantment: Magus
* Grants AP and CDR

Enchantment: Juggernaut
* Grants Health, CDR and Movement Speed

Enchantment: Slayer
* Grants AS, CDR and a stacking AS buff

Unfathomable feats of strength. Victory over impossible odds.

The hallmarks of a great hero are almost always obvious, especially to the person displaying them. Almost always. Poppy’s been tasked with delivering a legendary hammer to a hero who will become legend. Journeying through Runeterra, she uncovers a number of would-be wielders, but never suspects the hammer might have found the right person already. The power of the hammer, the responsibility of her mission. And a whole swath of new abilities to show off her true strength. Poppy’s kit’s designed to show off her might despite her diminutive stature; whether peeling for your allies by chaining CC like Hammer Shock and Heroic Charge, or plunging into the heart of battle to separate a carry from the crowd, Poppy shows that sometimes all you need in your toolbox is a really big hammer.


Every several seconds, Poppy throws her buckler as her basic attack, gaining range and bonus magic damage. Once thrown, Poppy can pick up her buckler to gain a shield, but if an enemy walks over her buckler, they’ll temporarily destroy it. If Iron Ambassador kills the target, the buckler returns to Poppy instead of falling to the ground.


Poppy smashes the ground, dealing damage and slowing enemies in a small area. After a moment, the crushed ground erupts, dealing the same amount of damage again.


Passive: Poppy gains bonus Armor and Magic Resist. This bonus is doubled if Poppy is below 40% health.

Active: Poppy gains Movement Speed. While Steadfast Presence is active, she creates a magic barrier around her, stopping enemy dashes and dealing magic damage to enemies.


Poppy tackles an enemy, dealing physical damage and carrying them forward. Poppy deals additional physical damage and stuns the enemy if they collide with terrain.


Poppy charges up her hammer for a mighty blow, slowing herself as she winds up. With the second cast, Poppy unleashes a massive hammer smash, creating a fissure that deals damage and knocks back all enemy champions in a tiny area an enormous distance towards their base. The fissure length and knockback increase with channel duration.


With a suite of potent CC, Poppy can combo her abilities to win trades and build towards her first major power spike with a completed offensive item.

When she can set up her opponent near a wall, it generally means bad times ahead for the unsuspecting victim. Using Heroic Charge to stun the enemy champion against the terrain, she sets up both hits from Hammer Shock, dealing a burst of damage and leaving them open to additional basic attack harass.

While Steadfast Presence will often be used in team fights to keep opponents from diving her squishier allies, during laning, Poppy can use her W to keep enemies with dashes from evading the heavy end of her hammer.

Careful management
of her passive is also essential to success in lane.

Careful management of her passive is also essential to success in lane. You can use your buckler to last hit minions, trading basic attacks with your opponent because of your shield when you automatically get the buckler back. Keep in mind that if the buckler hits the ground, you can pick it up for the shield, but if your opponent runs over it, they’ll crush it out of existence (or at least until your passive comes back up). That interaction can turn into a mindgame with the opposing champ, because when you use the ranged attack for a bit of poke, you can set up Hammer Shock when they go to stomp on your buckler to fire both hits of the Q off.

Unlocking Keeper’s Verdict at level six opens a number of new options for Poppy’s dueling potential: Quickly activating the ult without channeling simulates a souped-up Alistar Pulverize, while a fully channeled Verdict can even up a 2v1 or turn the tide entirely with jungle support. And don’t underestimate the length of the knockback: Battering the enemy laner with a fully charged ult just as your wave is about to hit their tower means they’ll miss a ton of experience and gold.

Creeping around a forest crowded with monsters is considerably less frightening when you’rewielding a giant mallet.


Creeping around a forest crowded with monsters is considerably less frightening when you’re wielding a giant mallet, and the Keeper of the Hammer is more than capable of heading into the jungle, harvesting gold from camps and ganks.

The tight confines of the jungle paths keep her well-stocked on walls to heroically charge into should the opposing jungler wander in unwarily. Her innate tankiness and strong trading potential makes her potent in woodland duels, while her considerable crowd control makes the featherweight fighter a terror during attempted ganks.

Setting up a Keeper’s Verdict while hidden inside the brush can dramatically turn the tide when counter-ganking, because she can near-instantly transform 3v2s and 2v1s into a numbers advantage for her team.

When Poppy heads into the jungle, having allies who can help speed her up or combo with her crowd control will make for more effective ganks, but the tiny tussler is designed to be a powerful roaming jungle in her own right.


As enemies acquire more armor and health, Poppy smoothly swaps roles to take on the responsibility of keeping her friends alive.

When it’s time to transition to more teamplay, Poppy joins the frontlines as a strong tank. With the passive stats from Steadfast Presence, she’s surprisingly durable while still capable of outputting damage in the right situation. In early mid-game teamfights, Steadfast Presence’s active effect will keep the backline from using dashes to flee as her team collapses on them. A well-timed Keeper’s Verdict can turn a 5v5 scrum into a 5v4 slaughter, but she’ll have to pay attention to enemy crowd control. Because Keeper’s Verdict is channeled, it can be interrupted by opposing champions.

As enemies acquire more armor and health, Poppy smoothly swaps roles to take on the responsibility of keeping her friends alive. Steadfast Presence stops enemy assassins from diving (as long as they don’t use blinks–but blowing their Flash might still be worth, depends on /all chat) while the threat of Keeper’s Verdict will have even frontline tanks concerned they might be taking a trip back towards their fountain, far away from the fight.

One trick with Keeper’s Verdict is that the knockback effect is actually a very small AoE, not single target. If you can get the enemy team closely grouped together (with Orianna’s Shockwave, perhaps), you could potentially knock more than one of them out of the fray. Then your team can either chase the weakened foes down, or secure one of those nifty objectives strewn about the map.


Oh boy, actually exciting news. These are from a supposed leak of the new expansion. There is evidence for and against these cards, but overall I’m really hopeful.

1. Vol'jin - A priest Legendary that swaps health. Nothing really against this, per se.

2. Trade Prince Gallywix - A rogue Legendary, cho on steroids. Major strike against this: Coin is a spell. They could easily make coin not count as a spell though.

3. Iron Juggernaut - A warrior Legendary. No strikes against this either, seems perfectly printable in Hearthstone and I hope we see more ridiculous effects like this.

4. Flame Leviathan - A mage Legendary. This is what makes me think the leak could be real. It’s in the collection page in crafting mode. Either a clever photoshop or some kind of hacked/modded card for a very elaborate fake leak. I’m leaning towards real.

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