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Pokemon Card of the Day #855: Dialga (Diamond & Pearl)

Dialga was the first card of the Diamond & Pearl era of the TCG. Being the first card didn’t necessarily mean it was spectacular, of course, and Dialga really didn’t have much going for it. Weak attacks and an effect that required taking all of Dialga’s Energy off of it to use was just really hard to overcome.

Dialga did have a couple of nice traits in its stats. 90 HP was spectacular for a Basic Pokemon, and it could actually take a hit from quite a few popular cards. The +20 Fire Weakness was a problem when facing Magmortar and Infernape, meaning even Special Metal Energy couldn’t save it against those. On the other hand, a -20 Psychic Resistance was a nice touch and could actually let it survive a second hit from Gardevoir if starting at full health. The retreat cost was 2, so it could get by, but Switch or Warp Point was helpful.

Time Bellow did 10 damage for a Metal Energy and let you draw a card. Not enough damage, and 1 card was rarely worth it with how many better options there were for drawing.

Flash Cannon was at least interesting. 40 damage for 2 Metal and a Colorless Energy was terrible, but the effect had some applications. You could return all Energy cards attached to Dialga to your hand. If you did, you removed the highest Stage Evolution card from the Defending Pokemon and shuffle that card into your opponent’s deck. In a best-case scenario, you could get rid of an important Pokemon for a bit before switching Dialga back out with a Trainer card during the next turn, but it rarely went that way. With ways to get Pokemon out of the deck all over the place, the availability of Broken Time-Space and the increased popularity of Stage 1s as a middle ground to a Stage 2 when that came out, and the heavy cost of taking all Energy off Dialga, there were way too many ways that this could go wrong.

Dialga really wasn’t impressive for something that was supposed to be one of the new generation’s top legends. It had one interesting trick that was very hard to pull off, and Dialga LV.X wasn’t all that great and therefore didn’t give Dialga a ray of hope like it did for some other mediocre cards. There were plenty of good cards in the new group of Pokemon. Dialga just wasn’t one of them.

I wrote up a workout routine(strength training)

Note, this was written with inspiration given by Saitama and Mumen Rider from One Punch Man, one for his strength, the other for his unyielding courage and spirit. My advice is to work hard, breath deep, and never give up.

Beginner(6month daily workout)


30 squats

10 situps

Intermediate(12month daily workout)

40 pushups

50 squats

30 situps


60 pushups

70 squats

50 situps

For those who never give up, who never back down, who made themselves strong as all hell, The Saitama Level, The Master Level

Everday for 3 years

100 pushups

100 situps

100 squats

Go ahead, try it, you might be amazed at what you can do.

I need to go on like a serious health retreat in the mountains with unlimited spa treatments and nothing but raw healthy foods and good activities and company to keep me happy


On Friday morning Joël receives a notice from Bridgeport Family Law Court advising him that Anita’s petition for custody has been withdrawn. He rings the number at the top of the the notice and is told by a clerk that what this means is that Anita has cancelled the custody hearing.

Joël: Why?

Clerk: I don’t know. Get your lawyer to speak to her lawyer. But it happens a lot. People file for custody out of anger, then after they’ve cooled down they feel guilty. At least she went to the bother of withdrawing it and let you know. A lot of them don’t even bother doing that and just don’t turn up on the day.  

Joël: Oh yeah, she’s a real saint.

He has a quick drink and dials her number. Jim answers.

Joël: It’s Joël here. Can I speak to your wife?

Jim: Sorry Joël, Anita’s gone to a health retreat for a week or so. No mobile phones allowed. Are you ringing about the custody hearing?

Joël: Well, yeah. I got served some papers today saying the hearing’s been cancelled. I don’t understand why.

Jim: I think she decided after a lot of soul-searching that it probably wasn’t in Jared’s best interests after all if she filed for sole custody. So we’ll just continue as we’ve always done, with Jared spending school holidays with you in The Islands-

Joël: But I’m moving back to Bridgeport.

Jim’s voice has grown several degrees cooler.

Jim: What do you mean?

Joël: I thought that I was probably going to be involved in a protracted custody battle, so it made sense to come back to Bridgeport permanently. 

Jim: You don’t have to do that now the hearing has been cancelled.

Joël: That doesn’t change anything. I want to be closer to Jared. I’m missing out on too much.

Jim: Well, you’ll have to discuss that with Anita when she gets back.

Joël: I don’t know if there’s anything to discuss. I’m Jared’s father. He needs me.

Jim: Jared’s doing fine.

Joël: The last time I spoke to him he was traumatised because his mother had thrown his PlayStation in your swimming pool in a fit of rage. How’s that ‘fine’?

Jim: We all do things we regret from time to time, Joël. For instance, I’m sure you regret leaving those threatening voicemail messages on Anita’s phone. I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but the maximum penalty for somebody found guilty of using a mobile phone service to menace, harass or offend is two years imprisonment. Something for you to think about.

Joël misses the days of being able to hang up on somebody by slamming the receiver down in their ear.