health over hair

I really wish I could drink right now without it killing me. I could use a lot of sweet, alcoholic, dissociation in a bottle.


The basics are often forgotten but my god they are so important. If you have not already, add these into your beauty routine. Be kind to your body! 

** I know my dyed hair babes are like “clarifying shampoo will washout my color” I know I know colors like manic panic/bleach don’t stay in long but 1. re-apply your color it’s not hard 2. it’s only once a week it wont make or break it 3. your scalps health is priority over your hair color**

I’m glad that there’s websites like sportyafros addressing the popular excuse, “I can’t exercise because of my hair.” Who cares that your hair is out of place after a run? That you have streams of sweat pouring down your face after a grueling weight training session? Isn’t your health more important? And close off anyone who criticizes you or makes negative commentary about how you look while or just after you finish a workout. If they’re that superficial they’re not worth your time and effort - use that energy to encourage someone else to step outside and make fitness a habit! Anyhoo, the website offers a lot of useful tips and tricks for relaxed and natural hair black women. Don’t let hair be your excuse!