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Let’s be crystal clear: The Senate Republican healthcare repeal bill is a savage, immoral attack on women and the health and well-being of hundreds of millions of Americans. Take action by calling your Senator: 1-866-665-4470

Ever had your water or power shut off? It feels like living in the Stone Age … for a few days. But for some 1.7 million Americans, that’s every day. Not because they don’t pay their bills, but because they somehow still don’t have access to basic utilities like power, running water, or a sewer system.

To the surprise of virtually no one, Native Americans have been handed a sizable slice of this particular humble pie. Thirteen percent of Native Americans don’t have access to running water, compared to just 0.04 percent of everybody else. An estimated 40 percent of the Navajo Nation in New Mexico is without running water, leaving them with no option but to haul water from faraway taps. Fun fact: This costs them 72 times more than your average American pays for his delicious, easily accessible tap water. Those who can’t afford it are stuck with whatever (generally non-potable) water sources they can find. Fortunately, they have help, like DIGDEEP, an L.A. nonprofit specializing in defending citizens’ rights to clean water, and Darlene the Water Lady, a volunteer who drives a monthly water truck round to provide hundreds of Navajo Nation families with clean water.

4 Awful Things That Should Not Still Be Happening In America

Chris Wood Appreciation Week - Day 4

Favourite photo/photoshoot.

This is where I am probably going to shoot myself in the foot…I’m not keen on ‘modelling photoshoots’ mainly because the actor/actress has to force a certain look and you can’t really see any of their own unique personality.  Chris has admitted to being a total goof-ball so I think the photos I choose should reflect that.

This was taken last year at Mental Health America’s Conference, at which Chris was a speaker. This is fantastic and for someone who’s suffered from anxiety, depression and panic disorder for over twenty years; having someone as high profile as Chris to highlight the importance of openness about mental health is a blessing.

Who clearly loves his job

Ice cream!

Interacting with his fans

But for me…he loves surprising his mum! Was supposed to be a pic, but I couldn’t find one of him with her!

Senate Republicans FINALLY just released a few details about their healthcare bill - and it would be a disaster for women, families, and Americans. Take action and call your Senator → 1-866-665-4470


Robin Barnes was born and raised in New Orleans and the music of the city runs through her veins. Voted as the Favorite New Orleans Musician by New Orleans magazine, she has also released her EP, Songbird Sessions.

Robin is also the Founder of Move Ya Brass / FIT by You, which she founded after overcoming a life altering health issue.

Full video interview with her here
Meet your homophobic, transphobic new health secretary, Tom Price
"Price’s hateful record on LGBTQ issues shows that he lacks an understanding of basic human rights and dignity," GLAAD's president said.

Apparently I’m going to spend every morning from now on introducing you to the newest member of the Cabinet From Hell. Sorry. 

Tom Price was confirmed early this morning as Secretary of Health and Human Services. That means he’ll be the one in charge of one of Trump’s top political priorities: dismantling the Affordable Care Act. Oh, and he’s also vehemently anti-LGBT, but I’m sure you could have guessed that. Highlights:

  • He co-sponsored a constitutional amendment to ban marriage equality
  • He voted against a bill to ban hate crimes on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity
  • He voted against a bill to protect LGBT people from workplace discrimination 
  • He called Obama’s guidelines supporting transgender students using gender-affirming bathrooms “absurd”
  • He supported the re-hiring of an Atlanta fire chief who lost his job after “employees received copies of his self-published book, which equated homosexuality with pedophilia and bestiality”
  • He appeared on a conference call with a rabbi who claims Hurricane Sandy was “divine punishment” for marriage equality and seemed to empathize with (or at least entertain) that position
  • He opposed LGBT-inclusive anti-bullying legislation 
  • He has said that LGBT rights are harmful to the medical and economic world

He’s also anti-choice, because of course he is. And let’s not forget that by nature of opposing the Affordable Care Act, he’s also working to overturn the part of the law that protects LGBT people from discrimination in healthcare. Those protections include trans people no longer being legally turned away from insurance coverage for the “pre-existing condition” of being trans. 

Whatever the Republicans “replace” the ACA with – if they do – could bring back the LGBT nondiscrimination protections, but the way this administration is going, it doesn’t look likely. I wish the news was better, y’all. I really do.

In 2016, a public school in Gardendale, Alabama stamped the words “I Need Lunch Money” on a child’s arm because of an unpaid bill – adding a smiley face, because the words alone didn’t convey the “Fuck you” well enough. It’s only a matter of time before the school starts weighing the cost-effectiveness of making these children wear shirts saying “I am a poor, hate me” as a uniform.

Gardendale is far from the only school district to turn lunch into a Philip K. Dickian nightmare, however. Plenty of states, like Pennsylvania and Utah, will take hot food from children unable to pay and throw it in the trash. They could feed another child with it, but it was served to a commie freeloader, so that food has lost all of its capitalist nutrients. Other children get threatened with “The Sandwich,” which sounds like a humiliating frat initiation but is in fact two pieces of cold bread with maybe something cheap in between, easily marking out these hungry unfortunates for efficient bullying. Administrators do assure that The Sandwich meets the minimum federal requirements – because when it comes to human decency, some schools gladly settle for being D students.

The Department of Agriculture is trying to get states to cut these practices out, on the basis of America still pretending it isn’t a dystopia, but they’re ultimately leaving the burden up to the states. So far, only New Mexico has tried to ban lunch money shaming entirely, reducing the amount of school-based shaming statewide by a full 6 percent. For everyone else, though, we can do nothing but hope that The Sandwich doesn’t eventually devolve into The Bowl of Gruel, which students have to work off in the textile mill after class.

5 Absurd Things American Schools Do To Completely Ruin Lunch


I just want to know why “shoot to kill” is always the first option when it comes to us??? Pepper spray….tasers…..bean bag bullets… many options available to the police, but it is always lethal option as a first choice, especially if you happen to be brown or black. 

The kid who killed nine people in SC was apprehended safely…even took him to Burger King. The bath salt psycho who was caught by police in the middle of EATING SOMEONE’S FACE…he was apprehended safely! Why do we always have to die?


Economic security can’t be achieved without reproductive freedom.

In order for women to participate as full citizens in society and have the same economic opportunities, we must have paid family leave and access to affordable birth control and abortion care.


The new score from the Congressional Budget Office confirms what we already knew: Trumpcare would be a disaster for women, families, and millions of Americans. Find a town hall near you: