health knit

I always joke that I ‘knit my feelings’. 

But the truth of it lies in the fact that while I won’t be able to work on my mental health I can still knit a few rows while laying in bed.

While I worry about drowning my feelings in alcohol if I can busy myself with a project.

I won’t spend money on a vice when I can spend it on yarn.

The joy I get from giving a gift to someone I love, who has sat with me when I have been sad, listen to me while I was mad, and helped me when I called, is the best thing I can do for myself.

And its the whole circle starting over again. They might need matching gloves.

I’m knitting with both my cats and YouTube and I found a really comfy shirt and my evening is just really nice right now. I feel relaxed- which is so rare for me. I’m working on something for me (for once) and I’m just enjoying the yarn and the process and the cats. I’ve been having a rough time lately and it’s just so nice to enjoy a good moment and a really soak it in

I am calm. I am content. I am just fine

ID #99094

Name: Cameron
Age: 25
Country: USA

Hello! My name is Cameron, and I’m a post-baccalaureate student in the public health field. I’m hoping that seeking out a pen pal will encourage me to spend more time reflecting on the day-to-day world and to take life a little more slowly.
As for my interests, I keep pet finches, ferrets, and a dog. I love tinkering with my aviary and making new toys for my ferrets out of boxes and scrap material. I knit constantly, wherever I go! I also love to read, but I usually read only old literature that’s in the public domain unless I pick up a book secondhand. My favorite authors are Willa Cather, H.P. Lovecraft, Jack London, G.K. Chesterton, and Oliver Sacks.
I’m excited to meet new friends and hopefully make long-lasting friendships with wonderful people!

Preferences: 18-30

I knitted a shawl.

I cannot believe I knitted this.

About 12 years ago, I took up knitting and crocheting after a stay in the psych ward of my local hospital.  At the time, I learned to crochet socks, then got into knitting and did a few hats and stuff.

No way would I have been able to do this.  I was knitting to calm down and this would have been complex and nerve-wracking and not very happy-making.

A dozen years in the future, and this was just a happy knit – fun to do on a trip.

I guess I’m putting it out there to illustrate a couple of points.  The first is that it gets better.  It really, really does.

But also, gently and carefully challenging yourself an itty bitty bit at a time really does kind of add up.

On the one hand, I should probably make a donation post so I can hurry up and get treatment. On the other hand, I made a donation post asking for art, which is as valuable as money, NOT “oh ur an artist draw me??????” and I realise that. But I made a donation post asking for art and it fizzled. I got two beautiful pieces and I’m grateful for them, but it makes it kind of clear that if I asked for actual cash I’d get like £2, and it would just waste everybody’s time.

It’s not perfect - but the ribbing is done. I finished part one of my sweater. On to part 2, knitting until part 3.

It wasn’t a great day yesterday, I pushed myself too hard by being social. I was busy for a few days straight and I just couldn’t cope anymore. Today was better, I stayed quiet and comfortable and knitted my sweater some more.

Okay, guys. I really, REALLY hate asking for help. But here’s the deal: My Mom is chronically ill with temporary but scary things that crop up, and while my job may be pretty good and can support us for the most part, the medical bills are killing me.

I currently owe my Grandmother over $700 for our regular, split bills for the house and groceries and gas, etc. And we also currently owe the local clinic and hospital close to $2000. I make the best money I have had so far in my adult life, but there’s no way I can do this by myself and still pay for everything else.

Here’s the horrible part where I ask for help: if you can spare even a buck or two for ChickenHiddle and I and want to give us a hand, please send it to on Paypal, or there is a Donate button on my blog. I knit a LOT, so if you want to commission me, please drop a message into my submit or ask box and I’ll gladly knit you something. And if you can’t help monetarily, please spread this around as much as possible!

Thank you so much, you guys. I love each and every one of you so much and thank you, from the bottom of my heart for even reading this.