Now that the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and The White House have finalized new nondiscrimination provisions under Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act, it is more important than ever to know your rights and what to do if you face discrimination. 

To better explain what these protections mean, Out2Enroll partnered with trans comic artist, Dylan Edwards, on a series of illustrated discrimination situations. 

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White House analysis suggests GOP health care bill may see even more insurance losses

  • A new document on the effects of the GOP’s proposed health care bill has emerged from the White House, forecasting even deeper cuts in coverage than Monday’s Congressional Budget Office report.
  • Whereas the CBO report predicts 24 million people would lose their insurance by 2026 under the legislation, the White House analysis predicts 26 million, bringing the total of uninsured people in the United States up to 54 million by 2026. Read more (3/14/17 6:32 AM)

Bernie Sanders slams Trumpcare as a “disgusting and immoral proposal”

  • Sen. Bernie Sanders, was at the front of the line to criticize the Republican plan to repeal and replace the ACA Monday.
  • “Throwing 24 million Americans off of health insurance, raising premiums for older low-income Americans, defunding Planned Parenthood and giving $275 billion in tax breaks to the top 2% is a disgusting and immoral proposal,” Sanders said in a statement. Read more (3/13/17 10 PM)

If Obamacare is repealed, women of color will be 2 in 3 women who could lose coverage

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New data from the U.S. Census Bureau presents the most detailed picture yet of the dramatic rise in the number of people covered by health insurance since the Affordable Care Act went into effect.

County-level data going back to 2010, when the law was signed, shows a patchwork of people living without health insurance that ticked down slowly for the first three years under the ACA. But, once the online insurance exchanges opened at the end of 2013 and Medicaid expanded, the population living without coverage dropped noticeably.

The recently released Census report is county-level data for 2015. Overall, the nationwide uninsured rate dropped 7.7 percentage points for people under 65 years old between 2010 and 2015, from 18.2 percent in 2010 to 10.5 percent in 2015.

Maps Show A Dramatic Rise In Health Insurance Coverage Under ACA



Trumpcare would cause 24 million people to lose health insurance, according to CBO report

  • The Congressional Budget Office has predicted that the House Republican health care plan will cause 14 million people to lose their health care coverage by 2018. 
  • That number skyrockets to 24 million more uninsured by 2026.
  • Ultimately, by 2026, the number of uninsured Americans would nearly double, rising to 52 million up from 28 million who currently lack insurance under the ACA — breaking Trump’s pledge to provide coverage to all Americans. Read more (3/13/17 4:39 PM)

Trump asked black voters, “What do you have to lose?” The answer is health insurance.

  • On the campaign trail in 2016, Donald Trump famously asked America’s black voters to support his candidacy, saying, “What the hell do you have to lose?” The answer, it turns out, is health insurance.
  • A new analysis from the Center on Budget & Policy Priorities finds that African Americans could be disproportionately affected by the Republican plan to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. 
  • According to the report, more than one-third of African-Americans currently get their health insurance through Medicaid and 1 in 10 of them would lose coverage under the GOP plan.
  • The ACA allowed states to expand the number of people eligible for Medicaid to any individual or family making up to 138% of the federal poverty line. The Republicans’ replacement plan would roll back that provision over a number of years. Read more (3/17/17 11:47 AM)

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Republicans attacked Democrats for passing Obamacare in “secret.” Now they’re doing the same.

  • Republicans are planning to vote Thursday evening on an amended version of the American Health Care Act.
  • But with conservatives and the Tea Party’s Freedom Caucus in revolt, the GOP didn’t have the votes to get the House Republican bill through. So they started changing it.
  • Now, mere hours before the vote, it’s unclear what changes Republicans are actually making to the bill, giving Americans almost no time to understand what it is the House is actually going to vote on, and how those changes would impact Americans.
  • In 2009, however, the same Republican Party bashed the way the Affordable Care Act was passed because — you guessed it — the American people supposedly couldn’t get all the necessary information about the the Affordable Care Act before Congress voted. Read more (3/23/17 8:45 AM)

The Koch brothers plan to bankroll any Republicans opposing Trump’s health care bill

  • The conservative billionaire Koch Brothers are ready to go to war with Paul Ryan and Donald Trump over the Republican health care bill working its way through Congress.
  • On Wednesday, Politico reported that Americans for Prosperity and Freedom Partners, two big Koch-backed conservative grassroots groups, are joining together and creating a seven-figure fund to support any conservative member of Congress who votes against the American Health Care Act. Read more (3/22/17 10:40 PM)

This health insurance pro’s explanation of how corrupt individual private insurance is should be the jolt you need to call your congressperson already

The latest to go viral is from Jeremy Beckham, who sold health insurance in Utah from 2004-2006. “I had to console people in tears on a regular basis,” he wrote. “We were instructed by management to just get them off the phone as quickly as possible to free the phone line for a healthy person.”

Image: Jeremy Beckham


Remove health-care subsidies for Members of Congress and their families
Several years ago, my dad got the news that he had cancer. Sadly, he passed away. My dad had a job at the time, but his employer did not cover him, and without coverage, he avoided going to the doctor until it was too late. As Congress and President Trump try to pass a new healthcare law, I'm reminded...

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