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Watch Elizabeth Warren school lawmakers on what Planned Parenthood actually does

  • The Senate finally unveiled the latest iteration of the GOP’s proposed health care plan on Thursday morning. Among the many proposed changes, including massive cuts to Medicaid, the bill would cut funding to Planned Parenthood for a year.
  • According to Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, the move only underscores just how little Republican senators understand about what Planned Parenthood actually does.
  • Warren delivered a fiery defense of Planned Parenthood on the Senate floor on Wednesday, in anticipation of Thursday’s health care plan reveal. Read more. (6/22/17, 1:24 PM)
Attitudes and Mindsets that can Change your Life

1. Knowing deep inside that you are good enough.
2. Believing you can do it, and believing you can make it.
3. Choosing to be grateful when you feel like complaining.
4. Choosing to hang in there when you feel you’ve had enough.
5. Knowing each new day is a true gift and fresh beginning.
6. Valuing others, and treating others well.
7. Investing in people instead of chasing things.

Let’s be crystal clear: The Senate Republican healthcare repeal bill is a savage, immoral attack on women and the health and well-being of hundreds of millions of Americans. Take action by calling your Senator: 1-866-665-4470

Ever had your water or power shut off? It feels like living in the Stone Age … for a few days. But for some 1.7 million Americans, that’s every day. Not because they don’t pay their bills, but because they somehow still don’t have access to basic utilities like power, running water, or a sewer system.

To the surprise of virtually no one, Native Americans have been handed a sizable slice of this particular humble pie. Thirteen percent of Native Americans don’t have access to running water, compared to just 0.04 percent of everybody else. An estimated 40 percent of the Navajo Nation in New Mexico is without running water, leaving them with no option but to haul water from faraway taps. Fun fact: This costs them 72 times more than your average American pays for his delicious, easily accessible tap water. Those who can’t afford it are stuck with whatever (generally non-potable) water sources they can find. Fortunately, they have help, like DIGDEEP, an L.A. nonprofit specializing in defending citizens’ rights to clean water, and Darlene the Water Lady, a volunteer who drives a monthly water truck round to provide hundreds of Navajo Nation families with clean water.

4 Awful Things That Should Not Still Be Happening In America

Happiness is being able to confirm that you’re able to eat the Glutino brand lemon waifer bars without an adverse reaction and stockpiling the damn things in your pantry for when you’re too damn sick to make your own easy to eat snack food.

I’m so sick and tired of people not understanding that I have a damn mental illness. I have borderline personality disorder fucking yoga, meditating, eating green isnt going to fucking help me. Jesus why can’t people be practical and realistic. I literally tell people i will kill myself cause they said hi to me funny like do you really think a simple homemade bullshit fake ass deep remedy will help? I’M FUCKING MENTALLY UNSTABLE. All these conversations on how I can “fix” myself is pointless asf


Ellis Grant glanced up towards the flickering white light, it had been playing up for days now and the more she looked it, the more it infuriated her. She’d been in the facility for longer than she cared to remember, in fact she had lost count of the number of days long ago. Her days, which were once filled with warm sunlight and the fresh air of the outdoors, were now regimented and gruelling, filled with artificial light and the sterile scent of hospital corridors. 

“Elle…” Owen Grady’s voice tore Ellis’ attention from the flickering light and she stared at him blankly. She didn’t speak much these days, in fact she did very little. “Please…” Owen pleaded, “…just try.” 

If she could’ve found it in herself, Ellis would have laughed. Try she thought. As though it were that simple. As though she hadn’t been trying since the moment they brought her out of the coma that they had kept her in for weeks. She’d done her trying, and she’d gotten precisely nowhere. 

The two of them stared at each other intensely for short while before eventually Owen sighed and stood up, turning away from Ellis and walking towards the window on the opposite side of the room. He left her in her wheelchair at the end of the parallel walking bars that had been her nemesis for the past couple of weeks and looked out towards the entrance gates. When he caught sight of a figure, heading towards the large wrought iron gates Owen smirked. Heading towards the rehabilitation centre was a tall, thin, man with greying hair. He was dressed entirely in black: black shirt, black trousers, black socks, black shoes, and walked with an air of self confidence like nothing Owen had ever seen before. He neared the building, a sarcastic grim reaper, there to pull Ellis from the slump she presently found herself in. 

“Oh you’re in for it now Grant.”