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I live in florida and i walk my dogs. Since its florida, it gets very hot at times and im worried about burning my puppers paws. Is there a way for me to gauge if the concrete walkways won't injure their paws?

Let me assure you Comedic Kitsunes that in Australia it gets bloody hot as well.

Many an Aussie will tell you of the folly of attempting to walk barefoot over concrete or asphalt to the car, and earlier this year some poor woman burnt the skin off the soles of her feet dashing from the ocean to he car.

If it burns you, it will burn your dogs.

If it’s going to hurt your feet, it’s going to hurt your dogs’ feet. It’s also going to hurt your hands if you leave them against the concrete/asphalt/road for a few minutes.

This is the simplest way for you to determine whether the ground is too hot.

If it’s hot enough to fry an egg, it’s hot enough to fry bacon.

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Banana ice-cream (vegan, high carb, low fat): The best. Seriously. It’s even better than “normal” homemade ice-cream, not to speak about store - bought ice-cream full of unhealthy fats, additives and artificial aromas. This one is made out of frozen bananas, a tiny bit of coconut milk, topped with sweet caramel dates, cinnamon and organic vanilla drops. It’s easy to make, healthy, full of healthy carbohydrates and the best - because it’s so healthy, you can even eat it for breakfast or whenever and how much you want! Have a beautiful Sunday, xx


Yesterday, I tried out a recipe my grandma gave me recently and those vegan rissoles turned out amazing! The nutty flavor works wonderful with my toppings of fresh chili, garlic, yellow curry powder, freshly grounded black pepper and creamy white balsamic vinegar. Ate some of them for lunch with spicy tomato sauce and handmade guacamole with lemon, which tastes really delicious, but there are many other ways of eating those beauties. Who wants the recipe? xx Amber