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When you’re running in the rain and that one Anime Opening starts playing 😅💦 🏃 #TheyMakeTrainingFun #

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OK, I have been down this road before. Weight loss. Getting in shape. Kicking ass and taking names.

I have been on a 5+ year hiatus. I am slowly making my way back. So, I figured I would talk a lite bit about what I learned the first time around. Give myself some advice. Refresh my memory a bit.

If I could offer any advice to someone starting out (myself) it would be this;

Try everything. From work outs to food. Give everything a chance. So many people say “oh, I just don’t like healthy foods ”. Do not be this person.. You may not like textures or flavors but try them again.

Find new ways too cook your foods. I hate steamed veggies. But growing up and for a long time as an adult that’s all I knew. It was so gross. Smushy mushy mess made me want to vomit. I tried sautéed still too mushy. So I tried baked. A little better. Over time. Over trial and error I have found raw, or sautéed or grilled, for a short time is how I enjoy almost all of my veggies.

Oatmeal, again mushy gross eww right? Just use less water and cook for a shorter time!

My point is give foods a chance try them cooked differently. Try them seasoned differently.

Exercise? You have to find what you like. Reward yourself, try everything and give yourself time to learn to enjoy it. I hated running and now I’m so in love with it.

Try work out dvds, try hula hooping, dancing, cycling, yoga, pilates. And on and on. Don’t just think you have to do push ups if you hate push ups. If you hate your work out you’re not going to do it. Find what you love try everything under the sun. When you find something that makes it fun you’re going to want to do more, and the more you move the more you lose. That’s what it’s all about, its not punishment. Using your body. All the muscles and all the energy. It’s amazing what your body can do. Be amazed at it. Find ways to challenge it, find ways to push yourself to new limits.

And this is what I say to myself, this is what I need to remind myself each day when I’m just thinking oh fuck it I just want to be lazy.

Quick fact. Ready?
Protein is required not only for protein synthesis and muscle repair, but also to help stabilize the fluid and electrolyte balance within our bodies. Proteins within our blood attract water towards them, helping to keep too much fluid from leaking out of our arteries and veins.

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But I believe they have been translated somewhere already for the other PT members as well.

Gender: Female
Height: 164 cm / 5′4
Weight: …Do I need to answer that?
School Year: 3rd year
Zodiac: Taurus
Blood Type: A
Family Structure: My older sister (Sae Niijima) and I are the only two that live together
Skill: General Housework, Aikido
Habit: When I think, I put my hands on my chin (Same as Sae)

Hobby: Reading (Regardless of genre, in addition to Sci-Fi and Manga) 
Motorcycling (After the end of my exams [I believe it’s the university entrance exams])

Food Preference: Fish dishes, light dishes. I am a health geek, I fuss over nutritional value and balance. 30 different type of foods a day, salt has to be less than 5g because the blueback fish contains a lot of DHA….I care about stuff like that.  

Ideal Type of Lover: Someone who is dependable and accomplished in both the literary and martial arts  

If you won 700 million yen, what would you do? I would put aside money to save for the future

Message for someone in the phantom thieves: To Ann, I understand that talking isn’t your strong point and that you rely on crepes as a conversation starter. But, one of those has enough calories for three meals… (Not my translation! Credit to @p5anthologyscanlations​)

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My mental health awareness selfie… charmander selfies are the best selfies! Hope everyone is staying strong. This month is great for awareness but can bring up a lot of unwanted feeling for people who suffer with mental help problems. This is just to say I support you and you are never alone ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

Quick fact. Ready?
Chewing our food sends signals to the rest of the digestive system to prepare itself for a meal; it then responds by releasing our digestive enzymes.

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10 for flintwood omg

The sonorous clinking of the spoon against the surface of Oliver’s mug as Marcus stirred the tea slightly stung the side of his brain. He’d woke up far too early to function after a night of celebrations, drinking and draining positivity. Marcus would’ve loved to sleep in a little longer, arms coiled around the waist of his Quidditch-leage-winning boyfriend. But, regretfully, Marcus could seldom sleep with his head beating an incessant pattern of pain every few seconds. 

A quiet groan filled his ears, accompanied with the scratching kicking of covers and minute popping of bones. Marcus turned; a smile automatically spread over his face as he saw Oliver stretching to wake up. His hand clapped to his forehead, fingers gently massaging his temples and rubbing the sleep from the very corners of his eyes. 

“He finally wakes,” Marcus teased, setting the mug on a tray with a selection of fruit and nut (even on ‘cheat’ days, Oliver was still a manic health geek). He lifted the tray and carefully walked to where Oliver was lying, crouching beside him after placing the tray on their antique coffee table. “Good morning my gorgeous, Quidditch star.” He soothed, dotting a gentle kiss to Oliver’s cheek as he handed him the mug. 

“I feel like someone slipped me a vial of Living Death,” was the first thing Oliver murmured, deeply exhaling. “Morning, by the way. I’d say good, but I’m sure I’m dying.”

“Babe, come on,” Marcus laughed, nudging his nose against the tacky surface of Oliver’s cheek. He suspected the tackiness was a residue of sweat and happy tears from the preceding evening, but he didn’t put too much thought into it. “You’re hungover, you’re not dying.”

“You’re speaking more than you’re comforting me. Bad boyfriend.” Oliver sighed, overdramatic as always. 

“Absolutely ridiculous,” smiled Marcus, gently poking the freckles decorating Oliver’s sun-kissed skin. “Merlin knows why I love you so much.”


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Quick fact. Ready?
Why bend your knees before jumping? This simple concentric contraction allows for storage of mechanical energy, and thus improves the force production for the following eccentric jump.

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when you get this, answer with five things that make you happy - then, send this ask to the last ten people on your recent activity (✿◠‿◠)

1) My miniature poodle Poppy always makes me happy :3

2) Reading and music!

3) Adventure/Exploring new places :)

4) Coffee/health food shops! ^^

5) Flowers, I love lillies and roses! But the more tropical the better :)

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Quick fact. Ready?
The long chain fatty acids EPA and DHA are extremely important for the proper functioning of our brains. They make up components of neurons, cell membranes, and nerve cell endings; making them essential for healthy cellular communication.