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You fucking lied in the survey, "absence of sexual attraction" isnt a mental illness diagnosis, "absence of mental illness in people who dont id as asexual" is a mental illness diagnosis. Oh my god stop rigging the results.

First off, and I mean this as kindly as I can: I operate mostly on the mobile platform, which has a known glitch where logged in individuals are identifiable by their icons even though they chose the anonymous option. I will not reveal your identity, but please know that I am aware of it, and in the future, when sending acerbic messages anonymously, please consider using an incognito tab, logging out of tumblr, or other any other, stronger method of hiding your identity.

Secondly, because I am not a psychologist myself, I actually gave this question to one of my editors who is. This editor did specifically review the question you are referring to, and concluded that its phrasing was accurate to the modern, patient facing field of psychology.

Here is the response I was given from my editor:

It’s understandable to say that the question can be construed as misleading given the current diagnostic criteria listed in the DSM V manual, however, upon editorial review the question was deemed as well fit to the purpose of the question as was possible. But, of course, this one owes explanation, so allow me to explain:

Many of the questions are already lengthy, and it’s always a risk in surveys that becoming too wordy creates an unclear, confusing question that while avoiding being a leading question can become useless in its uncertainty.
The phrasing as left as is for pragmatic purposes when observing practice.

Many (I’d go as far as to say most) practicing diagnosticians are using either the DSM IV due to its general similarities to the DSM V or the DSM V Reference Manual, which uses shorthand descriptions and diagnostic criteria in order to achieve better practical use. [Surveyor’s note: the shortened version of hyposexual disorder in the reference manual excludes the self-identification exemption.]

Further, given that the current state of practice often confounds asexuality with distressing or detrimental hypo sexuality, the question was left as is for pragmatic terms.

To make a point beyond asexuality, it’s also prudent to keep in mind that there are many clinical practitioners who do not understand LGBT(…)+ identities well enough to make distinctions between what is personally distressing versus what is culturally or socially distressing. This extends to other diagnoses, as well, of course, and as much as psychology is by all measures a science, the practice of psychology is absolutely more an art by comparison. Human error and bias is present in all forms of research to begin with, and the cultural lens of practitioners is critical to understanding the perspective from which one conducts research when it concerns the field.

Given these concerns, as well as the understanding that many LGBT(…)+ individuals (again, this is certainly not limited to asexual individuals only) report misdiagnoses regarding their identities in spite of the guideline updates that have been recently implemented, the question was left as you see it in the current version of the survey.

“[T]here are many clinical practitioners who do not understand LGBT(…)+ identities well enough to make distinctions between what is personally distressing versus what is culturally or socially distressing.”

That line summarizes the decision, on my own part, to leave the question in the presented format. Ultimately, the diagnosis as it stands today, even if the practitioner is aware of the identity exemption (and many are not) is based on distress. People with marginalized identities often feel distress with their identitties because of the culture they live in, and even well trained practitioners have a difficult time differentiating that cultural distress from more internal distress. 

As a result, all marginalized identities face additional levels of pathologization on some level. 

Further, most practitioners today aren’t heavily specialized into the care and mental health of individuals marginalized for reasons of gender or sexuality.

And so, we exist in a current psychological atmosphere wherein people who identify as asexual are disproportionately pathologized.

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Long distance relationship bughead? Pretty pleaaaasseeee

Not sure if this is what you had in mind but it’s where mine went. Hope you like


It was one thing being in a relationship in high school. They had arguments but made up quickly, important and potentially life changing exams but they studied together but the exchanging of ‘i love you’ was what made it all worthwhile. 

It was the summer before senior year and once again Betty had been offered an internship at a newspaper but this time, it was in England. The programme was to last 2 months and in the months leading up to her departure, Betty & Jughead convinced each other that they would make it through this. They would text all the time, call whenever and facetime on weekends.

‘It’s good for Betty’s career’ had been the mantra he repeated on the way back from the airport. He’d driven her to there in his dad’s truck with Betty’s family in their own car. Part of him wanted to continue driving, past his destination and down the long road not knowing where they’d end up. The goodbye was emotional, crying from everyone there with the promise to call as soon as she lands.  

The first week went by fine; calls from Betty to Jughead (so he wouldn’t have to pay for international calls), texts whenever she learnt something new from the different spellings to how they pronounce words (the word aluminium came up when she was assisting the health & science editor and it always made her giggle.)

The following week, the time difference kicked in. When Betty would finish work at 5pm, it was only lunch time back in Riverdale which meant Jughead was still in school. When he would finish school at 4pm, it was 9pm which meant Betty was normally asleep. Their communication narrowed down to weekends specifically the first three then nothing. No calls, no messages, nothing.

When he asked at Pop’s if anyone else had heard from her, Archie and Veronica replied no. Kevin however was silent which he didn’t push then. After, he cornered the boy in the parking lot “have you heard anything at all? Please I just want to know she’s okay” the blue eyed boy pleaded. 

Kevin looked at the boy and could see the worry in the boys face “I’m only telling you this because she’s really bottling this up. She’s miserable out there. She’s made one or two friends but she hates it. Hates being away from you Jughead”

The new information broke his heart. That evening he went to visit his dad who gave him his passport and any money he had lying around. He took what he had saved up and went to visit Alice & Hal explaining everything. He have them all the money he had and in exchange asked if they could purchase his plane ticket to London which they agreed too. Jughead had taken a cab from Riverdale to the nearest airport and was really anxious about flying as not only was it the first time he would be in a plane but he was also alone. 

After collecting his luggage, he saw a sign that reminded him he needed new currency. Heading over to the bureau, he changed the money he had traveled with to British money. Jughead headed outside and ordered a cab to the address where Betty was staying at. 

After paying the driver, he grabbed his case and walked into her building and started walking up the stairs. Arriving on the fourth floor, he knocked rapidly and prayed that (a) he had the right apartment and (b) that she was it. The locks began to slide from the other side of the door and opened to reveal a very tired looking Betty Cooper wearing her pajamas. 

Her face broke out into a huge smile and she dragged him in, attacking him with a hug when the door closed “I’m so glad you’re here” she whispered. 

Writing: such has been my crime ever since I was a small child. To this day writing remains my crime. Now, although I am out of prison, I continue to live inside a prison of another sort, one without steel bars. For the technology of oppression and might without justice has become more advanced, and the fetters imposed on mind and body have become invisible. The most dangerous shackles are the invisible ones, because they deceive people into believing they are free. This delusion is the new prison that people inhabit today, north and south, east and west…We inhabit the age of the technology of false consciousness, the technology of hiding truths behind amiable humanistic slogans that may change from one era to another…Democracy is not just freedom to criticize the government or head of state, or to hold parliamentary elections. True democracy obtains only when the people - women, men, young people, children - have the ability to change the system of industrial capitalism that has oppressed them since the earliest days of slavery: a system based on class division, patriarchy, and military might, a hierarchical system that subjugates people merely because they are born poor, or female, or dark-skinned.

The Calendar Woman for 6th December is Nawal El Saadawi (born 1931)

Nawal El Saadawi is an Egyptian feminist writer, activist, physician, and psychiatrist. Her primary focus is on the subject of women in Islam, including FGM in Egyptian society. Growing up in a relatively progressive family, Nawal was encouraged by her father to pursue education and to speak her mind; however she was still subject to female genital mutilation, which occurred when she was 6. She graduated as a medical doctor from Cairo University and through her medical practice met and witnessed women’s physical and psychological problems, which she connect to oppressive cultural practices including class oppression and patriarchal oppression.

Nawal is the founder and president of the Arab Women’s Solidarity Association and the co-founder of the Arab Association for Human Rights. As a physician, she has founded the Health Education Association and was the Chief Editor of Health Magazine in Egypt.  Her 1972 book Women and Sex became a foundational text of second-wave feminism but cost Nawal her job at the Ministry of Health; she was later imprisoned for contribution to the feminist magazine Confrontation which she helped publish in 1981. Fleeing Egypt following Islamist death threats, she settled in America and has held several positions at prestigious universities. Nawal has been recognised internationally for her work and received many honorary degrees and awards including the Sean MacBride Peace Prize awarded by the International Peace Bureau.

The Girls Gutcheck: ‘Just Because It’s Fake Doesn’t Mean I Don’t Feel It’

This week, death happened upon Girls. Hannah’s editor, David Pressler-Goings, died mysteriously, and his body was later found in a river. David’s death prompted a range of responses: Hannah wondered what this meant for her ebook, Adam was appalled at her insensitivity, and Jessa and Shoshanna had a conversation of their own about their experiences with loss—which led to Jessa’s discovery that a friend of hers who had tragically died a few years before hadn’t really died at all.

Below, The Atlantic’s team of millennial Girls-watchers—Education editor Eleanor Barkhorn, Health editor James Hamblin, social media editor Chris Heller, and Entertainment editor Ashley Fetters—responds to questions raised by the show’s depictions of grief, online media, and the flighty nature of maturity.

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Lol actually Ishida is a genius (even if I hate him right now): chapter 139 Arima vs Kaneki, page 10: "you can't go further than V14", v14 as in "volume 14". I'm dead. He gave us a hint about the end a month ago.

Yes, I read something like that on the threads on /a/ and I can’t believe that V14 actually meant something and it hinted the end of a manga. Tho true, if a manga is about to end, the mangaka usually says it a month or two in advance to his editor (unless health problems) so hearing that he’s been hinting about it at an earlier chapter isn’t all that surprising; we just all missed it.
Unidentified Respiratory Virus Likely to Hit Kids Across Country

A respiratory illness that has already sickened more than a thousand children in 10 states is likely to become a nationwide problem, doctors say.

The disease hasn’t been officially identified but officials suspect a rare respiratory virus called human enterovirus 68. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the virus is related to the rhinovirus, which causes the common cold.

According to Mark Pallansch, director of the Division of Viral Diseases at the CDC, similar cases to the ones in Colorado have been cropping up across the U.S. At least 10 states – Missouri, Kansas, Illinois, Kentucky, Iowa, Colorado, Ohio, Oklahoma, North Carolina, and Georgia – have reported suspected outbreaks of human enterovirus 68 and requested CDC support.

“Viruses don’t tend to respect borders,” ABC News Chief Health and Medical Editor Dr. Richard Besser said. “It is only 10 states now, but it’s going to be across the country. So if your state doesn’t have it now, watch for it, it’s coming.”

Doctors say they are not even sure yet how this particular virus spreads, though the back-to-school season is a normal time for illnesses to spread among children.

Can Wikipedia Ever Be A Definitive Medical Text?

Every time I panic unreasonably over some minor bodily abnormality—which is often—I take to the Internet. I’m far from the only one—72 percent of Internet users have looked online for health information in the past year, according to Pew Research. And though as a responsible health editor, I should of course say that if you really think something’s wrong, you should go to the doctor, I know that even if you do go to the doctor, chances are you’ll Google whatever she tells you anyway.

Wikipedia being the sixth-largest site on the whole wide Internet, these people searching for medical information online are often going to end up there. Whether or not they should be doing it, they are. I am. Patients are, and so are doctors. Which is why efforts to improve the quality of Wikipedia’s medical information are important—if you can’t lead people away from the fountain of crowd-sourced knowledge, you can at least try to unmuddy the waters.

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Yahoo and Disney/ABC Television Group Announce Expanded Relationship

By Anna Robertson, VP, Head of Yahoo Studios

This morning we announced an expansion of our long-standing relationship with Disney/ABC Television Group. Starting today content from hit shows across the Disney/ABC Television Group will be featured on Yahoo. On Monday, March 16th, Good Morning America will launch a new daily “Yahoo Your Day” series, featuring top Yahoo editors, bringing Yahoo’s category-leading digital magazines to America’s number one morning show.

New York, NY March 12th - Disney/ABC Television Group and Yahoo today announced an extension and expansion of their long-standing relationship. Starting today content from hit shows across DATG will be featured on Yahoo. On Monday, March 16th, Good Morning America will launch a new daily “Yahoo Your Day” series, featuring top Yahoo editors, bringing Yahoo’s category-leading digital magazines to America’s number one morning show. (Photo by ABC/Heidi Gutman)  

(From Left to Right) Lara Spencer; Gio Benitez; ABC News SVP Tom Cibrowski; Robin Roberts; ABC News Digital VP Colby Smith; Amy Robach;  Michael Corn, EP, Good Morning America; Dr. Richard Besser; Ginger Zee; Sara Haines; George Stephanopoulos; Tory Johnson; ABC News President James Goldston, Kerry Diamond, EIC, Yahoo Food; Kathy Savitt CMO and Head of Media, Yahoo Inc., Megan Liberman EIC, Yahoo News Group; Katie Brown, EIC, Yahoo Makers;  Joe Zee, EIC, Yahoo Style; Michele Promaulayko, EIC, Yahoo Health; Rob Barrett, VP, Media Initiatives, Yahoo Inc; Susan Kittenplan, VP Digital Magazines; Kristen Baldwin, EIC, Yahoo TV; Josh Wolk, Executive Editor at Large, Yahoo Entertainment; Bobbi Brown, EIC, Yahoo Beauty; Anna Robertson, VP, Head of Video, Yahoo Inc.; Paula Froelich, EIC, Yahoo Travel; David Pogue, VP, Yahoo Tech; Lindsay Powers, Editorial Director, Yahoo Parenting)

The “Yahoo Your Day” daily franchise will feature Yahoo’s top editors and experts, including Yahoo Style editor-in-chief Joe Zee, Yahoo Beauty editor-in-chief Bobbi Brown, Yahoo Health editor-in-chief Michele Promaulayko and Yahoo Food editor-in-chief Kerry Diamond.  Flickr images will be integrated into Good Morning America’s weather reports, and Tumblr will be featured in the morning show’s ‘Social Square’.  In addition, Yahoo News and ABC News will deepen their collaboration on major news events, including the 2016 presidential election, and content from Yahoo Global News Anchor Katie Couric will be distributed across ABC News.

Special clips from across the Disney/ABC Television Group, including hit shows like Scandal, How to Get Away with Murder, Grey’s Anatomy, Pretty Little Liars, Jimmy Kimmel Live, and Dancing with the Stars, will now be available on Yahoo Screen and Yahoo TV.

Today viewers will find an exclusive clip from the stars of Scandal, a sneak peek from the next episode of Scandal, and a special video from Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Watch HERE: ‘Scandal’ Stars One-on-One:  Scott Foley and Tony Goldwyn Interview Each Other

Watch HERE: ‘Scandal’ Sneak Peek: See Olivia Pope at Rock Bottom

Watch HERE: Jimmy Kimmel Live Featuring Bette Midler

We are excited about our expansion and look forward to providing our users the best content from great partners.

holy shit this was in an article my health blog editor sent me today:

Oranges are rich in Vitamin C and many other vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that our body needs. Moreover, it also contains flavonoids which are able to reduce symptoms of mild depression. Oranges, and other citrus fruits, help your body produce dopamine due to high levels of already mentioned Vitamin C. Dopamine can be defined as a “feel good” hormone that is needed for relieving depression.