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Researchers are on the way to treating, even curing cystic fibrosis

Cystic fibrosis, a hereditary disorder that attacks your lungs and digestive system with a massive buildup of mucus, is one of the most frequent rare diseases. We know that buildup is caused by a mutation in the body’s cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator, which makes the body terrible at creating the protein it needs to move water and salt out of its cells — hence the gnarly buildup. And so far, there’s no cure for the disease — but scientists just announced a major breakthrough.

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Dr Sebi has been curing all of these diseases since 1984. 

So the Question arises: if there’s been a cure for AIDS, why do millions of people still suffer from it? Simply put, there is no profit for Big-Pharmacy in the cure for AIDS or any other disease because the cure is natural herbs. No chemical pills or shots will ever help your health. EVER.

In 1987 the FDA sued a Dr Sebi for false advertisement and practicing medicine without a license. He had over 70 patients in the court room with him who were completely cured of the AIDS, and he won. Dr Sebi proved to the FDA that he cures AIDS using no chemicals, just natural herbs.

After he proved he had the cure, he went to over 15 countries in Africa. The Africa we all want to help. Africa needs help. We all need help. But the African people are not going to get it from the African leaders. Nor any other place on Earth. All the African leaders told him they weren’t interested in the cure for AIDS.


How to treat a hangover according to the experts

Dietician’s advice: Many traditional hangover remedies are ineffective and some can actually make you feel worse,“ Alexandra Miller, corporate dietitian at Medifast Inc. said in an email.

"Recovery from a hangover is usually just a matter of time… If you’re suffering from a hangover, opt for a light breakfast that incorporates nutrient-rich and easy-to-digest foods, such as fresh fruits (e.g. bananas, dates, or kiwi) and vegetables (e.g. dark leafy greens), oatmeal, whole grain toast, egg whites, low-fat yogurt and/or a clear soup or broth (e.g. chicken noodle soup or chicken broth),” In addition, drink plenty of water to help rehydrate your body.

Doctor’s advice: “Curing a hangover is all about fluid,” Dr. Eric Braverman, director of PATH Medical in New York, said in an email. “A big pitcher of water will help. What you really want though, in addition to water, are antioxidants, like an N-Acetyl Cysteine or magnesium supplement.”

“Anything that helps with cognition will also help with a hangover, like choline powder, B-vitamins and Vitamin C,” Braverman said. “While it might not seem like breakfast, foods like asparagus and spinach can help, because they contain sulfur.” If vegetables aren’t your ideal post-drunk morning meal, try hiding them in an omelet to make them more appetizing.

Chef’s advice: A really delicious sounding condiment.

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We break down the science of pimples and the future of potential cures. 

This cure for the common cold could have even more ramifications for our health

A team from McMaster University in Ontario thinks it has the key to saving you from that nasty cold. The study, published in the science journal Nature Immunology, identified a protein usually involved in metabolism that helps your immune system detect viruses in your body. It works by triggering an antiviral response — exactly what your body needs to do if it wants to fight off enemy viruses. But knowing the mechanism to track down viruses is much bigger than alleviating common colds and herpes. It could fight much more deadly diseases.

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Dr. Edwards’ Plague Advice

It can be awkward when a friend gets the plague. Do you visit? Should you bring anything? How long is it polite to stay?

Dr. Edwards contributes his expertise with these tips to help you avoid a sickbed faux pas:

  • Do not go in the morning, when it’s foggy, during the extreme heat of the day, or after the sun has set.
  • You cannot enter a plague house before a fire has been made.
  • How much perfume is too much? When you’re visiting a plague victim there’s no such thing!  We recommend Juniper, Lavender or Frankincense, but anything strong and sweet will work. Drench your clothes in it and then splash your face with vinegar and rosewater.  The room will be perfumed as well, so you don’t need to worry about standing out.
  • Before you go in, place angelica root, citron skin, and a whole clove in your mouth. This may make it difficult to talk, but a real friend will understand safety comes first.
  • “But herewithall you must have a speciall care, that during the time you are with the sick, you stand not betwixt the sick body and the fire, for that is dangerous […] Keep you alwaies on the contrary side, so that the sick may be betwixt you and the fire.”
  • Remember to bring your arsenic bag! Crimson taffeta is the fabric of choice among industry specialists. Just be careful to hold it away from your skin if you start sweating or you could end up with some nasty side-effects.
  • Never forget plague is a punishment from God. Your friend is a horrible sinner, but so are you, so don’t hold it against them! You never know who could be next. Think unhappy thoughts, sleep past noon, or play too much tennis and it might be you.