health crave

For all those who are craving:

It’s not you wanting to have a snack. It’s your DISGUSTING FAT* trying to trick you into thinking you need to eat unnecessary calories. It just wants to ruin your life, it wants you to hate yourself, it wants to steal from you your body, your happiness. Whenever you binge, whenever you break your meal schedule, you FEED YOUR DISGUSTING FAT, YOU MAKE IT STRONGER AND HELP HIM RUINING YOUR LIFE.
Don’t let it destroy all your sacrifices. Why did you say goodbye to all those delicious foods? Did you exercise, did you put all that effort, just to lose it all, because of an evil voice inside your guts?
YOU have the power, only you. Be strong.

*I’m not talking about a concrete body fat, I’m referring to that sick side of you that just wants to fill its throat with unhealthy food, ruining one of the most important thing you have: your self-esteem

Edit: I removed a comment which said I encourage eating disorders. AS I SAID IN THOSE FEW LINES ABOVE, AFTER THE STAR: I’M NOT TALKING ABOUT CONCRETE BODY FAT, I TALK ABOUT THAT EATING DISORDER THAT MAKES YOU OVEREAT. Jesus. There’s a difference between being hungry and eat (which I’ve encouraged in another post, check my blog before commenting bullshit) and craving and (over)eat snacks and other junk food. I’ll remove any stupid comment, I can explain my point of view but I’ll never EVER accept stupid accusations.

Today, I will not restrict my food because of what I ate last night.
I will not over-exercise.
I will not hate myself.
I will give my body the love nourishment it deserves.
I am not a failure.
It’s time to end this war inside my head.

Quick fact. Ready?
When one experiences food cravings, the thoughts often associate the particular food as a reward of some sort, which often overrides the reward centre of the brain. This involves the activation of three specific parts of the brain; the hippocampus, the caudate, and the insula.

Sometimes you don’t realize how bad it’s gotten until things start to get better. You’re done eating dinner and you realize you feel good after eating, not stuffed. You realize you hadn’t felt that in a long time. It had gotten so bad that every day, you would eat until you were full, and you’d eat more and more because you felt so empty. And you realize, it wasn’t your body that was always craving more, it wasn’t your body that was hungry, but your soul.

Quick fact. Ready?
Having 20-40 grams of protein, depending on your body size, gender, and activity level, in the morning may help to better satisfy cravings and appetite later on in the day. However, make sure it’s from a good quality source!

OKAY. So this is a little scary to see side by side…because I’m even self-conscious about my now photos, nevermind just the before >.< But here it is. THIS IS ME NOW. MY SIDE/TUMMY PROGRESS. The two photos on the right were taken a couple days ago :)
Almost 30lbs down, hoping to drop another 10, but wont be upset if my muscle gain gets in the way of that :P I love my new muscle and stregnth!!
AND ARE THOSE OBLIQUES COMING IN?! Please tell me I’m not the only one who sees them :/ :) ??? :/ :) ???

The wide open spaces Craving

You know that famous Dixie Chicks song, Wide Open Spaces…She needs wide open spaces, Room to make her big mistakes, She needs new faces, She knows the high stakes. Well I might be listening to it right now. Not necessarily because they are talking about me, but because I’ve realized that I have an incessant craving for wide open spaces.  

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🌙 7/8/17

No workout post today because I didn’t go to the gym but for once I don’t feel guilty about it because I’m really sore pretty much everywhere today so I knew this would be a good day to just rest :)

Eating today however……. not so great. I can never be consistent which is so frustrating!! I can literally only have a full healthy day every other day and I don’t know how to fix that. So yesterday was such a good day eating wise and today I guess it could’ve been worse but Charley’s is just too good I couldn’t resist!! Plus my mom made a blueberry strudel type thing and my grandma had cookies and it was just a mess.

ALSO I’ve been craving Ben & jerrys tonight dough ice cream it’s seriously my favorite and I had to force myself not to go to the store and get one and that definitely didn’t end well 🤷🏻‍♀️

Anyways I honestly think I might still get it tomorrow because I’m getting those thoughts again about there being no point in me eating healthy now because I’m leaving for vacation on Tuesday and will probably be eating bad for two weeks straight!! I don’t know what I’m going to do but it’s just making me really anxious thinking about how I’m going to feel when I get back.

These are problems I’m just going to leave to think about tomorrow though. Anyways I hope everyone had a great day today and did everything they wanted to accomplish for the day! I know it may not seem like it right now to me but I know I’ll get past this discouragement and I’ll reach my goals and so will everyone who might be feeling the same way as me right now.

(Btw sorry these are so long I try to shorten them while still getting my point across but I’m a rambler I can’t help it!!)