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i find it disgusting that yg used taehyun’s mental health condition to cover up the fact that he doesn’t care about winner at all and was never going to give them a comeback this year. we all knew that with blackpinks 8 music video promise winner was never going to see daylight, so why did he try to look like some kind of martyr by saying the hiatus was for purely for taehyun? of course taehyuns health should be the priority, but publicising it just to use it as an excuse was horrible imo.

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  1. Experiences in your life you wish happened more often.
  2. Favorite moment or memory from grade school
  3. Characters you would most like to play if you were in theater.
  4. Animal species that best represents your personality with explanation.
  5. Prizes you would most likely win on a game show besides money.
  6. Songs you would sing at karaoke if no one would judge you.
  7. Super powers you would most like to have if you were a superhero.
  8. Items you would decorate a genie bottle with if you had to live in one.
  9. Moments in history you wish you could experience first-hand.
  10. The clumsiest thing you have ever done.
  11. Hobbies you wish you could do, or had more time to do.
  12. Three things you would insist on having if you lived in an igloo.
  13. Items you would buy if you had three days to spend $1,000,000.
  14. Songs that drive you nuts when you hear them and why
  15. People you would watch if you could legally spy on them for a day.
  16. Reality shows you most wish you could be a contestant on.
  17. Three items you consider the best inventions ever.
  18. Moments in movies that have inspired you.
  19. Your idea of a perfect day/night spent alone.
  20.  Television shows that most resemble times in your life.
  21. People you would trade places with for one day, but not more.
  22. Things you would like to do if you were in your favorite foreign country.
  23. Game shows you think you could be a successful contestant on.
  24. Ways you would improve your home if you had an unlimited budget.
  25. Experiences with art or music that have inspired you the most.
  26. Places you would show to an alien if a flying saucer landed in your yard.
  27. Fashion risks you have wanted to take but have not.
  28. Movie characters that most inspire you.
  29. Funniest thing you have ever seen.
  30. Businesses you would like to own if you were an entrepreneur and why.
  31. Five top pet peeves.
  32. Funny or fun things your parents did while you were little.
  33. Food items you would eat most often if you didn’t have to worry about health.
  34. Three things you would do differently than your parents, and why.
  35. Three pieces of advice you’d give to your seventh grade self.

ok i know i’ve been Out There with blaming sm for lack of updates on anything jaemin, but forreal forreal… jaemin okay for this comeback? is he truly recovered enough? have his (presumed) physical therapists cleared him for normal idol activities?? as much as i miss jaemin and want to see him again, his health of course comes first. back/spine injuries are no joke, and i reeallyyy hope sm isn’t putting jaemin back out there before he’s really ready. between jaemin, mark and donghyuck, i’m about to develop heart palpitations istg i never stop worrying about these kids
Forget About Feelings, Real Love Is A Deliberate Choice
My wife and I have known each other since high school, but didn't date until much later. We had only dated a couple of weeks before we realized that we w...

If I could teach the world one thing, it would be this. Learn this and teach your significant other this. 

After the butterflies, after the excitement we choose love and family.

“No one falls in love by choice, it is by chance. No one stays in love by chance, it is by work. And no one falls out of love by chance, it is by choice.”

“One day, you will realize that real love isn’t just a euphoric, spontaneous feeling—it’s a deliberate choice—a plan to love each other for better and worse, for richer and poorer, in sickness and in health. Of course, you don’t choose who you’re attracted to, but you definitely choose who you fall in love with and (more importantly) who you stay in love with.”

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mmm what about Person A whump in front of an emotionally invested Person B? For the meme?

like, that is literally the plot of the Children of Hurin? I don’t know if I can top ‘watch your children make horrible decisions, fuck, and die.’ 

OKAY how about Annatar, to further inveigle himself into Celebrimbor’s sympathies, comes up with an elaborate plot in which he gets abducted and tortured but like, nobly (nothing too gross, disfiguring or demeaning) in defence of Celebrimbor and their works, and then needs to be cradled lovingly in his boyfriend’s arms and nursed back to health (it would, of course, be his own dudes doing the torturing under his orders and he would, of course, be more or less indifferent to any damage done to his assumed hroa, but what Celebrimbor doesn’t know won’t hurt him). Celebrimbor feels horrible and cries a lot. Annatar, with some effort (and a great deal of smugness), cries even more. But not, you know, in an ugly way or anything, that’d ruin it. 

(These are, ironically, the same tortures he will later use in an attempt to wring information on the Three from his recalcitrant boyfriend.)

i need to eat

hey everyone so the short version is i havent been eating cuz of finances and bad health (which of course is made worse by not eating)

my therapist helped me come up with some food i can buy in bulk that i could actually eat. problem is, i cant afford it. either way, for the next two weeks, i cant afford to eat

i would appreciate any donation to teenagemenace at gmail via paypal. i also take commissions for art, writing… mm lots of things just message me and we’ll work something out. thanks!

I've decided

When people try to convince me to agree with their opinions I’m going to reply and end with “but of course, I’m a sawfish” and just walk away. Person: “Anime is stupid!” Me: “I really like it and find it great but of course, I’m a sawfish” Person: “Have you tried yoga to cure your depression?” Me: “I prefer to use the treatment I’ve worked out with doctors but of course, I’m a sawfish.” Person: “Your chronic pain would disappear if you lost weight” Me: “My doctors and I agree I’m doing the best I can for my health but of course, I’m a sawfish” At the end of each exchange I wouldn’t offer context I’d just walk the fuck away. It’s my hope I’ll get them to shut up by being too weird to engage with. But of course, I’m a sawfish…

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The issue was never Justice. It was Kirkwall.

Sure, Justice was angry, even before they left Ferelden. Of course, considering Anders had already seen far more than his share of injustice in his lifetime, as both victim and bystander, and now it was as though Justice had lived it, too. By his very nature, to say he would be unsettled would surely be an understatement. Even aside from the adjustment, too, the resistance neither he nor Anders expected, of course he was going to change. But despite what Varric says, or perhaps even what Anders believes, the problem was never Vengeance. Justice wasn’t corrupted, and Anders was never truly afraid of him.

Anders’s and Justice’s reactions to and relationship with each other after merging would still be strained and are certainly fair, and for a myriad of reasons (Anders’s own mental health, and of course his Chantry-manipulated upbringing, as well as Justice’s having to cope with basically his entire world changing so harshly, and then I personally still have my one very particular headcanon about Anders’s past and Justice’s difficulties). Too many emotions run rampant between them, which only time and support and understanding can fix. Thank the Maker for Hawke, then, right?

Kirkwall, though. Kirkwall is something new altogether. Yes, it brings them Hawke, friends that are more like family, love and protection they hadn’t expected. At the same time, however, it brings new hardships, new hurdles, new things to learn and grow accustomed to, already a struggle for the displaced Fade spirit just trying to figure out the mortal realm from within his dear friend’s already tumultuous shared consciousness.

And what does Kirkwall bring them? A city built on the backs of slaves with a Circle that is infamous even by Circle standards, where the Veil is notoriously thin, with an out-of-control Knight-Commander and a Grand Cleric who refuses to act. Injustice, injustice everywhere, the likes of which the spirit had not yet seen, could not have prepared for. So they build their sanctum of healing and salvation, do great work helping people who would otherwise likely be unable to get help, yet this comes at the constant cost of discovery by Templars, that extra fear of being shut down and taken, because they help those in need. This is not justice, this is abhorrent, and the literal embodiment of such a virtue surely cannot comprehend, cannot sit well with this distress. Kirkwall also comes with loss. That brand upon Karl’s head followed by the cry of “you will never take another mage,” but of course they will, and Justice must know it just as well as Anders.

This city takes and takes and takes, not just from Anders but from those he cares about, as well, so Justice throws them further into the mission, to fix this however they can. Anders is angry and it scares him, but he is driven as he has never been before, he is making a difference, even though he puts himself at so much risk to do it. Justice fears for him, too, but Anders knows too well by now that they must persevere, if he even interprets Justice’s concern correctly; he very well may not, however, and by no fault of his own. This will take time, even with having Hawke there to help them through, even with the blessing of the outsider’s perspective coupled with the blessing of the love they provide them.

Anders is a bipolar trauma survivor who hasn’t had a single chance to try to work through or even process all he’s been through, and Justice is literally justice in a world where there is none to be found, where he just wants to help, and Kirkwall is a toxic cesspool that works against them so thoroughly, so adamantly, so it’s surely no surprise that this would complicate these already complicated matters. After they leave, worlds of possibilities for healing and understanding could open up, likely would open up. Kirkwall, however, would never allow for this, and they do a phenomenal job of working together considering all this wretched place throws their way.

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To Luna and Noctis: All I can ask is that you two may live happily together- you both deserve it after all the things you've been through. ~Anon L.V.

“Blessed be you, dear Anon, for your most heartwarming words. We are sure to spend every day to it’s fullest, and in good health of course. The dark times have passed and with the prophecy being fulfilled, we can finally live our lives together. May you go in the grace of the gods.”

“There’s no doubt we’ve been through a lot, but I’d say Luna went through worse. The important thing is, is that we are finally together after everything we’ve struggled through. My dad’s last wish for us was to live happily, and now that we’ve been given this chance, we are doing what we can to make that happen. Ah, ‘preciate it, anon. Thanks.”