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Poor nutrition and a sedentary lifestyle do cause health problems, in people of all sizes. This is why it’s so fucking crucial to separate the concept of “obesity” from “eating crap and not exercising.” The two are simply not synonymous — not even close — and it’s not only incredibly offensive but dangerous for thin people to keep pretending that they are. There are thin people who eat crap and don’t exercise — and are thus putting their health at risk — and there are fat people who treat their bodies very well but remain fat. Really truly.
—  Kate Harding

anonymous asked:

June 6th you said "my limbs are so large people think I have lymphedema, nope just fat" So I'm really confused as to why you keep screaming hereditary!!! When you literally only developed it after being morbidly obese. You telling people you're healthy is fucking wrong. You know you're not. Stop being representation for a size that shouldn't exist!!!! Kill yourself with food, whatever, but don't you dare tell other girls it's ok and LIE.

Are you STILL going on?  Like, what is your deal?  Are YOU okay?

When I made that post, I didn’t KNOW I had lipedema.  Did you also realize that I specifically said lymphedema and not lipedema in that post?  That’s because I didn’t even know lipedema existed.  If you actually looked at any of the many sources I left you with, you would have realized that it goes undiagnosed and misdiagnosed all of the time.  Very little doctors even know what it is, so instead of having an actual doctor tell me what’s up, I had to wait until someone saw the symptoms for me and message me anonymously on here.  

You want to know what that’s called?  Fat bias.  Doctors are not somehow immune to how much fat shaming there is in the world and while there ARE higher risks for certain diseases with being fat and while YES you can become fat by overeating all the time/being sedentary, there often times is a LOT more to it than that.  Fat CAN be a symptom rather than a cause and you refusing to believe that does not somehow make it not true.  The fact that 11% of women have this condition and barely anybody, doctors included, even know that it exists is proof that it’s because we don’t want to view fat any other way.

Here, since you obviously failed to look at any of the sources I gave you on the condition and managed to, yet again, ignore everything that was said in regards to it…I’ll make this REAL easy for you.

5-6 years ago, when I actually WAS around 100 pounds less.  I know this is really hard for you to take in since you are so adamant about the fact that I’m 500+ pounds and gained 100 pounds in under a year, but nope - here’s reality for you.  Do you notice anything?  That even at 100 pounds less, my limbs are STILL incredibly large?

So no, this condition didn’t just ‘develop’ when I hit *500+* pounds, I’ve had this for over 10 years.  If you had actually attempted to educate yourself on what the condition actually is and what it entails, you would see that it is progressive (pro·gres·sive prəˈɡresiv /adjective 1.happening or developing gradually or in stages; proceeding step by step).  Do you know what that means?  It means that the longer you have it and do no preventive care, the higher of a chance it has to…progress!  Seeing as I just now learned that I had it only a few months ago, it would have been really fucking hard to try to do preventative care when it was actually onset -now wouldn’t it?  

Nothing you sent me has even been remotely seeded in reality.  You have sent me 10+ messages - even trying to sound as though you’re different people when it’s obvious you’re not.  You’ve told me that I purposely gained 100 pounds in under a year, then in WELL under 4 years, that I have this condition because of my fetish, that Foxy is trying to feed me until I’m immobile and I die, that I didn’t have lipedema (which you so graciously referred to as lymphoma) until I was over 500+ pounds.  Like…you are REALLY stretching and trying to come up with facts that just aren’t there.  You absolutely refuse to do any real research on this condition and it’s obvious when you couldn’t even get the mere name of it right.  You keep switching out your numbers of my weight and my weight gain and it’s just…really fucking weird?  That you’re paying THIS much attention to a complete stranger and falsifying information to try to make some kind of point?

This blog isn’t about health, you fool.  It never has been.  My message is very clear - you deserve to love yourself regardless of whatever you look like, whatever your health status is.  It’s never been about health.  This isn’t a health at every size blog.  The only time I’ve ever actually talked about MY own health is in regards to my lipedema and in regards to the fact that I am, indeed, metabolically healthy.  I’m sorry, I’m not going to lie to make your own agenda true.  Am I physically fit?  Fuck no.  But you do realize that there are people who ARE physically fit and who are even athletes who aren’t healthy, right?  

I know that you’re going to instinctively not want to pay any attention to this and just go straight to my inbox so you can type out some more obnoxious shit, but please do us both a favor and actually try to think before you speak (or type).  I’m sorry, but you don’t know me better than I know myself.  I am not trying to hide any secret lifestyle or agenda from my followers and I’m not in denial about everything.  I am so incredibly in tune with my mind and my body and I can only hope the same for you one day so that you can stop with this complete and utter nonsense. 


2014 (morbidly obese) just before my surgery vs today(overweight) .

It is an everyday struggle but eventhough my body dysmorphia will try to convince me otherwise it amazes me how things have changed, at least health wise.
Probably won’t ever fit into a size 14 jeans because of my legs but I’m healthy and I can probably outrun zombies in case of an apocalyptic scenario ;)

Two years and almost two months post op.