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My tips for workout motivation!

So, you want to work out. But, oh no! You’re feeling a little unmotivated? You don’t know where to start? It isn’t always helpful to hear “just do it,” even if it’s a little bit true. There are times where we all feel unmotivated and that’s why we need to be dedicated, let out a deep sigh, and just do it.

It’s more mental than physical. Now, I know what you’re thinking. I know exactly what you’re thinking.


How do we become dedicated? It can take weeks to months for a habit to solidify so how do we break down a few of these mental barriers to even get there in the first place?

You don’t need a gym: A lot of people get stuck on “where” before “how” and there are a number of reasons why a gym membership is actually an inconvenience or out of budget for many individuals. There are also people who find the gym absolutely boring. That’s fine! Our bodies already come equipped with cardiovascular machinery and can be used as a resistance tool. Our own homes, parks, and backyards are perfect places to workout and with the addition of a few small, affordable tools you can even up to ante without ever setting foot inside a gym.

Small steps before big leaps: If you’ve never worked out before or simply need to get more active in general; then don’t worry too much with whipping your ass into a protoplasmic pile of goo quite yet. We’re all beginners at some point in time, and you need to let yourself be a beginner. The risk of injury is high for a beginner and that’s the biggest mood killer of them all. Don’t pop in a “Maximum Hardcore Power Shred 9000X²” DVD and expect to come out of that experience with a positive outlook on the days and weeks to come. You probably have some idea of where your fitness level is at, so be generous and be forgiving. For some people, fitness starts simply at taking more stairs and walking longer distances around town and that’s absolutely great.

Write out a plan for the day: At night, I often write in my phone’s little “sticky note” application what I want to do at the gym tomorrow morning and what weight, sets, and reps I may want to attempt them at. Not only will it help you zone in and focus on the task, but you’ll be thinking about your workout in advance as well. Having a plan will reduce the number of “unknown variables” so you can just get started and stop second guessing yourself, a life-saver for the anxious. 

Set out your workout clothes and supplies the night before: No matter when you’re planning to workout, just be ready well in advance. Don’t get stuck in a situation where you’re frantically trying to slap things together, getting stressed out, and only to discover your shorts are dirty and your water bottle has mysteriously been stolen by gremlins.

Try a different time of day if you’re stumbling with your current one: This one is dependant a lot on personality and the mercy of your schedule and home life. Understandably, some people have less flexibility so it’s not always possible to switch time slots around. This was personally my biggest game changer, though. I used to workout in the evening but by the end of a day my “introvert battery” was clocked and more times than not I said, “it’s blanket time.” Morning is my favorite time of day and I’m fresh when I wake up, so I started going in the morning. It sounds obvious but it honestly was the best thing I ever did.

Find an exercise that genuinely excites you: The best workout is one that is fun for you to do, not the one that burns the most calories. Don’t waste too much time on running if you’d rather have your toenails ripped out with a pair of rusty pliers. There are a million ways to get a workout, so shop around!

Switch it up and be open to trying something new: Having a game plan in place certainly is a pillar of success, but a good dose of spontaneity can give you that twinge of excitement you’re looking for and even introduce you to new workouts you never guessed you’d like. Personally, I’d love to try a Zumba class sometime!

Try a podcast or audiobook instead of music: Only continue your playthrough a little before a workout, while working out, and a little after a workout. If you’re getting somewhere juicy, guess what? Gotta workout.

Do something if you’re not up for everything: Making a good habit and becoming dedicated isn’t about having all cylinders firing at max 24/7. That is the key difference between motivation and dedication. If you don’t feel like challenging your personal records today, that’s fine. Pick a comfortable intensity, pick a nice small chunk of time. Also, going for a walk is an absolutely marvelous workout. It counts. It all counts.  Feeling like a shut in today? Keep a jump rope and a yoga mat around. Build a list of Youtube videos you could do on that rainy day. Get some bodyweight routines in or jog in place a little. If you’re sore, just stretch. Doing a little bit of anything will uphold your habit and your dedication. Some days we achieve, other days we survive. 

Sometimes rest days are announced, not planned: If you’ve been getting into the swing of things but wake up feeling sick, exhausted, or have unexplained pain take the rest if you really think you need it. You’re not “skipping the gym,” if you seriously need the rest. Try as we might to have a super tight plan, sometimes we have unexpected issues. Rest is also necessary.

@unfcking Ask and you shall receive! I hope you find something helpful here.

This is what i do when i want to work on my butt area..
30 squats
20 donkey kicks (left)
20 donkey kicks ( right)
20 hip bridges
15 Froggy glute lifts
15 fire hydrant left
15 fire hydrant right
20 sec wall sit
( you can switch it up day by day but dont do it everyday! Your muscles need rest too)

Friday Rundown 3-24-17

On the docket for the weekend

  • This is the weekend I start tackling this horrid, horrid storage closet we have. It’s pretty much become a “crap I don’t want to look at” depository. I need to go through it, purge some things, keep some things, and get an idea of what I need to do to properly store our items. We want to get a unit in there because we want to leave the floor space open for future projects.
  • We’re having a huge freezer clear out next week so I don’t need to cook a lot, but I still need to stop by the store tonight to grab some fresh stuff to munch on.
  • 2/2 weekend workouts! We have leg day on Saturday, and if it’s not raining we’ll probably take a walk Sunday. If it’s raining I’ll probably pick up another short little cardio session or do upper body. Sunday’s always been kind of a free-for-all “what doesn’t hurt” day.

The successful

  • Rest Day. Guys, Monday I barely moved. I didn’t even think too hard. It was absolutely glorious and I really needed it.
  • I have an NSV for you. My side boob is gone. Y’know, when your bra smooshes your sides and it spills over the band? I don’t really know when this change started occurring, but it was really only the other day that I was, “woah.”
  • This clearly has more to do with him, but my boyfriend loves his protein shakes! I’ve had to beat it over his head that he doesn’t eat enough protein. He’d always tell me “I eat what you eat” Queue me, “I’m 5 inches shorter and 50 lbs lighter so under no circumstance should be eating exactly what I eat.” Also, I’ve been giving him a protein mocha so he isn’t spending $2 at Tim Horton’s every morning. He needs to make his own habits out of things, but I seriously think he’d only eat Jimmy John’s and Jet’s if I didn’t pack his breakfast and lunch in the morning.
  • 3/3 weekday workouts, including that killer cardio session. I feel like I really upped my game this week.
  • Kept my sweets under control. After last week I needed to put my foot down and it turns out I actually didn’t think about sweets at all this week, really.

The not as successful 

  • Well, these weeks happen sometimes, but I can’t think of anything I’d do much better! All of my cooking came out well, no one had a meltdown, I broke PRs, I slept very well, and my freezer is so stuffed that I don’t even need to cook much of anything next week.

Cruuuuushed it.

Workout Log 3-24-17

So, I worked out at home this morning. I woke up in the middle of the night and don’t remember much aside from having migraine pain and scrambling for anti-nausea. Then, I sort of just passed back out and woke up pretty OK-ish. OK. We can come back from this. 

Naturally, I’m a little run down, but I saved abs for today which luckily is pretty easy for me to do at home and not a huge production like an upper body or leg workout. 

Running in place and jump roping (warm up)
Core Stabilizers w/ dumbbell: 15 lbs 3 x 12
Standing Side Bend w/ dumbbells: 15 lbs 3 x 12
Plank: 60s x 2
Side Plank: 30s each side x 2
Russian Twist w/ 5 lb medicine ball: 45 s x 3
Leg Lifts: 3 x 12
Heel Touches: 60s x 3
Bicycle Kicks: 45s x 3
Knee Tuck Crunches: 45 s x 3  

I just let whatever play on my Google music, so my picks aren’t the most work-out-y of workout music, but hey, maybe I should share some of my favorite ballads anyway!?

Playlist Picks: Guns N’ Roses “Patience, and fun fact; I can whistle! Also, Within Temptation’s acoustic version of “Ice Queen.I am so obsessed with her vocal range. It is mind boggling. Here’s a live version of the original arrangement. She’s amazing. Like, I can’t even.

You seriously need to hear both versions of that Within Temptation song for the full effect.

A little thought for everyone! I’m seeing a lot of “I caved” and “I gave in to” on my dash today. Remember, life’s little pleasures fall in perfectly with a healthy lifestyle. Real life has parties, gatherings, and celebrations. Your life is not on hold. Learning to enjoy life’s little pleasures is part of the plan. It’s all about balance and the bigger picture. There is absolutely nothing to beat yourself up over. 

Building a Better Burger– Now, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the odd burger or two, but don’t you ever wish that the toppings inside your burger were a bit fresher? Maybe a little more wholesome? Dare I say–nutritious? As we know, most condiments and toppings are processed within an inch of their life. They might have been a vegetable in a past life but they only vaguely resemble them now. It’s a labor of love, but I tell ya’ there’s nothing really like topping up your favorite toasty treats with a few homemade touches.

Both of these recipes are vegan and gluten free, so no matter what kind of buns you eat, or what you eat between your buns; everyone will be able to enjoy a homemade and fresh condiment that might even sneak a few extra micronutrients into that sandwich you’re whipping up.


  • 2 -28 oz cans of crushed tomatoes (low or no sodium)
  • ½ cup water
  • ¼ of a large yellow onion
  • 3 small cloves of garlic
  • 1 stalk of celery
  • 1 cup white vinegar
  • ½ cup of molasses (you can adjust the vinegar-to-sweetener ratio depending on your tastes; I like vinegar)
  • 1 ½ tsp salt (if tomatoes are salted, use less here
  • ¾ tsp black pepper
  • ½ tsp ground mustard

Directions: Prepare the vegetables with rough chops, it will all get blended out later. Place all the ingredients in a slow cooker, on high, and left uncovered. Stir every hour until it is reduced to the desired thickness. At least 6 hours, up to 10 hours. Blend the contents once they’ve cooled significantly. If you really feel like going through the Hell of smashing it through a sieve you can, but I really don’t care enough to make that sort of mess in my kitchen. I’m not afraid of a few seeds in my ketchup. Should make 48-60 (1 TBSP) servings depending on how much you let it reduce. I froze half and kept half in my fridge.


  • 2 large cucumbers
  • 1 large red onion
  • 1 lb of any sweet pepper that isn’t too spicy (I usually use pimientos but there weren’t any, so I grabbed poblanos this time. Red bell peppers would be delicious, too.)
  • 5 cloves of garlic
  • 3 cups of white vinegar
  • 3 cups of water
  • 6 tsp salt
  • ½ tsp black peppercorns

Directions: Prepare the vegetables how you’ll like them. I made coins out of the cucumbers, straws out of the onions, and diced the peppers and garlic. Set the garlic aside for now.  In a large glass jar (such as a flour/sugar canister; it should hold 2 quarts) layer the vegetables and place a few of the black peppercorns between each layer. On the stove, bring the water to a boil. Next, lower the heat to low and place the garlic in. Simmer it for 5 minutes. Then, add the white vinegar and the salt, bring the heat back up to high, and let it boil. Let it boil until the salt completely dissolves. Finally, feed the liquid into the jar. If you have a funnel, use it! Splashing boiling vinegar is bound to suck. Now, cover the jar opening with the lid but don’t seal it just yet. Let it cool on the counter for a few hours before sealing it and placing it in your fridge. They’ll start getting super tasty in a day or two, but I tell you. Once you’re week 1 or even week 2 into your pickles. Holy crap. These should keep for up to three months, but you’ll eat them before then because they’re so frickin’ good.


Porridge with banana
Tomato pasta with popchips and an apple
A mcdonald’s sweet chilli chicken wrap and fries
A digestive caramel slice

Workout :
15 minutes of strength training at home
Steps: 18000

Not the healthiest day food wise yesterday but we had no other choice for dinner. We were up in Aberdeen seeing Russell Howard and we only had a short time to grab something and this was the closest. It all fit into my calories though 😛.

Had a great day yesterday, up early to fit in a quick workout before placement. Then after an 8 hour shift ran home to get ready to drive up to Aberdeen. Russell howard was hilarious, literally cried with laughter. Then got home just after midnight.

Sooo tired this morning but the plan is to hit the gym and the meet up with my bestie for dinner for her birthday 😊