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Resting up for Friday because I’m going to be doing a fartlek run with my PE class, which I’m really excited about. It’ll be quite a challenge I think, but it’ll be so beneficial and might open up a whole new style of running for myself. Also, it’s been a while since I’ve ran alongside my friends so it should be a lot of fun!

3 hours of hiking calls for some wholesome rainbow buddha bowls :) Wild rice, steamed kale, baked camera, roasted spiced chickpeas, almonds, pumpkin seeds, corn, red onion and lemon tahini dressing and of course some avocado ;)

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Inspiration #3
Don’t let anybody put you down. Other people don’t know you like you do. Only you know what you want and what’s best for your body. Don’t be afraid of what others think of you. So what if you don’t look like an athlete when you run? At least you’re breaking a sweat. At least your striving for better. 

So after a fun summer I’m back to focusing on fitness. Day two of watching everything I eat and working out hard! Can’t wait to get back to ^ body. Also don’t forget to follow my fitness Instagram: .

I would eat this every morning if I had the time and the $$ 😩😩  Oats cooked with mixed frozen berries, topped with coconut yogurt, fresh fruit and rawnola (blended up oats, dates, desiccated coconut, cocoa powder, molasses and hemp seeds) 😋 (Frozen blueberries in oatmeal is still the best though 👌👌)

Low-key thinking of starting a you tube channel 💭  You guys could get to know the person behind the photos?? Let me know what you think :) -Zoe xx

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