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Why don't you consume oil? Sorry you probably answered this a million times before. Btw your videos are EVERYTHING!!💕

I stopped using it (only really used coconut oil previously) because it was just unnecessary to buy and it’s expensive, then once I cut it out I noticed that I felt a lot better. When I eat oily food I get a sore stomach and I hate the feel of my face being oily after too! I rather eat the whole food version.. Olives vs olive oil, avocado vs avocado oil, coconut flesh vs coconut oil!

But after I also discovered the negative health effects from it. There’s no need to consume it, I have non stick pans so I’ve also never had a need for it :)

Look, we need to talk about this Ok

This wasn’t some happy go luck episode, this wasn’t the sweet cool Starco episode everyone is trying to make it out to be or whatever. This was intense. This kid as been traveling and fighting for 16 years.

Marco traveled to every single dimension,(without sicors), He faced hundreds of monsters, he learned amazing things. He blew out every single flame of every single clone

Marco grew up guys. he grew UP. He built a life for himself. he lived for 16 years alone in the roughness of uncivilisation, with only himself to look out for. Constiantly tracking down clone after clone after clone.  He becomes a warior.

And yet, when he arrives at her doorstep, he doesn’t  attack her, and she doesn’t attack him. Infact, when he arrives, she’s already forming his scissors

She’s content, She’s plaesed. She has accept his work, and delcared  him worthy of the responiblility of having dimensional siccors. 

And marco has a similar reaction as well, he doesn’t immedetly take the scissors, doesn’t blow out her light as soon as possible. No, he sits down, gets comfy. he relaxs and tells his tales to her.

“you barley escaped me on the exploding flames of endor. And when I lost your trail in the mist of the never zone, I thought I’d never find you.”

They know eachother. This isn’t the first time he’s seen her. The REAL her since their first encounter when he was fourteen. They’e meet before, they’ve battled, and ran and talked formed an odd frenship out of their bond.

And then He rises to blows out her flame, and she lets him. She stands there, content as he softley, blows it out

“Not bad for a human. I underestmated you.”

And then, Star bust in….

And of cousre, Marco is happy to see her. He hasn’t seen her in over, and I’ll say it again, 16 years (reminder, normal people go to school for 12 years! First grade to senior. Marco has been working for those things, longs than the normal person goes to school.)

Now, I’m not here to go through this episode slide by slide, so lets move on. Marco finds out he’s only been gone from earth for 8 minutes, he get annoyed, ut then Star encourages him to come back home with her, so that everything can go back to normal.

Here’s the thing guys. Marco has spent the last 16 years matureing, fighting, living, He’s been spending the last 16 years BUILDING A LIFE. he doesn’t want to go back. he likes his life.

He likes the adventure, his sword and his dragon-motercikle pet thingy. The likes the life he’s build for himself here.

And this scares her. She pleads with him. BEGS him even. “But, what about your parents, your freinds….Me?” Star puts Marco in a position where he has to pick between his life, what he likes and her.

And here’s where this show gets really deep. he looks at his pet.

Guys you can feel that stabbing pain in your heart right? Right?  Oh man and then he looks at Hekapoo. This girl he’s chased for 16 years. 

“Don’t look at me, those siccors are yours now…you can come back here, anytime you want.”

So he makes his decision

But before he goes, he bids them goodbye. He asks Hekapoo to look after his pet. His one compainion on the road. And she agrees. 

Then he turns to her. Like when he entered, he greets her like an old freind, because that’s who she is. She’s not someone he resents, She’s some one he trusts. Someone he has faith in and who he know he can depend on.


I mean, I’m sorry, but have you SEEN the way they’ve been looking at eachother this entire time? Their eyes, relaxed, smiles oh so small.Serriously, go back through the pictures I have here. you’ll see what I meant Mabye I’m crazy, but it almost seems like they’re in love. 

ha hah hah just kidding…sort of.

 Back to buisness.

Look at this. This is her thing. She’s been doing this to him since they first meet. It’s a way she “shows [her] affection” in the words of Toph

It’s what she does. He has something simillar to that as well

“Later H-poo.”

“Don’t call me that!”

They know eachother. They’ve know eachother for 16 years. They’ve been teasing eachother all that time while he’s been chasing her and she’s been slipping through his fingers. I don’t know about you, but that sounds like some wicked love story. 

But it’s not, because she’s some, immotal being and he’s a human and he’s ment to be with Star…That’s fine. I get that but still!

I meanserriously, when Hekapoo  creates siccors, she makes them individually for the owner, and look at marco’s

The blade’s are thick, and kind of resemble a sword, given how that’s the wepon he’s been using all this time, and it’s part of his pasword..but look at the that little flame where the blade conects to the handle? Doesn’t that look like her flame crown?

no, actually, it doesn’t. But it DOES  look like her clone’s crowns. The clone’s he’s been chassing and fighting al these years. She placed a bit of herself in his siscores because she was that important to him. (or at least she was important to his mission)




Ok, Ok, Ok….now here’s 

The most important stuff. 

Marco is back in his 14 year old body. He’s back on earth’s time line, and Star thinks its all fine and dandy…but it’s not.

Marco isn’t the same guys. He’s been gone for 16 years. He’s 30 years old mentally. Watch as he takes in his room, observing it like some alein place.

And he walks over to his computer, almost scared to touch it. These last few years, Marco’s probablby survied off of whatever he could kill or make with his own two hands. This kind of advancement…it might make him feel uncomftorble, like he’s cheating at life. 

“Password..? I don’t remember my password.”

For last 16 years, Marco has  probabbly been sleepin gon rocks, on the ground in caves. watch how catius he is lowering himself onto his bed. After two years, most soilders in the army can’t handle sleeping on beds because they’re “too soft” Imagine how marco feels. I mean, his sandwitch is still warm, as if none of his life had ever happened

This isn’t some crazy Narnia junk where Pete, Edwin, Lucy and Susan half forget what their life was like in narnia when they de-age after walking through the wardrobe. Where they go back to being kids mentally as well, as though their entire adventure was a dream.


Marco remembers it all. And this is HUGE. The show brodened on that. they showefd how uncomftorble he looked as he stood in his room all alone, because it was essential to show the effects that were left on him. 

This isn’t some happy Starco episode. this isn’t some cool ‘lets drool over adult marco’ episode either. This is some dark, bittersweet life. And you guys need to stop trying to weasle out of these facts.

In Super Mario Sunshine, if Mario is hit by the flying enemies on Pinna Park Beach, his hat will be stolen and he will slowly lose health. This effect persists even in dialogue scenes, which makes it possible for Mario to run out of health while in the middle of a conversation with another character. Mario will perform his death animation, and lose a life once the other character finishes talking.

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Do you recommend doing cardio in addition to muscle training ? What does cardio actually help for ? ^^

Cardio is great for the body besides fat loss! Even if it’s just walking more often daily. Just from google:

Stronger heart and lungs
Increased bone density
Reduced stress
Fat loss
Reduced risk of heart disease and other diseases
Can provide relief from depression and anxiety
Better sleep
More energy

The reason to do cardio does not end with fat loss though; there are a wide variety of health benefits you receive from a regular cardio program.

The first one is an improved condition of your heart. Your heart is a muscle just like any other and in order for it to become strong it must be worked. If you fail to work it, it will weaken over time and this can cause a variety of negative health effects.

By getting the heart pumping at a faster rate on a regular basis you will keep it in shape and healthy. Too many people are getting winded just performing simple exercises such as walking up the stairs and the primary reason for this is because they are neglecting to work their heart muscle.

Another reason to perform cardio is for its effects on the metabolism. Along with speeding up your heart rate, cardiovascular exercise also increases the rate of various other processes in the body, also known as your metabolism.

Generally speaking, the more intense the cardio session, the more noticeable increase you will see with regards to your metabolic rate. Intense interval sprints (also known as HIIT) increase the metabolism; the highest with a process called EPOC (Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption). An increased metabolism means an easier time maintaining your weight (or losing weight as the case may be).

Performing cardiovascular exercise also changes the hormonal profile in your body considerably. It releases ‘feel good’ hormones that will help ease symptoms of depression and fatigue as well as releasing hormones that decrease the appetite.

Individuals who partake in regular cardio exercise often have a much more positive outlook on life simply because they are getting the stress-relief benefits from these hormones.

Certain types of cardio exercise, usually lower, more moderately paced forms, can decrease your recovery time too. If you have just performed a hard session in the gym, hopping on the treadmill for a walk or light jog will help to remove some of the by-products that were created during the lifting session.

This will help to reduce your DOMS (delayed onset of muscle soreness) and help bring more oxygen rich blood to the muscle tissue improving in the repair and rebuilding process. To you, this translates to your being able to get back into the gym quicker and work the muscles again.

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do you think drinking alcohol moderately is a good thing? do you personally drink any alcohol?

Haven’t had a drink in 3 years and don’t plan to ever again. It’s damages your health, it’s pointless and I rather live in a sober state and drink smoothies :)

I just find it strange how people are so latched onto alcohol even if it’s 1 drink occasionally.. Why do you need to drink it, truly ask yourself why! Because it’s fun? Easy to socialise? Your friends do it? Tastes nice? Makes you feel good?… You can do/feel all that without the negative health effects/loss of mental state👍🏼

Moderately, if I smoke one cigarette a month it’s still going to have negative health effects, just like eating animal products.. Moderation isn’t a thing when it involves consuming unhealthy products!

The US would save $12 billion a year if every woman had access to birth control

  • Giving people access to birth control isn’t just a necessary step toward securing reproductive justice — it’s cost effective, too.
  • A new study from Child Trends commissioned by the Planned Parenthood Action Fund found that if every woman in the United States had access to the most effective birth control possible, it could save as much as $12 billion a year in health care costs.
  • The domino effect goes like this: 
    • A lack of access to birth control means more unwanted pregnancies. 
    • More unwanted pregnancies usually lead to “negative pregnancy-related behaviors,” like smoking during pregnancy or delaying prenatal care, researchers wrote. 
    • And these negative behaviors, in turn, create poor health outcomes for both mother and child, which ends up costing billions in public health care dollars. Read more (3/8/17 11:35 AM)

So far, more than half of all U.S. states have legalized marijuana for medical use, and eight (plus the District of Columbia) have legalized the drug for recreational use. Varieties of cannabis available today are more potent than ever and come in many forms, including oils and leaves that can be vaped, and lots of edibles, from brownies and cookies to candies — even cannabis gummy bears.

A report published Thursday by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine analyzed more than 10,000 studies to see what could conclusively be said about the health effects of all this marijuana. And despite the drug’s increasing popularity — a recent survey suggests about 22 million American adults have used the drug in the last month — conclusive evidence about its positive and negative medical effects is hard to come by, the researchers say.

Marijuana’s Health Effects? Top Scientists Weigh In

Photo: Frederic J. Brown/AFP/Getty Images

Charr and the effects of stress

This has been talked about just a bit on the GW2RP boards, but I wanted to go a little further with it.

The topic of discussion was role playing mental health issues, and in particular, the example of PTSD cropped up.  Which is understandable, for a world like Tyria where there is a constant threat of war, such things would come into play.

But something struck me as very dismissive.  I often run into this when the topic comes around to the charr and mental illness.  The automatic response seems to be that any charr with mental illness, such as PTSD, would be turfed from their warband and barred from the Black Citadel and shunned from charr society.

That is, firstly, very problematic, and secondly, extremely dismissive of how the charr would act around such things.  To automatically assume that a race bred for war would have no use for anyone with a mental illness is, without a doubt, greatly underestimates exactly what the charr are capable of.

Given the in game examples of what could be called classic mental illnes, the charr know well enough that these things exist and that even they can be affected by them.  A prime example is Tybalt Leftpaw.  Remember, he wasn’t cast out of charr society, he left on his own.  His warband did force him out but he left the Citadel on his own after an accident caused the death of many of his bandmates.  Tybalt, while appearing lighthearted and having a sense of humour, does display classic signs of self doubt, anxiety and depression.

Another example is given to the player from Vesta Scorchpath.  Vesta speaks of another charr named Salina.  Stating Salina was rescued from a Flame Legion camp and has been invaluable as a guide.  Vesta says Salina is still a little feral after being held captive by Flame, and that she’s endured unspeakable things.  Salina is obviously a survivor of abuse and possibly rape.  The way Salina was introduce was well done, without giving the player the immediate information, but just enough to put together that Salina has survived abuse.

Then there’s Lorzohaz Huntblood, found at Almuten Estates in Gendarran Fields.  She remains with the winery as she waits for her warband.  She’s been there for over six months (now for several years), still waiting.  Most likely she’s in denial that her warband is most likely gone and she’s not accepting that they possibly could be.  She’s just following orders to wait for them.

Those are just a few examples of charr that could be, and most likely are, suffering from some form of mental illness.

But I doubt the charr would give up so easily on anyone that is suffering from some form of mental illness, such as PTSD, depression, anxiety, and so on.  They’re probably very aware of the fact that constant combat has an affect on the mental health of their soldiers.  After all, everyone from the highest tribune all the way down to a farm hand considers themselves a soldier.  They all work, in their own way, for the betterment of the Black Citadel.  Everyone’s job is just as important as everyone else.  You can’t have soldiers without having doctors.  You can’t have a standing army without having the agricultural system to feed them.

The charr, being masters of industry, most likely are masters of knowing just how fragile the mind is.  It’s not strength to hide this, it’s strength in knowing when one of your bandmates is suffering.  There’s most likely warbands built around the idea of tending to those very soldiers who do in fact suffer from PTSD.  The best way back into a fight is to heal, and the mind like the body, needs time.

The charr are not mindless beasts bent of destruction and war.  They’re very intelligent, strategic, and resourceful.  They’d be aware that their lifestyle can have extreme shock to their system, body and mind.  And so they’d make sure there are those in place who can deal with and help soldiers carry on.

This isn’t coddling.  It’s meeting a problem head on and finding a way to deal with it.  The charr are like that.  They see a problem and they find a way to deal with it.  Each of the Legions would most likely have warbands dedicated to medicine, dedicated to mental health and even dedicated to overseeing that each frontline warband is taken care of.  Those ‘bands that are have a better opportunity to take down objectives and complete missions.

We only see the charr as mindless beasts bent on war. But by removing that stereotype or removing that perception, the charr become far more interesting and much deeper in their entire society.

Things I support:

  • dysphoric people (trans or not)
  • getting dysphoric people access to better healthcare
  • getting transitioning people access to better healthcare
  • getting trans people healthcare which presents treatment for dysphoria and transition as options and does not pressure anyone to do anything
  • scientific research into the health risks and long-term effects of various aspects of transitioning (binding, hormone therapy, psychological patterns, etc.)
  • safety and autonomy of trans people
  • detransitioned people

Things I do not support:

  • males in female spaces
  • female spaces being compromised into free-for-all “gender neutral” spaces (while male spaces are left untouched)
  • medically transitioning children
  • lesbians & gay men have to be “open to” dating transwomen/transmen respectively or they’re transphobic
  • lesbians & gay men should “re-examine” their “genital fetishes” (i.e. DIY conversion therapy)
  • presenting medical transition as the only route for dysphoric people
  • pressuring dysphoric and/or gender-nonconforming people to identify as trans
  • erasing gender-nonconforming women like joan of arc from women’s history by claiming they were transmen
  • erasing gay figures like marsha p. johnson from gay rights history by claiming they were trans
  • rapists, murderers and predators who hold (or held) positions of influence in the trans movement (biko, rivers, alok, etc etc)
  • “centering” males in female reproductive rights
  • silencing female issues to cater to transwomen’s feelings
  • silencing victims of male trans people in the interest of “not making transwomen look bad”
  • violent and/or intimidating protests, no-platforming, other intimidation tactics, as an attempt to ban women’s writing, silence women’s dissenting voices, and erase women’s achievements
  • people identifying as trans based on gender stereotypes, outdated notions of “brain sex,” or nebulous feelings rather than sex dysphoria
  • transwomen being allowed to pretend they were not socialized male
  • transwomen being allowed to pretend they do not, and have never held male privilege
  • transmen’s experiences with female socialization and sex-based oppression being silenced and transmen being thrown under the bus in order to make the previous two points appear legitimate
  • pushing false statistics, lies, and strawman arguments to demonize anyone who questions trans theory
  • “TERF”
  • subsequent TERF witch-hunts, block lists, demanding that no one so much as hear what radical feminists have to say and instead blindly accept a strawman version of what we believe
  • ostracizing and bullying of anyone who expresses curiosity about radical feminist ideas, reveals that they’ve read radical feminist blogs, or so much as reblogs memes from radical feminists
  • denial of basic biology
  • denial of basic sociology
  • denial of sex-based oppression

So republicans are vowing to defund planned parenthood and basically cut off millions of people from getting std testing, pap smears, consultation on sexual and physical health, prenatal services, pregnancy tests, affordable birth control and mammograms
I’m not saying that there seems to be some intense sexism going on here…but…

When Minzy left to another co, I wanted to protect 2NE1, but disbanded b/c Bom’s mental health was bad.The effect of the drug controversy was huge on Bom. She was stressed and felt guilty from that, but also b/c she wanted a 2NE1 release.I told Bom that 2NE1 is important, but your mental and physical health is more important. Maybe one day, they can all come back like SES



Im desperately trying to find an explanation for radiation in the zones, but there just… is none. 

There is no kind of bomb that would cause nuclear fallout that lasts decades long that still remains harmful unless were talkin nuclear power plant meltdown like Chernobyl but the closet power plant to L.A in real life really isnt that close to be an issue for Battery City

Nuclear fallout doesnt really last long at all! In a few hours, intensity drops to 10% and after a week or two is just at 0.1% because it’s all used and burnt up on impact.

Like, Ive even looked at hypothetical bombs to create lasting radiation residual but it just doesnt work like that.

In short, there is no radiation in the zones or city, however, people that survived through the Helium Wars will have injuries and health effects from fission bombs

7 healthy tips for a better night’s sleep

It’s back to school time! Here’s a healthy reminder to get your sleep on - consistently & intentionally - this semester. 

Sleep is critical for mind and body health. Without it, the effects can be severe. Below, neuroscientist Claudia Aguirre provides 7 healthy tips for a better night’s sleep:

1. Aim for power hours. Sleep the recommended amount for a restorative night. That is: between 9 and 12 hours for school-aged children, 8 to 10 hours for teenagers, and 7 to 9 hours for adults. [Animation by TED-Ed + Josephine Mark]

2. Ban the blue. Filter the blue light of your electronic device and sleep better. Studies show that blue light from electronic devices can delay sleep onset and affect overall circadian rhythm. [Animation by Javier Saldeña/TED-Ed]

3. Spoon. Sleeping on the side may help the brain clear waste more efficiently than sleeping on the back or belly. [Animation by TED-Ed + Josephine Mark]

4. Breathe deep. Deep breathing triggers the body’s relaxation response. What’s more, inhaling can drive cerebrospinal fluid flow to help clear brain waste and oxygenate the brain. [Animation by TED-Ed + Josephine Mark]

5. Don’t overdo it. Science is still working this one out, but there are some cases where too much sleep can pose a health risk. Better set that alarm. [Animation by Alan Foreman/TED-Ed]

6. Exercise. Lab experiments show that regular exercise can protect the brain from sleep deprivation-induced memory deficits. [Animation by Andrew Zimbelman/TED-Ed]

7. Keep cool. You just might get a better night’s rest if you sleep in a cool room (or stick your feet out). [Animation by TED-Ed + Josephine Mark]

For more health tips from experts, check out 7 TED-Ed Lessons for a healthier you.

Author bio: Claudia Aguirre is a neuroscientist and the author of several TED-Ed Lessons, including What would happen if you didn’t sleep? and Does stress cause pimples? Check her work and research out on Twitter & Facebook & Instagram.