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ACLU will sue over Trump’s “religious freedom” executive order

  • The American Civil Liberties Union announced Thursday that it plans to sue Trump over a recently signed executive order allowing religious organizations to endorse political candidates.
  • In the statement, ACLU executive director Anthony D. Romero said the executive action served as a “broadside to our country’s longstanding commitment to the separation of church and state.”
  • “Whether by executive order or through backroom deals, it’s clear that the Trump administration and congressional leadership are using religion as a wedge to further divide the country and permit discrimination,” he said. "We intend to file suit today.“
  • In addition to giving religious leaders more political freedom, the executive order, called "Promoting Free Speech and Religious Liberty,” also provides “regulatory relief” for religious organizations that object to an Affordable Care Act mandate that forces employers to provide health coverage, including contraception, according to CNN. Read more (5/4/17)

Researchers say fat shaming could raise a person’s risk for heart disease

  • Comments about weight could add up to big health consequences, according to a new study published in the journal Obesity.
  • Researchers found that overweight women who internalize negative messages about their body size had a higher risk for heart disease and diabetes compared to women who felt more positively about their body size. Read more

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Trumpcare would cause 24 million people to lose health insurance, according to CBO report

  • The Congressional Budget Office has predicted that the House Republican health care plan will cause 14 million people to lose their health care coverage by 2018. 
  • That number skyrockets to 24 million more uninsured by 2026.
  • Ultimately, by 2026, the number of uninsured Americans would nearly double, rising to 52 million up from 28 million who currently lack insurance under the ACA — breaking Trump’s pledge to provide coverage to all Americans. Read more (3/13/17 4:39 PM)

SpaceX is planning to send two private citizens around the moon

  • Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk announced Monday that SpaceX is planning to send two private citizens around the moon in 2018.
  • The two citizens, who have paid a “significant deposit” to participate in the moon mission, will begin training later this year, pending health and fitness tests, according to a statement from SpaceX.
  • “Like the Apollo astronauts before them, these individuals will travel into space carrying the hopes and dreams of all humankind, driven by the universal human spirit of exploration,” the company said.
  • The identities of the two space tourists have yet to be released.
  • According to the statement, the mission will fly the two citizens around the moon in a SpaceX Dragon spacecraft in 2018.
  • The mission will take about a week and the craft will not land on the surface of the moon, according to NPR. Read more (2/28/17 1:49 PM)

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The wealthiest 1% of Americans live 10 to 15 years longer than the poorest 1%

  • Being wealthy means staying healthy, according to a new series of studies.
  • These studies, in medical journal The Lancet, explored how economic inequality exacerbates health inequality. 
  • According to the survey, the wealthiest 1% of Americans live 10 to 15 years longer than the poorest 1%. But the advantages of income go beyond just being the 1%. Read more. (4/8/17, 12:29 PM)
ADHD is Real.

I can’t listen.
My mind is a prison.
Tears fall down my cheek.

My confidence weak.
No appetite to eat.
Thoughts race and prevent me from sleep.

Bags under my eyes.
Whats that in the sky?
They tell me its just a phase.

ADD isn’t real.
Why is this such a big deal?
Little do they know it ruins my days.

Can’t focus in class.
Teachers think its a load of crap.
No one understands that this isn’t okay.

I try so hard.
I studied all night!
But I always seem to fail.

Look at my medication.
Look up the facts.
When will they realize ADHD is real.

Reality and daydreams.
Which one is real?
Which is more important;
The lesson in class, or the color of my nails?

My confidence; frail
My complexion; pale
My mind?
A jail.

But I put on a smile.
Make life seem worthwhile.
Because once in a while I can finish a task.

But pretending i’m fine.
Missing homework deadlines.
It’s like i’m hiding myself with a mask.

Don’t get me wrong.
Some people have it worse.
At least I have a roof over my head.

Although i’ve cried.
I’ve never considered suicide.
But others wish to be dead.

So treat me with respect.
Break the stigma.
And educate yourself.

ADHD is real.
It’s an unfair deal.
So you can choose to understand mental health.

I don’t have enough focus to listen.
And thats what your missing.
This is not a choice, this is something I dread.

So next time you judge me.
Next time you label me.
Remind yourself that some with ADHD wish to be dead.

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Can you do a Cassian and Reader headcanon with Reader going into labor and maybe some complications (but everything ends up okay!) and cassians fear?!

Never done a head canon before but here goes nothing! x

  • When you go into labor, Cassian is extremely nervous, but he manages to keep a calm, collected composure—more for your sake rather than his of course. 
  • He stands by your side, holds your hand, and he coaches you, reminding you to breathe through the pain that you’re feeling. Even though it’s been hours since you went into labor, Cassian doesn’t dare to leave your side for anything.
  • At first, everything seems to be going well. Both you and the baby are in perfect health according to the holographic screen above your bed in the medical bay. It’s monitoring your vital signs, the baby’s vital signs, and it’s also timing your contractions. It signals that another contraction is on its way any second now and you take a deep breath, bracing yourself for the pain.
  • Instantly, you know something is horribly wrong when you feel a sharp, shooting pain in your lower back. You let out a scream as the sensation intensifies and Cassian clutches your hand, telling you to breathe through the pain. You manage to tell him that whatever you are feeling, it isn’t a contraction and that something’s gone wrong.
  • The holographic screen above your bed flashes red, and not only is your heart rate dropping, but the baby’s heart rate is dropping too. Severely. A medical droid rushes in with two human nurses behind it. 
  • The droid informs Cassian that you’ve had a placental abruption, and that they have to take you to the surgical ward so they can deliver the baby by emergency caesarean. If they don’t, both you and the baby could lose your lives.
  • Cassian can’t go into the surgical ward with you and must stay behind and wait until the operation is over. 
  • During your operation, Cassian is absolutely terrified. He’s never been this terrified over anything in his entire life. Kaytoo tries to comfort him, assuring him that with the proper treatment, both you and the baby have high chances of survival. 
  • The wait is unbearable. Every second feels like an eternity.
  • When one of the nurses finally tells Cassian that the operation is over and that you and the baby are okay, he breaks down in tears of pure relief.
  • He immediately asks to see you.
  • When Cassian walks into the room and sees you, he rushes over to you and takes your hand in his. He kisses you and tells you over and over again how much he loves you. He then asks you about the baby.
  • You smile and tell him to turn around.
  • Behind him, another nurse is holding your newborn baby in her arms.
  • Cassian is in shock for a split second.
  • He quickly shakes it off and squeezes your hand tightly as the nurse asks him if he would like to hold his son.
  • SON 
  • Cassian takes him from the nurse and cradles him gently in his arms.
  • He gingerly kisses his soft cheek. He’s grateful to the maker of the galaxy that you’re okay and that his son is absolutely perfect.

Hopefully it wasn’t too bad!

Important Hindu Deities

Since Hinduism is often not really talked about in terms of pantheon (”all the rage” is with Greek/Roman/Egyptian, MAYBE Norse, depending on the circle you’re talking to), I wanna take the time to discuss some important deities within the Hinduism pantheon. There are other important ‘mythical’ type figures in Hinduism, so this list does NOT include everyone.

My information for this list was taken from the amazing book The Little Book of Hindu Deities by the great author, Sanjay Patel.

  • Ganesha: Best known for ‘good luck’, Ganesh/Ganesha is often spoken to when someone is asking for good luck. He is the son of Shiva and Parvati. He loves sweets! He is the brother of Karttikeya, and is the son of Shiva and Parvati

The Hindu Trinity (trimurti)

  • Brahma: Creator of the world and all living things, he designed the goddess Sarasvati. She was very shy and when she tried to avoid his gaze, he sprouted another head (coming to four heads in total). He can commonly be seen riding a goose or swan. He is the keeper of the Holy Vedas (the story of how the world was created according to Hinduism)
  • Vishnu: He is known as the ‘invisible protector’. He preserves justice and has 10 avatars. He is very popular in Hinduism
  • Shiva: He is known as a meditator, yogi (someone who acts as an inspiration for all is the simplest way to describe this; the Bhagavad Gita, which is a famous holy piece of text in Hinduism, describes it as: fearlessness, purity of heart, strives for wisdom, studies Hindu scripture, is self disciplined, straight forward, is truthful, does not hold grudges against someone, promotes peace, shows compassion for all creatures, does not exhibit greed, is gentle and modest, is not restless, is forgiving and patient and does not hold onto hatred and is not conceited). Shiva is the god of destruction, transformation, and regeneration. Deer and snakes are often associated with him. He is the dad of Ganesha and Karttikeya and husband to Parvati. He can often be seen with a trident next to him, the trident symbolizing creation, protection, and destruction of the universe

Mahadevi (mother goddess)

  • Sarasvati: Goddess of knowledge and arts, she was the first goddess ever to be worshipped in Hinduism. She is the sister of Lakshmi and Parvati. She is a symbol of being a great thinker, a gifted creator, and an independent woman. It is believed that mortal musicians, artists, writers, and students are part of her family. Her companion is a white swan. She is also NOT interested in romance with others.
  • Durga: Shiva suggested to create a new god, and thus Durga was made. She is known to be pretty, fierce, and a great warrior. Hindus celebrate her with Durga Puja, which is a 10 day celebration. She fights suffering and injustice and brings harmony and kindness. She is known to feed animals and people and is a fearless goddess. She can commonly be found riding on lions or tigers. 
  • Lakshi: She is the goddess of wealth and happiness. The Hindu gods fell in love with her when she emerged from the ocean. Shiva claimed her as his wife, but she was only interested in Vishnu. Shiva also already had a wife, so Lakshi became his consort (life partner). She is known for good luck, but she does NOT have tolerance for those who wish to use her for money (such as luck with gambling). Lakshi is known to gift prosperity and often carries an ancient symbol of well being. 
  • Parvati: Parvati has numerous names: Uma, Guari, and Shakti. She was born into royalty. She fell in love with Shiva and visited him often, gifting him with flowers and fruit. Shiva, however, was deep into meditation and never noticed her. Parvati grew extremely frustrated and threw herself into seclusion, going into her own meditation. She wanted to create enough energy from the meditation to force Shiva to noticed her. It worked and he accepted her as his wife. Parvati is the mother of Ganesha and Karttikeya. Parvati is the goddess of fertility, love, divine strength, and devotion.
  • Sita: Sita is said to be made from the earth and be the child of an earth deity because of that. She is an avatar of the goddess Lakshmi. Sita was kidnapped from her beloved. When she was returned to her husband, Rama, people questioned her “purity”. To prove it, she walked through fire, and remarkably, she went unscathed! 
  • Kali: Known as the “black one”, Kali is known to encompass paradoxes. She is not the goddess death (this is a common misconception with her). However, she is the goddess of time, liberation, and is considered to be a loving mother goddess to her devotees. An extremely fierce fighter, Kali defeated a supposedly ”unbeatable” enemy that was causing the other Hindu gods trouble!

Animal Gods

  • Nagas: they were semi-divine beings and were commonly depicted as half-cobra and half-human (and handsome!). Nagas held a dual identity - semidivine and semidemonic. They were known to protect the Earth’s treasures. They were commonly seen as symbols of creation, life, and fertility. They were known to help the Hindu gods on different quests and sheltered Buddha from a terrible storm.
  • Garuda: Known of the kind of birds, he moved at the speed of light! Garuda was known as the messenger to rely messages between gods and humans. He is also known to have a huge appetite. So much so, that Vishnu asked him if he wanted to peck at his arm and eat his flesh. Garuda attempted to peck him, but saw that the god’s skin was impenetrable, and realized he was asked a question by a god! Since this incident, Garuda promised to serve Vishnu
  • Hanuman: He is the son of Vayu and is known as the Monkey King. He can greatly expand his size or shrink to a very small size. He is known to be strong, clever, loyal, and a very faithful friend. He was good friends with Rama (an incarnation of Vishnu). Rama had a younger brother, named Lakshmana, who was injured in battle. Hanuman went to find herbs to help him heal, but was unsure of what to grab. To rectify this situation, he brought the whole mountain of what the herbs were on! 
  • Surabi: She is the mother of all cows. She is a symbol of abundance, nonviolence, respect, prosperity, generosity, help purifies bodies, and blesses people with good health. According to Indian law (India), cows can NOT be harmed. 

I have left off the 10 avatars of Vishnu, demigods, the nine planets, and summaries of some important holy texts in Hinduism. I felt like this list served as a good general introduction to the Hinduism pantheon. This list was NOT supposed to be an ‘in depth’ review of the Hindu pantheon! Again, much thanks to The Little Book of Hindu Deities by the great author, Sanjay Patel.

Should my son get the HPV vaccine?

Maya Kumar, MD, adolescent medicine specialist at UC San Diego Health answers:

“According to the Centers for Disease Control, 79 million Americans are infected with human papillomavirus (HPV), with 14 million new infections each year. Many people know about the association between HPV infection and cervical cancer in women. As a consequence, HPV has been dubbed a “woman’s infection.” However, approximately 40 percent of HPV-related cancers occur in men.

The most common HPV-related cancers in men are oropharyngeal cancers, such as mouth, tongue or laryngeal cancer. Women can get these too, but men are three times as likely as women to carry oral HPV. Rarer HPV-related cancers in men include penile cancer and anal cancer. HPV can also cause warts in the head and neck region (example: laryngeal warts affecting the voice box) and on the genitals. While these warts are not life-threatening, they significantly impact quality of life.

Parents have often heard that the virus is sexually transmitted and wonder why their child would need vaccination. Most STDs affect a small proportion of the population and can generally be avoided with safe sexual practices alone, making vaccination against these diseases on a large scale unnecessary. HPV is different. About 90 percent of all men and women will be infected with HPV at some point in their lives, even with safe sexual practices. Even if you only have one partner for your whole life, you can still get HPV and suffer its devastating consequences. HPV vaccination is the only dependable way to prevent it because it is almost impossible to avoid with lifestyle and behavioral decisions alone.

Parents may also wonder why it is necessary in childhood. Vaccines work best when they are given well before a person is exposed to a disease. The CDC recommends age 11-to-12 years old as the ideal time for vaccination. Recently, the CDC announced that if HPV vaccination is initiated before age 14, only two doses of the vaccine (at least six months apart) are required. If, however, vaccination begins at age 15 or older, three doses of the vaccine (at 0, 1-2 months and 6 months) are needed. This may be because the antibody response to the vaccine appears to be more robust in children 14 years and under, so fewer doses still provide sufficiently strong protection.

The HPV vaccine is an extremely safe vaccine. It contains no mercury, thimerosal or any other harmful preservatives. It also does not contain any live virus, or even any inactivated viral components that could cause infection. Because it is a completely synthetic vaccine, getting infected from it is impossible. As with any vaccine there are some risks. However, as of March 2016, almost 90 million doses of HPV vaccine had been distributed in the United States with no new long-term serious adverse effects identified.

On a personal note, I elected to be vaccinated against HPV when the vaccine became available years ago. I would have no hesitation vaccinating my own children or the children of my friends or relatives. So take it from someone who walks the walk: I strongly recommend the HPV vaccine for both your sons and your daughters.”

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-slides open window- hello // customer: go get your fat manager // me: .....ok 😐

If I find that customer I’m going to sit my fat ass on top of them while their face is down in a big ol’ mud puddle. Wtf is wrong with just saying “manager”? Besides, they’re eating at a fast food establishment(I assume based on the window). So I doubt they’re in peak health or shape according to society’s impossible standards. Eat your burger and stfu. -Abby


ETA –  In the past, the global gag rule meant that foreign NGOs must disavow any involvement with abortion in order to receive U.S. family planning funding. Trump’s version of the global gag rule expands the policy to all global health funding. According to Ehlers, the new rule means that rather than impacting $600 million in U.S. foreign aid, the global gag rule will affect $9.5 billion. Organizations working on AIDS, malaria, or maternal and child health will have to make sure that none of their programs involves so much as an abortion referral. Geeta Rao Gupta, a senior fellow at the United Nations Foundation who previously served as deputy executive director of UNICEF, gives the example of HIV/AIDS clinics that get U.S. funding to provide antiretrovirals: “If they’re giving advice to women on what to do if they’re pregnant and HIV positive, giving them all the options that exist, they cannot now receive money from the U.S.” [x]

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Tree of the Week- Ash

I already do a crystal of the week so I am now starting a tree of the week, so the first week is *drum roll* Ash.

The Ash tree is very heavily used in magick involving protection, and magick involving water.  This tree would be very good used in protection spells from water and prevention of drowning.  
As the Ash tree is associated with water it is also used in the removal of blockages in the body, and mentally.  So, this tree is very good for matters of aiding communication, learning, and love.  

Ash correspondents
Ruling planet: Neptune
Element: Water
Folk names: Nion, Hoop or Hopp ash.

Ash tree in traditional medicine (I do not condone using this in place of medicine read my disclaimer on my blog)
Ash tree bark is used in an infusion to make a mild laxative and a diuretic.
It can also be used to treat fevers, urinary infections, and intestinal parasites.  

In magick
The leaves are used in magickal workings to attract prosperity.  The leaves can also be put under a pillow to have better dream recollection.
Shavings of the wood and bark are used in talismans and wards to protect oneself from evil and protection in the water.
Ash wood is used in wands and in besom aka brooms.

In myth
The Ash Tree Ash is a traditional wood & represents Yggdrasil, the World Tree and is one of the three of the Fae Triad (Oak, Ash, Thorn).
Greek mythographer Hesiod claimed the first man was born from the ash tree. This became the custom of planting an ash tree at the birth of each baby. The state of the tree served as an indicator of that person’s health and strength According to the Norse poetic Eddas Odin’s spear was made from an Ash Tree. In some European folklore, the Ash tree is seen as protective but at the same time malevolent. Anyone who does harm to an Ash can find themselves the victim of unpleasant circumstances

Ash tree is also found to be stricken with lightning more often than most other trees.

As Always


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so, according to your reasoning, we as fans, are not allowed to critique or call out issues we see in content? ever heard of freedom of speech?

The fact that you got “NO FREE SPEECH!!” from me saying don’t be a jackass who ruins fandom environments and harasses content creators is very telling. 

Why You Shouldn’t Stop Exercising

We’ve all experienced this before: you start a new workout regimen, follow it for several weeks (or months), and then suddenly stop. Maybe you get bored of exercising, or perhaps you start a new job. While quitting your exercise routine may seem harmless enough, new research shows that it can negatively effect your health.

According to a study conducted by researchers from the University of Liverpool, just two weeks of a sedentary lifestyle with little-to-no physical activity can lead to muscular and metabolic changes, some of which could increase a person’s risk of developing diabetes, heart disease and even premature death.

For the study, researchers recruited 28 men and women with an average age of 25. The participants had an average body mass index (BMI) of 25, which is somewhere in the middle of a healthy weight and being obese.

At the beginning of the study, researchers measured the participants’ body fat and body mass, as well as their mitochondrial function and overall levels of physical activity. Next, researchers asked the participants to wear a fitness tracker device for two weeks, while also reducing their daily activity by 80%. The participants were further told to remain on their current diet without making any sudden or significant changes to what they ate.

So, what did researchers find? Researchers found that participants who stopped exercising for two weeks had gained the most weight and lost the most muscle mass. Additionally, their total body fat had also increased. Researchers found that participants who stopped exercising for two weeks had particularly high levels of body fat around their stomach, which of course is a key risk factor of obesity and other chronic diseases.

The problems didn’t end there, however. Researchers also found that participants who stopped exercising experienced a decrease in insulin sensitivity.

“We thought that we would see some subtle changes,” said co-author Dan Cuthbertson, PhD, reader and consultant for the University of Liverpool’s Institute of Ageing and Chronic Disease. “But when everything you measure gets worse in such a short time period, including these important risk factors for heart disease and type 2 diabetes, it is actually quite surprising.”

As you can see, stopping exercising – even for just two weeks – can have a profound effect on your health. It decreases muscle mass, increases fat, and places you at a greater risk of developing chronic disease and illness.

The good news is that you can avoid these problems by staying active. There’s nothing wrong with taking a day off, but you shouldn’t stop exercising for longer than a week. The only exception is when you are physically injured, in which case you should follow your doctor’s advice while allowing yourself ample time to rest and recover.

“No cuts to Medicaid!”: protesters in wheelchairs arrested after release of health care bill
About 50 disabled people, many in wheelchairs, were arrested at Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s office in the Capitol on Thursday for protesting Republicans’ health care bill, according to a spokesperson with a disability rights group. The members of ADAPT, a disability rights group, are now being held by Capitol Police after staging a protest to decry the Medicaid overhaul proposed in the bill made public by McConnell on Thursday. Read more