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Trumpcare would cause 24 million people to lose health insurance, according to CBO report

  • The Congressional Budget Office has predicted that the House Republican health care plan will cause 14 million people to lose their health care coverage by 2018. 
  • That number skyrockets to 24 million more uninsured by 2026.
  • Ultimately, by 2026, the number of uninsured Americans would nearly double, rising to 52 million up from 28 million who currently lack insurance under the ACA — breaking Trump’s pledge to provide coverage to all Americans. Read more (3/13/17 4:39 PM)
According to a Harvard psychologist, this is the first thing you should do when you wake up...

Harvard psychologist Amy Cuddy has developed a method for starting your mornings out right. It’s surprisingly simple.

Stretch out as big as you can in your bed. Think legs spread and arms up in the air like a Y above your head.

The theory behind it is called, ‘power posing’. Her research alongside Dr Dana Carney shows that by assuming ‘power poses’ such as the ‘wonder woman’ (where you stand with your feet, wide and your hands on your hips) or poses that take up a lot of space (like the typical ‘man-spread’) will alter the hormone levels in your brain after just two minutes and make you feel more confident, more powerful and less stressed out. 


People are blaming the Chicago Facebook Live assault on Black Lives Matter — and it’s bullshit

On Tuesday, footage surfaced online of four black teenagers beating and berating a white male teenager who had been bound and gagged. The 30-minute-long video was streamed live via the Facebook account of one of the assailants. Voices can be heard throughout yelling, “Fuck white people!” and “Fuck Donald Trump!”

It should go without saying that this crime was horrific. Reports describing the young white man — who attended school with one of his attackers and suffers from “mental health challenges,” according to police — as he wandered the streets of Chicago after being set free are agonizing to read.

But it’s also clear that countless white Americans will draw the wrong conclusion from this incident. Many will see the boy’s kidnapping as justification for the view that black people are inherently criminal and black protest is an existential threat to society.

On Wednesday evening, the day after the Facebook Live video went public, #BLMKidnapping started trending on Twitter among mostly white commentators. There was no evidence that activists involved with the Movement for Black Lives — a coalition of black civil rights organizations that includes Black Lives Matter — were involved in the incident, nor did the assailants mention BLM or indicate they were affiliated with the movement in any way.

White opponents and their allies have been calling Black Lives Matter terrorists since the group’s inception, but the speed with which this incident has been used to dismiss the concerns of civil rights activists follows a familiar pattern. Historically, whites have justified racism by pointing to unrelated violence and misbehavior committed by black people. The underlying logic is clear: In order to deserve equality in the eyes of whites, black people must be perfect. Read more

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Researchers say fat shaming could raise a person’s risk for heart disease

  • Comments about weight could add up to big health consequences, according to a new study published in the journal Obesity.
  • Researchers found that overweight women who internalize negative messages about their body size had a higher risk for heart disease and diabetes compared to women who felt more positively about their body size. Read more

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An overwhelming majority of people disapproves of Republican lawmakers’ plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act without having a ready replacement for the health care law, according to a poll released Friday.

And judging by the letter-writing and lobbying in the first week of the new Congressional session, many health care and business groups agree.

A poll released Friday by the Kaiser Family Foundation finds that 75 percent of Americans say they either want lawmakers to leave Obamacare alone, or repeal it only when they can replace it with a new health care law. Twenty percent of those polled say that want to see the law killed immediately.

But Drew Altman, CEO of the Kaiser Family Foundation, says the poll shows lawmakers don’t have a strong mandate to repeal Obamacare.

“Most of the American people said they’re either against repealing it or they’re against repealing it unless Republicans put a replacement plan on the table,” Altman says. “They want to see what comes next before they seen the ACA repealed.”

Poll: Most Americans Say Don’t Repeal Obamacare Without A Replacement

Graphic: NPR, Kaiser Family Foundation 

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Can you do a Cassian and Reader headcanon with Reader going into labor and maybe some complications (but everything ends up okay!) and cassians fear?!

Never done a head canon before but here goes nothing! x

  • When you go into labor, Cassian is extremely nervous, but he manages to keep a calm, collected composure—more for your sake rather than his of course. 
  • He stands by your side, holds your hand, and he coaches you, reminding you to breathe through the pain that you’re feeling. Even though it’s been hours since you went into labor, Cassian doesn’t dare to leave your side for anything.
  • At first, everything seems to be going well. Both you and the baby are in perfect health according to the holographic screen above your bed in the medical bay. It’s monitoring your vital signs, the baby’s vital signs, and it’s also timing your contractions. It signals that another contraction is on its way any second now and you take a deep breath, bracing yourself for the pain.
  • Instantly, you know something is horribly wrong when you feel a sharp, shooting pain in your lower back. You let out a scream as the sensation intensifies and Cassian clutches your hand, telling you to breathe through the pain. You manage to tell him that whatever you are feeling, it isn’t a contraction and that something’s gone wrong.
  • The holographic screen above your bed flashes red, and not only is your heart rate dropping, but the baby’s heart rate is dropping too. Severely. A medical droid rushes in with two human nurses behind it. 
  • The droid informs Cassian that you’ve had a placental abruption, and that they have to take you to the surgical ward so they can deliver the baby by emergency caesarean. If they don’t, both you and the baby could lose your lives.
  • Cassian can’t go into the surgical ward with you and must stay behind and wait until the operation is over. 
  • During your operation, Cassian is absolutely terrified. He’s never been this terrified over anything in his entire life. Kaytoo tries to comfort him, assuring him that with the proper treatment, both you and the baby have high chances of survival. 
  • The wait is unbearable. Every second feels like an eternity.
  • When one of the nurses finally tells Cassian that the operation is over and that you and the baby are okay, he breaks down in tears of pure relief.
  • He immediately asks to see you.
  • When Cassian walks into the room and sees you, he rushes over to you and takes your hand in his. He kisses you and tells you over and over again how much he loves you. He then asks you about the baby.
  • You smile and tell him to turn around.
  • Behind him, another nurse is holding your newborn baby in her arms.
  • Cassian is in shock for a split second.
  • He quickly shakes it off and squeezes your hand tightly as the nurse asks him if he would like to hold his son.
  • SON 
  • Cassian takes him from the nurse and cradles him gently in his arms.
  • He gingerly kisses his soft cheek. He’s grateful to the maker of the galaxy that you’re okay and that his son is absolutely perfect.

Hopefully it wasn’t too bad!

ADHD is Real.

I can’t listen.
My mind is a prison.
Tears fall down my cheek.

My confidence weak.
No appetite to eat.
Thoughts race and prevent me from sleep.

Bags under my eyes.
Whats that in the sky?
They tell me its just a phase.

ADD isn’t real.
Why is this such a big deal?
Little do they know it ruins my days.

Can’t focus in class.
Teachers think its a load of crap.
No one understands that this isn’t okay.

I try so hard.
I studied all night!
But I always seem to fail.

Look at my medication.
Look up the facts.
When will they realize ADHD is real.

Reality and daydreams.
Which one is real?
Which is more important;
The lesson in class, or the color of my nails?

My confidence; frail
My complexion; pale
My mind?
A jail.

But I put on a smile.
Make life seem worthwhile.
Because once in a while I can finish a task.

But pretending i’m fine.
Missing homework deadlines.
It’s like i’m hiding myself with a mask.

Don’t get me wrong.
Some people have it worse.
At least I have a roof over my head.

Although i’ve cried.
I’ve never considered suicide.
But others wish to be dead.

So treat me with respect.
Break the stigma.
And educate yourself.

ADHD is real.
It’s an unfair deal.
So you can choose to understand mental health.

I don’t have enough focus to listen.
And thats what your missing.
This is not a choice, this is something I dread.

So next time you judge me.
Next time you label me.
Remind yourself that some with ADHD wish to be dead.

According to Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE), as many as 15 million Americans have food allergies, including 1 in 13 children under the age of 18.

As we head into October this weekend and start making our Halloween plans, be mindful of those who have a different experience this time of year. Support children and families with food allergies/sensitivities through the Teal Pumpkin Project.


The mental health toll from the Orlando shooting

What happened at Pulse was a clear act of hate-based violence — and in a historically safe space, no less.  The shooting may also produce long-term mental health effects, according to Liz Margolies, psychotherapist and founder of the National LGBT Cancer Network. 

People who directly experienced the attack — or know someone who did — may develop post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms. “The rest of us could be more vulnerable to anxiety and depression,” Margolies said in a phone interview. If you are feeling affected mentally by the shooting, you are not alone.

Zayn is healthy, happy and prospering and any “poor Zaynie” posts or some such nonsense could only come from bitter, selfish and entitled people who want to define his health, happiness and success according to their own terms.

Top Majors For Recent Grads: Turning Unprofitable Degrees Into Lucrative Career Paths

Not everyone’s desperately forcing themselves into a finance or computer science degree in the hopes of a steady job post-graduation. Droves of students are still opting for degrees as diverse as performing arts and health professions, according to data recently collected from LinkedIn.

Out of the 650 schools on FORBES’ Top Colleges list this year, social sciences is the second-most popular area studied. Communications and psychology also showed up in the top 10.

The GOP health plan may disrupt mental health care for those who need it the most
The American Health Care Act — the Republican plan to repeal and replace Obamacare — is projected to lead to 24 million fewer Americans without coverage by 2026. It makes the future of mental health care uncertain for some of the nation’s poorest — the exact people who are most at risk for mental health issues, according to several large studies. Under Obamacare, insurance plans have to cover mental health just as they cover physical ailments. Read more
The GOP plan for Obamacare could kill more people each year than gun homicides
A Chicago rally in support of social programs like Medicaid, which is now expected to be gutted under the GOP replacement plan. There’s no question that the fate of the Affordable Care Act is a matter of life and death. The GOP plan to repeal and replace Obamacare will result in 24 million people losing health insurance, according to the new Congressional Budget Office estimate. Read more

3 Major Health Myths, According to Ob/Gyns

“Sex and sexuality are still something many people aren’t talking about, making it easy for misinformation to spread,” says Vanessa Cullins, MD, MPH, an Ob/Gyn and vice president for external medical affairs at Planned Parenthood. To clear up the confusion once and for all, we asked top docs about the most common misconceptions they see in their practices.