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“We live in a world where billions are spent on physical health and appearance. But yet, mental health and well-being, which are the most important factors that keep all of us moving forward and something that should be given the same level of care and attention as physical health, get ignored and pushed to the side time to time again. I know we would love to look in the mirror and love to see what we see. Sometimes I struggle on a daily basis to see that, but I know that when I look inside my mind, I know that I am happy with where I am at and that’s the most important thing. We need to remember that is so much more important to take care of our mind and our mental health rather than our physical health.”  —  Demi Lovato accepting the Artistic Award of Courage onstage during UCLA Semel Institute’s ‘Open Mind Gala’.

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People who are so anti one specific ship or a stan for a specific character befuddle me. You are more willing to shame or harass another human being over fictional characters. The instant a fictional character becomes more important than another human's mental health and-or well being is the instant you need to fucking check your priorities. They are fictional characters, not real people. Get over yourself and your obsessions.

Fiction doesn’t exist in a vacuum, fam. #bye. 


I think people aren’t considering the significant cultural meaning behind Gorons hugging and squeezing. 

Someone cranky? 

Hug them.
Tight. Make them decompress.
Goron hugs are a serious thing- and has a cultural sign of deeply worrying for that person’s health and well-being.

It’s one of those scenes.
“He goes to hug you, and his hug is a little too tight and lasts a little too long… But maybe you needed that today.”

Gorons decompress all the time. They roll in to a ball and sleep in a tight curl and spring of muscles, so that when they wake up everything is loose, calm, and light– not to mention the miracles it does for stress levels.

They are generally slow and leisurely I’m everything they do– but what we’re not seeing is their natural kinesthetic understanding. They build up tension and pressure in their muscles and are capable of controlling it to a fine point and propelling themselves at high speeds while still turning on a dime.

Look at Daruk’s reaction time. Darmani. Darunia. Yunobo.  They all react faster than any other way they move, and do so without second thought.

It honestly wouldn’t surprise me if Gorons are the developer of the stasis rune from the Sheikah slate. We know they can posess magic- although more rare than other races- so how fitting that they helped to create the rune that mimics their entire lifestyle and bodily understanding?

Gorons literally carry hundreds of pounds of weight on their spines, and have shown that they were perhaps not meant to evolve to be bipedal. Imagine the strain and stress that one goron (a race who has been shown can live for 500+ years on average) will go through in a life time if they don’t intimately know how to care for their physical well being. 

Their inn specialty isn’t a nice bed, but a deep muscle massage. You have to know what you’re doing, or risk hurting whoever you’re working on.

Friendly reminder

to do things for yourself. Read a book. Watch a movie. Put on some incense and turn on your salt lamp and put on some relaxation music. Do a face mask. Do a foot bath. Have a bath. Do your nails. Do what you love. Go for a walk. Go hiking. Go see your friend. Pamper yourself, not only physically but mentally. Relax.


In wake of DAPL executive order, Trump hangs Andrew Jackson painting in Oval Office

  • Trump has signed two executive orders to expedite the review of the Dakota Access and Keystone XL pipelines.
  • The construction of these pipelines would likely contaminate Native Americans’ drinking water and cost them their lives.
  • Along with Trump’s decision to push forward with the pipelines — a literal representation of his disregard for the health and well-being of Native Americans — came a symbolic one.
  • According to the New York Times, Trump had a portrait of Andrew Jackson — the president responsible for the Indian Removal Act and consequently the Trail of Tears — installed in the Oval Office on Tuesday.
  • Trump and his administration consider Jackson the first populist president and, therefore, an idol. Read more

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Humans are awarded points daily for physical health, mental well-being, intellect, endurance, will power, good deeds, etc. Everyone is ranked globally and stats are tracked religiously.

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When you train with a strong set of values in mind, those core tenents can be felt and perceived immediately. At RCW we offer the highest quality information around AND the highest quality training enviornment with the health and well being of our students at the forefront.

It all came down to this. Tumblr isnt the friendly and accepting community i used to consider it. Quite the opposite. Lately everything i or my followers say can cause a discourse and i dont feel safe anymore. Is it normal to not feel safe on you own goddamn blog? Dont think so. So thats why ive decided things have to change. For the sake of my mental health and well being I wont interact with anyone on here anymore. Askboxes will be closed and so will be DMs. From now on im taking all my fan interaction and small talk to my Twitter. For those who are wondering- no, the blog wont be deleted. I will just stop talking. The art will be posted when its made or later.

Thank you for your understanding.



This is the best, briefest video on how to programme your subconscious mind. The steps here, I have never heard anywhere. I urge you all right now to make room for 15 minutes to watch this.