Mental health nurse was racist towards me

Trigger warning: depression

I was born in the UK and have a British accent, but my parents are Asian so I have a foreign name. I’ve suffered from depression recently, and in my area there’s a service which allows mental health nurses to call people and talk to them rather than you going to see them in person. I moved to Northern England (where people have different accents from mine which is Southern), but I still obviously speak with a British accent, because I was raised here.

I got a call from the nurse for my first appointment today, 20 minutes late. He started off by saying my first name very slowly (he said out every syllable) and then speaking to me way too slowly and patronisingly like you would talk to a baby. He asked me how I wanted to pronounce my name and be called, and I said that it would be fine just to say it the way it was written. He made a bit of a big deal about it and kept saying “are you sure”?

Then, after we moved on in the conversation, I was telling him some very personal stuff, and I could hear him fine, but he kept saying that he couldn’t hear me well at all and “maybe it’s your accent” (even though I have a British accent!) I could hear him perfectly well and the line seemed fine but I’d say stuff like “my parents are abusive” and he’d say something like “Oh, did you say your parents are important?”

After this I hung up, fortunately I am improving anyway and I know I am going to deal with my depression, but if I had been having a bad day and he had spoken to me like that it would have been awful. He called back a few times and left a message but I didn’t pick up. What kind of mental health nurse thinks it’s acceptable to speak very slowly to someone because they have a foreign name and then make a big deal about “their accent” (which is normal)? I am thinking about complaining.

  Like this greedy fuck isn’t passing the cost on to his customers anyway.

  The thing that really gets me is that he’s in every Papa John’s commercial I’ve seen, and I'll bet he’s getting paid (very well) to be in them. I’m sure he’s not appearing in them for free. Plus, he’s always got athletes with him. How much are they being paid?

  You can’t afford 14 cents to provide health insurance to the workers making it possible for you to make money, but you can pay Peyton Manning (again, I’m sure he’s not doing it for free) to say how good your pizza is?

  I’ve never eaten a Papa John’s pizza, and I never will.

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If I am trying to bulk up and lose weight should I stay away from coffee?

No it doesnt hurt you like that but I have to address something

Okay Time for another JaxBlade Science lesson it Seems

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If you are Not a Brand New Beginner to Lifting

Or Not using Steroids

You CANNOT BUILD MUSCLE and LOSE FAT at the Same Time….well to a certain extent let me explain

You see Building Muscle Requires a Calorie Surplus. Meaning you are eating more than you need to maintain your weight

While Losing Weight and Getting lean (which are two different things a lot of folks dont realize)
Requires a Calorie Deficit. Meaning you are eating less than you need to maintain your weight. 

To Try to Do Both at the Same time Can Hindrance your results because you’ll keep going back and forth saying 

“Oh damn I’m getting swole but I’m getting fat”

and then

“Oh Sheeit I’m Leaning out but my arms are shrinking” 

so you are stuck in this Paradox.

A lot of men have what we call in the Fitness world

the Bart Simpson 

an Average Physique.
Meaning you’re not really skinny
and you’re not really fat.  

So they Don’t know where to Start. I even Had that and I kept fuckin Myself over cause I was trying to Bulk and Cut at the same time

Now here’s what that average person can do if they want a better looking physique. 

FOCUS on the FAT LOSS then Muscle Building

If you want the typical Lean Strong Physique focus on getting those Abs first.

Cause Getting Lean is a Faster Accomplishment than Bulking up while you already have a gut because first off thats only gonna give you more Fat cells which I go in depth on here 
but they stay with you until you die and make it easier to get fat when you are older. 
Also Bulking up when you have a pudge
Just makes you Look Puffy and Good in a T-shirt if you are going for straight looks But shirtless if you want the Abs its not gonna do well.

If you Get Lean thats when everyone starts shooting you compliments you’ll be shirtless a lot more often and your before and after pics will get you a lot of likes

Now I’ll say this BUILDING MUSCLE DOES BURN FAT But Not enough for it to be Noticeable you’ll always put on a LIL bit of Pudge but you can do micro cuts to keep your abs in place. 

Once you have the Abs focus on the Muscle Building and I’m going to tell 

GAINING NATURAL MUSCLE WEIGHT IS A HELL OF A LOT HARDER THAN Getting Ripped, It takes a long time if you are doing it naturally.  And putting on like 10 lbs in a year while keeping your abs is Even More Difficult but the results still look nice

Also like I mentioned before if you change your workouts to Metabolic workouts by switching up your rest you get sweeter results I’ve found 

So If you’re trying to bulk and cut at the same time. Even if your arms are smal focus on getting lean then bulk up it’ll look Better if you’re going for aesthetics


Can superfruits really make you healthier?

A superfruit is essentially any fruit with a lot of antioxidants, but more than 200,000 studies have been conducted on the health benefits of antioxidants since the 1940s and yet it’s still unclear exactly how the antioxidants, which earned a group of expensive fruits the “super” label, benefits our health. The word “superfruit” is mainly a marketing term.

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I got these bottles over a year ago. I played around with them, ruining a whole bunch of them with my trial and errors. I found that I liked resin in them the best and made a few fun bottle varieties. These are such lovely light catchers, and kids seem to love them. Over all I’m pretty pleased with these cuties.

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The Power of a Checklist: How to Stay Disciplined and Avoid Stupid Mistakes

In today’s world, we have more information and knowledge than ever before. Most of it is readily available and easy to access – all it takes is a quick search on Google or Wikipedia and you can pull up a fact about nearly anything.

Yet with this burst of knowledge has also come increasing complexity and confusion. We know more than ever before, but we don’t always know how to apply it and how to make the most of it. We have trouble putting this knowledge into action – making sure that it is useful and practical.

In many ways, the information age has made us a lot less practical and less wise with the knowledge we know. We know so much now that we get easily distracted, we lose sight of the basics, we miss the essentials, and we make mistakes when we know we know better.

According to Atul Gawande, a surgeon and public health researcher (who explores how to maximize our use of knowledge in his book The Checklist Manifesto: How to Get Things Right):

Mistakes when “we know better” are often more painful than mistakes we make when we have to make a guess and just try our best. These mistakes are super important to avoid for a person like Atul Gawande, because as a surgeon a simple mistake could make the difference between life or death.

How do we not get lost in this ocean of information? How do we make the best of the knowledge we have, while still leaving room for the unexpected? According to Dr. Gawande, the power can be found by making a simple checklist.

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