While the tech people she worked with were open-minded nerds, senior management was “more traditional,” and Allison felt HR would immediately send her packing if she approached them. That’s why she emailed her co-workers first, “… the people who absolutely depended on me for the survival of this project. I let them know what was happening, that I would be transitioning … and reminded them I was indispensable. And within hours … this was out to 4,000 [people].”

She only met with HR once the cat was fully out of the bag and pissing on their rugs. “They were absolutely incensed … but by the time I got frog-marched into HR it was too late.”

They yelled at her for having the gall to exist, but thanks to a “tug-of-war” between management and the nerds who made their project run, Allison’s job was secure.

It’s worth noting that, at this point, Allison’s support group knew of only one other transgender woman, in the country, who had managed to openly transition.

“She did a sort of similar thing, so we sort of modeled my plan off of her.”

I Was Transgender Before That Word Existed: 7 Dark Realities


It’s finally the end of the training week! I am exhausted! I have one long-ish run today, 7 miles, and I’ll have finished a pretty decent week. I took yesterday as a rest day and finished some homework, watched some basketball, and had a date night with the boy-love. I’m ready for today though!

Recap of the last couple days:
Thursday was another master swim night. Seriously loving it more and more each week. Coach said “Jen, you are a very technically capable swimmer”. High praise which I’ll take; I swam competitively way back in the day in junior high, but that was nearly 13 years ago. I was never any good at sports…until now. Btw: 20 x 25 sprints after longer swims (I do my own set before class)? Yeah. Beat. But I finally got my 25meter sprint down to 18 seconds!

Friday: you ever bike with lead legs? Because that’s low I felt Friday. I had a scheduled 1 hour session on the trainer, mostly flat with some varying baby hills for a challenge. Those first 10 minutes were killer until my legs finally woke up and realized it was time to do work. Did some sprints as well and ended up with some decent times. Zwift does live results with the sprints so I managed a respectable 5th for women and 34th for both groups.

Oh? And biggest happy dance? I have some super cute Zara jeans that I wear for nights out. Had to get them when I was outta state since we don’t have Zara in Nebraska. Normally there has to be a bit of gymnastics to get in to them. Last night? Nah, fit just perfect. Progress!

Workout Log 2-26-17

You don’t need a gym to workout! I’ve gotten this far into my journey, and it was only about 8 months ago that I actually signed up for a gym. The motivation to sign up was access to the larger equipment I wanted to move further in my resistance training. However, you really can get your ass into gear with simple, small, and affordable exercise equipment.

I wrote earlier that I really needed a home workout today. I was planning to do abs. It’s really easy to get a great ab workout at home and I needed a tad bit of hermiting in my schedule, so this works perfectly! The only things I used today were a jump rope, a yoga mat, and 15 lb dumbbells.

Instead of music, I watched Sunday Morning on CBS as I worked out. This is part of my Sunday ritual. More songs throughout the week, though!

Warm-up included jump roping, jumping jacks, and running in place. Dumbbells were used for core stabilizers, reverse dumbbell chops, and dumbbell side bends. Then, I got down on my mat and did planks, side planks, Russian twist (with one dumbbell), leg lifts, reverse crunches, heel touches, and  V-crunches.

I feel shredded right now, especially after moving furniture on leg day (yesterday) of all days. You better believe tomorrow is a rest day!