• Me:*only has fruits and vegetables in shopping cart*
  • Stranger:DUUHUUUDE, look at that girls groceries haha what the hell! *puts crisps in his shopping cart*
  • Me:*stares at him with gaze of death*
  • Stranger:Whoah but seriously look
  • Me:*stares*
  • Stranger:she.. she only has.. healthy.. food.. nevermind
  • Me:*walks away*
  • Guy stranger was talking to:Maybe you should just respect her healthy choices instead of criticizing her because you are just an unhealthy junk you nigga

Recipe 2! High protein/fibre no bake balls.

- 20g of oat bran (ground almonds work too)
- 20g of protein powder
- 1 tea spoon of peanut butter
- 2 teaspoons of almond milk
- stevia (however much you want depending on how sweet you want them)
- optional - few drops of honey or syrup

Put them into balls and leave to set in the fridge for a few hours.

Only 240 calories for the batch.
8g fat
25g protein
17g carbs (fibre 5gs, sugar 1g)

I fell in love with myself.
The way that I smiled and laughed and the way I acted when I was tired.
I fell in love with every curve of my body; my stomach; the way I looked in my favorite dress.
I even fell in love with my imperfections: my faces that were less than picture perfect, the parts of myself that I wanted to change; even the parts of myself that I hated before.
I fell in love with myself knowing that it would be the most beautiful love story I would be able to write about. Its consistency would be unending and there would only ever be one side of the story.
I fell in love with myself because I knew I needed it. Unlike the love of a boy who might break my heart or of a friend who may move away, I needed to love myself because it was the only love I could ever count on.
I fell in love with myself knowing I would never be able to write a poem or a story or speak words that do my love story justice, but I would write and speak about it anyway.
—  please love yourself