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The idea of genderfluid Yuuri is my everything. When she skates, she feels far more in touch with her femininity. Off the ice, he feels comfortable in the body he was born into. (This is written by a genderqueer person, not a cis person fetishizing gender insecurity)


I’m The One - Justin Bieber imagine {Part 2}

A/N: here is the requested part two, which of course, contains what you all have been waiting for smut. read part 1 here to refresh your memory. i was literally cringing while writing this. i hate writing smut

Warnings: smut ;)))


We got into Justin’s car that he drove here to the recording of the video. I had to admit that I wasn’t really expecting it but, after all, he is Justin Bieber; expect the unexpected out of him. He opened up the passenger side door for me to enter the car. I wasted no time getting in, putting on my seatbelt and making myself comfortable. Justin jogged over to his side and got into the car, simultaneously starting the engine.

“Damn, you got your seatbelt on already?” He inquired. “You must really want this as bad as I do.” I simply nodded my head to his question because I had already thought up a response to the question but, I knew that it wouldn’t be appropriate and that it would kill the mood. We drove off from the parking lot and made our way to the main drag of Los Angeles. Justin rested his hand on my upper thigh, giving it a little grip. 

Was it getting hot in here or was it just me? My cheeks were flushed and I could feel them burning. If Justin keeps this up, we might just have to do this in his car. We soon reached Justin’s house and I was blown away by the size of it. “Wow,” was all I could manage to get out.

“You’ll be saying more than wow when I’m done with you.” Justin said in a raspy tone. Jesus Christ the effect this guy could have on a girl was insane. I let myself out of the car and headed up to his front door. “Impatient, are we?” He questioned behind me. 

“Maybe,” I teased. He walked up to where I stood and unlocked the front door. I pushed the door open before he could and grabbed his hand, yanking him inside. I couldn’t wait anymore. We’ve been on set for the past week or so and I wanted, no, needed this more than ever. I pressed his lips against mine, giving him no time to catch breath or even say anything. He released his lips from mine and picked me up, throwing me over his shoulder. 

I let out a giggle and in response Justin slapped my ass. I gasped out loud and Justin chuckled. He carried me upstairs to what I assumed was his room and threw me on the bed. I bounced up a few times and then, adjusted myself on the bed. Justin went to close the door and took this time to take my clothes off. One less task for him.

Justin turned back around to look at what I was doing and I knew he was impressed with what he saw. “Damn {Y/N}, you’re just getting down to business, already got your clothes off and shit.” 

I got up from the bed with the biggest smirk on my face. Justin was a little suspicious of me but, when you’re caught up in the moment, anything can turn you on. I took his hand into mine and led him to the bed. I playfully shoved him against the bed and made him lie there. 

“Come on {Y/N}. You’re killing me.” He whined.

“Impatient, are we?” I mocked him from earlier. He rolled his eyes. I hopped up onto the bed and sat on top of Justin. Was I nervous about this? Heall yeah but, I needed my release. I began kissing Justin again and decided to switch some things up. I began kissing his neck and started going down his body, not missing a single inch of it. I glanced up at him, enjoying himself. I did his belt buckle and slipped his pants and boxers down. His erection sprung out, catching me of guard, Holy shit, everything he had was huge, pun intended. I took his length into my hands and began pumping. I could hear his breathing getting heavier every time I pumped up and down. I’m finally doing something right for once.

I took things to another level and started kitten licking the tip. Justin began squirming underneath me and I knew he wasn’t going to last any longer. I didn’t want him to release just yet and neither did he. Justin growled and switched up our positions. Now he was on top, just what I wanted. 

“You’re a bad girl.” He taunted me. He ripped off the remaining pieces of my undergarments and threw them somewhere in the room. I was dripping wet just thinking of the things he was going to do with me. Could he move any slower? I watched in lust as he pumped himself a few times, prepping himself was what I assumed he was doing.

Did I not do enough for him? He glanced up at me and winked at me. He rubbed his dick along my slit a few times, sending shivers throughout my body. He stopped and then he lined himself up at my entrance. He glanced up at me once more and gave me an ‘are-you-ready’ look. Of course I was fucking ready. I’m not sprawled here on this bed for my own entertainment. He pushed himself inside me so achingly slow and I couldn’t wait anymore. I pushed him into me to get this show on the road. 

“Holy-. You’re so tight,” Justin strained out. “I don’t think I’m going to last long.”

“Just shut up and fuck me dude!” I yelled at him in a jokingly manner. He did as told and began moving and I could feel a little pressure being relieved. Who would have thought that a girl from a music video would end up in the main character’s bed? I then thought of the many other girls he might’ve had in this bed. Gross. 

Justin began moving faster to snap me back to reality which knocked the wind out of me. Our breathing began getting heavier and Justin’s thrust began getting sloppier and I could feel my release getting closer and closer. Justin gave me a few more good thrusts before he orgasmed, which in triggered mine. I pulled him closer into me and held him there, not wanting him to move. I cam down from my high, as did he, and he slumped down next to me on the bed. 

I heard Justin’s very audible heavy breathing over the not-so-dead silence in the room. I stared up at the creme colored ceiling, catching my breath and processing what just happened. Holy shit, I really just had sex with Justin Bieber.

“You were amazing {Y/N}.” Justin said. “Best I’ve had in so long.”

I smirked to myself knowing that there would be a part 2 to this very soon. 


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A/N: gif above is me after writing this bye