missing the group picture with Fall of November but..

I just wanted to take the time to say how lucky and blessed I feel after last night. Although I was under a lot of stress, it was all definitely worth it. This whole process was new to me even though this is my second benefit concert. The constant support I’ve been receiving and the words of encouragement along the way helped me get to where I want to be! We raised a total of $871.31!!

As I look back, I have to really step back and take a breath to realize that…I’ve only just begun. Sometimes it’s so hard to believe that I’m just a first year in college, and I’ve done SO MUCH already. So I give it up to the man up above, God, for allowing me to live the life I live, and to be able to share the gift of giving. 

Thanks for all the support and help these past couple weeks. Thank you to the amazing, talented performers! Thanks to everything and everyone! (: 

THIS is what makes my life worth living.