If you want to be done with a person, be done. Don’t be afraid of throwing away history; don’t be afraid of owing them anything. If they have done you wrong, all bets are off the table. Take care of yourself.

Reengineering your thoughts for positivity is hard – believe me, I know. Start small: any time you consciously catch yourself thinking negatively, whether it’s about a person or a circumstance or something else, stop mid-thought and turn it into something positive. Believe it or not, you’ll actually see a change in your whole demeanor.


I really wanted to take a moment to give a well-deserved shoutout to an incredibly gorgeous soul, @feyherba. She handcrafts these beautiful, organic products for your mind, body and soul. If you love organic, herbal splendor as much as I do, than I highly recommend checking out her Etsy shop. YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT.

This is one interesting story, as it starts off fine, but goes right to shit. The color code is as follow:

Red: Dark Knight (Fuck him)

Blue: Bard (Friend)

Green: Astrologian (Friend)

Purple: Dragoon (Me)

So, we get Keep Hard from 50 roulette. Normally an easy dungeon, nothing special. But, strangely, we nearly wipe to first boss, only managing to kill it due to my limit break. We continue on, but soon, something odd arises-the Dark Knight is struggling to keep aggro and is suffering mp issues. And then… the fuse is lit.

The tank has the fucking gall to tell our healer that he should use Diurnal Sect when he’s doing damn well in Noct, claiming that he’s a 60 AST. This starts something between them, the tank being in fucking denial about his mp problems, and getting pissy when we call him out on his bullshit. We get to the last boss, and the argument is getting heated. He just elects to ragequit, and we get a far superior Dark Knight, and finish things out.

This didn’t help the mood of our bard, who was dealing with harassment from another fc against ours. She ended up breaking down crying. You insensitive assholes, get a fucking life. You don’t know who is on the other side of the screen, and how your words could hurt them. Think before you act, because it is against the terms of use. You can and will be reported. 

I made this collage with the fourth chakra - the heart chakra, Anahata - in mind. The color green vibrating around the person sitting is associated with the fourth chakra. Anahata is Sankrit for unstruck, unhurt; when our hearts are open we are full of love, joy and compassion, therefore unhurt.

The flowers in this collage represent me and my name, Se'mana which means flower girl. To me, the flowers also represent the rose quartz which is associated with the heart chakra. The rose quartz is a love and healing stone with a feminine energy. It brings forth love in self, relationships and also brings about calm and helps with sleep.

The individual sitting represents feminine energy, not necessarily a woman. The face is a rose, representing a spirit in bloom, in healing and beauty.

I call this Our People, Our Strength because through love we receive & give compassion, we bring peace to ourselves and those surrounding us and we find strength in healing from historical trauma. My zine queer indigenous girl is specifically for and by queer, trans, 2-spirit, non-binary, disabled, chronically ill and neurodivergent black, indigenous, people of color. This is for us.

So, uh, fun little tip.  If you’ve got dry, flaking skin, though the temptation might be great, PLEASE DO NOT try to scrub the dry skin off.

I just went to town on some dry patches on my cheeks with a towel and wound up basically brillo-padding my face.  My skin is raw.  It hurts.

Don’t be like me, kids.

The dm really has it out for me because every time I use a really cool new spell he wasn’t expecting, he makes the next enemies we face coincidentally immune to all my coolest stuff

‘Oh the golems don’t have ears so you can’t use Suggestion’ 'oh your Thunderwave actually heals them’


i’m trying to heal but it’s hard when it all goes so slowly. i’m trying. i’ve been taking longer walks with my dog through the wetlands and she’s learning how to swim without hating the water. she’s a poodle, i mean, she should know this.

i’ve been taking more photos of my fish and sitting for hours in front of my gecko’s vivarium so she can get used to me and i am forever thinking of healthier setups for the crickets my frogs eat so they can have a good life before they are swallowed.

and i’ve been writing more poems about acceptance and i have to leave my blinds up so my succulents get sun and i think my seasonal depression needs that sun too.

but i am still so so empty inside and nothing really brings me happiness so it’s hard to keep going and keep doing this and i know it’s hard for you too so listen to me.

we can heal together.