healing wounds

  • Literally every Sansa/Tyrion fanfiction I've ever read:the story of 2 people learning to love and trust each other despite the horrible circumstances that drove them together in the first place and healing their wounds and respecting each other through and through (also 99,9% of the times Sansa is the more assertive one between the 2)
  • ASOIAF fandom:UGH Sansa/Tyrion shippers are horrible mysoginists who just think that he deserves a cookie only because he didn't rape her blahblahblah nice guy rhetoric blahblahblah not-so-hidden ableism
That's All There Is To It

Fluff! I think? Maybe this counts as fluff?
Effectively a continuation to:  Aftermath of the Arishok Which I have been meaning to write for a while. [See I do get around to the things, but it takes me a while!] 

Fenris lingered in the doorway to Kestrel’s room, hesitating, watching. Torn between wanting to enter and make himself known and wanting to flee, leaving his dignity intact. Torn between the desire to pull Anders away from her and the knowledge that Kestrel was her own person. That she owed him no loyalty.

The scene before him was deceptively peaceful.

Had Kestrel’s body not been a mosaic if healing wounds and ugly, mottled bruises it would have almost appeared domestic. Anders, sitting on Kestrel’s bed with her standing in her small clothes and a long cotton shirt, holding herself up with her hand on one pillar of her bed. The mages hands rested at her belly, healing magic glowing from underneath her palms.

Had the healing magic not been there it would have looked like a father feeling the belly of his wife, feeling for the first signs of life.

He was grateful that was not the case. Yet anger and jealousy still rose inside Fenris’s gut, a swirling tempest and making him feel sick. He felt the poison, like bile, rising up his throat and fought to keep it down. Fought to retain his calm.

They looked so… perfect together.

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The signs as quotes from "you could stop at five or six stores" (parts 1+2)
  • Aries:Honey, you've got a big storm coming.
  • Taurus:I want him. And I know you can't keep him forever.
  • Gemini:I can see the Statue of Liberty from here!
  • Cancer:People say that time heals all wounds.
  • Leo:I am the queen of the universe. The waves part, they engulf me and the water is warm.
  • Virgo:I know what you're thinking, who cares what color shoes she's wearing, but believe me, women notice.
  • Libra:I feel like a deer in the headlights of love.
  • Scorpio:He's in the closet. I had him stuffed.
  • Sagittarius:And someone got up there... he said... um... blahblahblahblahblah.
  • Capricorn:I don't need friends, they disappoint me.
  • Aquarius:Can I ask you kind of a weird question?
  • Pisces:*throws punches* *kicks* *hurts back*

alfred-f-jones-world-hero asked:

USUK #24 Please

Hope you don’t mind Skyrim AU!

Alfred let out a stressed sigh. “You’re the only one I trust to do this,” he said to Arthur quietly.

“You’re acting quite dramatic,” Arthur murmured, holding his hands over the man’s wounds, healing light emanating from his palms and tangling itself around Alfred’s body.

It was honestly such a common occurrence to get hurt when the duo were both pitiful vagabonds, trying to make their way in the world, fighting off thugs and thieves, sometimes dragons.Two travelers bent on finding something meaningful in this world, both on their own pursuits until finding each other. Skyrim may have held many dangers, but at least they had one another.

“Well, it’s true,” Alfred harrumphed, feeling a bit too defensive of this fact. He wasn’t exactly a master at restoration magic, in all honesty, so Arthur was the only person he trusted to heal his body.

Arthur looked down at Alfred who was laid out on his back, hands on either side of his head. “This wouldn’t have happened if you hadn’t gone after that idiotic frost troll, swinging your sword about. You know they have a disadvantage to fire. You should’ve let me kill him,” the mage stated irritably. 

Alfred made a face and looked off to the side, surveying their room. “I don’t really like Windhelm, but this inn is really nice.” The change in topic couldn’t have been more obvious.

Kirkland sighed and let out a noise of agreement. “Yes… You honestly did yourself in quite well. I’m going to have to go buy a potion to heal these wounds.”  A whine escaped Alfred’s lips at the thought of spending gold on something he could heal from, but Arthur was having none of it.”Don’t make a fuss, this is your fault.”

The Imperial frowned. “I know but you don’t have to keep reminding me.”

At this, Arthur’s face softened considerably. “I’m sorry, my sweet,” he whispered, leaning down to press a soft kiss to the man’s forehead. “But please be more careful next time. You honestly worry me.” Alfred relished in the rare moments of pure affection which only happened when they were alone. 

“I love you, Arthur,” he sighed, watching the man grab his coin purse off the table, about to head out the door.

“I love you too, Alfred,” the Breton whispered. 


Hi! My poor little plant was outside in it’s pot getting some sun and the wind blew it over. This little part from the top came off. I’ve seen people replant parts of succulents before, and was wondering if this could be salvaged, and if so, how? Also, will the plant it fell off of be okay?

Both parts of the plant will be fine. You should continue to treat the potted part like normal, but the part that broke off needs a little bit of specialized care to get it back on its feet. Here’s what to do with it:

  1. Set it on a dry window ledge in partial sun for a week to give it a chance to heal from its stem wound. 
  2. Once the wound is calloused over you can plant it in some soil. Do not water until it has grown roots. Succulents only grow roots in dry soil, and it has plenty of water and nutrients stored in its leaves.
  3. When it has sprouted roots you can give it a little bit of water on a weekly basis. Again, you want their roots to get big and strong, so err on the side of under watering.
  4. Eventually it’ll have a good, strong root system, and you can start watering it like a mature plant.
I’ve realised something really important. I only get one life. I will never have another life like this and there will never be another me. Everything that I know exists on a tiny rock orbiting a huge ball of gas 93 million miles away, every memory I have or ever will have, every experience will occur on this little planet. Sure in the scale of things I am a mere flicker of consciousness in a bad infinity, insignificant. It took me to dance with death to realise, life is fragile. I am fragile. This is my only life and all I have accomplished is the destruction of it. My body loves me, all it has done is loved me, healed my wounds, fought off diseases, and after everything I have put it through it still loves me. I need to love it back. Life is a tiny miracle and I need to stop trying to diminish mine.
—  thoughts after a suicide attempt (by me)

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How is Flippy doing? Did he heal?

he’s having a bit of trouble adapting to the missing nail/joint but otherwise his wounds are healed and he’s pretty much back to his peppy, loud self!

*wants to improve life to heal old wounds and traumas and generally have better mental health*

*makes absolutely no changes in my day to day life at all”


Ryohei Higashikata from Diamond is Unbreakable

Josuke’s grandfather, and a respected (though easy-going) Morioh police officer. Having served for 35 years, he was the one to put away Angelo/Anjuro the murderer. 

Ryohei is killed by Angelo in the first manga, before Josuke has a chance to heal his wounds. Josuke chooses to carry on his legacy, protecting Morioh from the evil within it.

[pictured] Ryohei being a responsible officer and adult by jokingly pointing a gun at his grandchild

Intentions are not magic, but they are data. They give you useful information about why a microaggression or some other harm happened in the first place, provide clues as to how it might be prevented in the future, and yield guidance on how to educate the person who committed the harm or how best to heal the person who was harmed. There is a world of difference, for instance, between dealing with a 4chan troll trying to ruin your life and someone who uses the word “tranny” because they think it sounds cute. Assessing that difference requires some attention to their differing intentions.

The trick is to recognize that you can simultaneously know that intentions do not, in and of themselves, heal wounds while also understanding that they are helpful for assessing the unique contours of the specific conflict you’re addressing. Judgement, in its highest sense, requires attention to what is unique about the case you are judging, not merely how it can be fitted into an abstract framework. If intent cannot be considered at all, then you are denying yourself potentially useful information that could help you better understand the situation.

Put another way, we need a moral framework that provides people with a path for redemption from their mistakes, and fashioning such a path requires an understanding of the intentions at work.

Time heals all wounds. I only hope that the distance will bring us together again. I never stopped loving you and I won’t for a long time. I hope you find happiness, as I was only apparent stress to you. Farewell my friend, I will miss you tremendously.

super powers for the signs
  • Aries:Simple but still exciting. The ability to manifest and manipulate fire.
  • Taurus:To find what is lost. Whether it's your left sock or a missing friend.
  • Gemini:Shapeshifting, transforming their changeability and adaptability into something physical.
  • Cancer:The power to heal. Especially emotional wounds.
  • Leo:The ability to see and manipulate other people's auras.
  • Virgo:To ALWAYS find what is physically needed. Scanning their environment efficiently and effectively to find exactly what they're looking for.
  • Libra:Projection. Of themselves, thoughts or feelings.
  • Scorpio:Invisibility.
  • Sagittarius:Super strength. Physical and Mental (e.g being able to read books 5 times as fast as others)
  • Capricorn:The 5 senses now work as super powers. Enhanced ability to use them.
  • Aquarius:The ability to manifest objects (or even ideas within others) out of nothing.
  • Pisces:Extreme empathy, the ability to have premonitions for a particular person once they mutually share an empathic bond.

I think the reason why this MV has everyone so emotional is the fact that the subplots of each of the boys has us relating to them in some way or form. 

How many of us have fallen into a depression and just choose to be by ourselves?

How many of us have turned to medications in wanting to sooth the pain and try to heal our wounds, both physically, mentally and emotionally?

How many of us have wanted to start a fight, all the pent up frustration in us bubbling and wanting to be released?

How many of us went through daily activities in an automatic state, mind blank of emotions or thoughts?

For many, the friends we have are the ones that keep us grounded, keep us from falling in too deep in ourselves. Many of the friends we have are because of Bangtan. 

Many of us see ourselves in these situations, seeing the boys feel the same way we once did or even still do. This is the reason why many of us became ARMYs in the first place. These boys can go through many concepts many of us don’t agree with but they continue to stick true to the emotional, powerful lyrics that stick