healing the dead

Heartbreak never truly goes away.

Eventually, you stop crying yourself to sleep and the self-blame will dim. The questions as to why you weren’t good enough along with all that lost time spent in the shower retracing your last conversation will also stop too.

However, it will not be easy.

You are still going to wake up with them in your mind for weeks to come and similarly, they will be all you can think about before you sleep. Heartbreak is a bit like love in that respect, you think about them constantly except the thoughts are painful this time around.

Indeed, there are moments where you find shelter from these thoughts, a hot chocolate with a friend or an essay that requires your full attention. Your favourite song will come on but then that shuffled sad song will follow and trigger the thoughts all over again. This is inevitable so when it catches you off guard, let it all out. Do all you must to wash away the sadness. Call a friend, bake some cookies, go and lie on the floor with your dog and tell him you’re glad he wouldn’t ever hurt you like this.

Your heart will miss them so much it will use any excuse to search for them. The same model car they have will drive by while you are laughing away with your friends and suddenly you cannot breathe.
You might see someone with the same curly hair or the way the person sitting in front of you on the bus drums their fingers to a song will remind you of them. This too, is inevitable. Try to appreciate these small quirks because regardless of where you have ended up, these were once pieces of a puzzle that led to you falling in love and that is a beautiful thing.

Most importantly of all, you are going to want to run to them. You are going to want to share your day- whether it be good or bad- purely out of habit. You will miss the way they told you terrible jokes or sent you pictures of your favourite breed dog just to bring a smile to your face for the first time that day. You will miss how excited they got when you were excited- how happy they got when you were happy. Allow yourself to grieve this absence but remind yourself that they aren’t the only person who would be willing to devote so much effort to cheering you up. Let your loved ones know you’re sad and soak in the warmth of their kind words. 

And then, suddenly, a few weeks have passed and you think of them for the first time in three days and you realise that you are healing. You start to fill your time with people and things that make you happy. You suddenly crave adventure and new experiences and anything that makes you feel alive again. You stop beating yourself up and start to defend your corner like you are your own best friend. You put your hands up and admit your contribution to the downfall of it all but the difference is, you refuse to defend them any longer. You validate your pain and tell yourself that it is okay to hurt and that you just need time- the art of healing requires the same patience as a few broken bones.

The bond with your friends will strengthen if you let them in- please let them in. Spend time with them and regularly express how much you appreciate them. Feel good about telling loved ones that you love them. Do not shy away from this term because your heart is broken. Please remind yourself that this is not the end for you. Do not console yourself with the whole there are other fish in the sea rubbish because I know that despite how much pain they have caused, you still want them and you will continue to want them for a very long time. Instead, console yourself with the thought that your heart may be in two right now but bones do that sometimes and with a little support, healing is inevitable.

My darling, to break may not be beautiful while you’re going through it but it is, don’t you see? Even a glow stick has to crack to shine; think of how proud you will be when one day you can smile at yourself in the mirror and mean it again.

—  Heartbreak 101.
Autumn Inspired Prompts
  • You’re a vampire and I’m a witch, we both go to this private school in New England that has a small population of supernatural students. We meet because I need a vile of vampire venom for a potion and my demon best friend said you’re the person to talk to.
  • We go to a school for supernatural beings and you’re the cutest witch I’ve ever seen but you’re kind of intimidating.
  • I’m a fairy and my parents told me to never get myself involved with a witch but you’re so sweet and kind and not anything like I was told about witches.
  • We’re both from ancient supernatural families and our kinds hate each other but to end the centuries of fighting we are to be wed.
  • There our seven lines of ancient witches referred to as the Seven Devil, there are certain alliances amongst the families and certain feuds. One night a whole line is whipped out, they were an ally of my line an enemy of yours. You’re suspected of being apart of the killings but I can prove you’re innocence. The only problem is our lines are enemies as well and my family advises me not to because it’ll give our line more power. (Bonus: My line was actually behind whipping out the line because they were power hungry and framed your line)
  • I’m a witch and one night while I’m walking home I’m murdered by someone or something unknown. But a few day later I wake up in the morgue. I got my friend who says that I was saved due to vampire venom in my system, vampire venom in small amounts can slowly heal someone but they’ll appear dead until they’ve made a full recovery. I try to find the vampire who saved me and find you. You tell me you found me bleeding out, near death on the side of the road while you were walking into town so you bit me to save me. (Bonus: You help me find the person or thing that tried to kill me)
  • I’m a witch and there’s a witch hunter in town and he’s been following me around for the last few days. One day he corners me in the woods near town while I was collecting ingredients for a potion and tried to kill me but you come out of nowhere and save me by killing him. We make eye contact before you run into the woods. Who are you and why did you save me?
  • I’m a werewolf and have some serious anger issues and you’re a witch who makes theses amazing calming potions with lavender and every time I come in to buy some you me a free lavender candle and every time I light it I’m instantly calm and can’t stop thinking about you.
  • I just transferred to this private school and all the students talk about the werewolves who roam the forest that surrounds the school for miles, some are even rumored to attend the school. I don’t believe them because wolves are common in this area and werewolves obviously aren’t real. But then one night decide to go for a walk in the woods because it’s a full moon and there’s a light fog so how can I resist and I’m pretty damn sure the cute person from my history class just turned into a wolf, what the hell?
  • You and your friends are rumored to be descendants of supernatural beings and you’re pretty well liked by everyone but everyone’s also kind of afraid of you. Of course most people don’t believe in the supernatural, but I’ve seen somethings and I’m pretty sure not only are the rumors true but there’s way more to it.
  • Your a descendant from a famous alleged supernatural being and I’m doing a report on them and how it’s affected your family. You agreed to let me interview and after doing a lot of research I realize that you’re not a descendant of that person but are in fact that person who’s been alive after all these years.
  • We’re best friends, I’m a vampire and you’re a witch. Shenanigans ensue.
  • I’m a powerful ancient witch and you’re a vampire who I’ve loved for several centuries but you’re murdered by one of my enemies. I’m now consumed with finding a way to bring you back to life and back to me. I have never been a cruel witch but in this time I am ready to do anything and everything to get my way.

  • Villager: Oh great healer. Thank you for tending to the wounded.
  • Mipha: It is a pleasure to be of assistance. I must go now.
  • Villager: Your fellow champions are lucky to have you.
  • Mipha: ...
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • Zelda: Mipha! Link fell down a cliff trying to get Rushrooms!
  • ~~~~~
  • Urbosa: Revali flew into my lightning.
  • Revali: YOU SHOT ME DOWN!
  • ~~~~~
  • Zelda: Link tried to surf down the hill and crashed into a Stone Talus! Again!
  • ~~~~~
  • Daruk: I overcooked the rockloaf and my tooth chipped.
  • ~~~~~
  • Urbosa: Link's sword attracted my lightning.
  • ~~~~~
  • Revali: A tree hit me.
  • Mipha: You mean you hit a tree?
  • ~~~~~
  • Urbosa: WE NEED HEALING!
  • Revali: WE NEED HEALING!
  • Link: *Dead again*
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • Mipha: ...It is my duty for all of Hyrule.


firstly, I would die for all these new gems so jot that down


seriously My favorite type of gem are the big gay fusions

Please give Zircon a raise, she tried her best

okay,Yellow and Blue Diamond standing like that was also high class gay right there

Blue Pearl can draw! :D

So apparently, Blue Diamond can send out this sort of aura deal that can cause other gems to feel sadness/ cry and it DOESNT effect humans (Lars didn’t cry)


Lars can escape gem detectors and he did some goOD SHIT

seriously, I love his character development, how relatable

The fact that EVERYTHING Padparadscha Sapphire does is just a bit late is so cute oh my god

Of course a fusion between a Ruby and a Pearl would be a total worry wort oh my gosh

The Rutile twins ;A; sooo goood!!!

Im love my big polyamourous caterpillar grandma fusion????

So steven can like, bring back the dead/ heal someone who JUST became dead and thats what happened to lion and by doing that, it creates a sort of wormhole pocket dimension 


Theyre Trying to get a ‘drop ship’ to fly?? what drop ship, THEY HAVE ANOTHER SHIP??



suggested additions to the dialogue wheel on the console for mercy mains ( + other healers)

¤ “no”
¤ “I am cOMING”
¤ “if you all don’t group up, I can’t heAL OR REZ YOU”
¤ “i can hear you badmouthing me in the chat and fuck you”
¤ “I am being flanked and am about to die”
¤ “you don’t need healing you have self heal/go find a health pack you have -10 health god”
¤ “i’m sorry” (this used very rarely)
¤ “I CANNOT REZ YOU IT’S NOT READY” (since no one seems to understand when they ask for rez and I spam the percentage my ult charge is at"
¤ “we need another healer”
¤ “fuck you genji”

special addition:
when dead/waiting for respawn and someone asks for healing, mercy automatically says “I’m dead you assholes”

Mercy Vocabulary Starter Pack
  • “Fuck.”
  • “Shit.”
  • “Oh goddammit.”
  • “I can’t heal you when I’m dead!”
  • “No, you don’t need healing! You’re at full health!”
  • “I can’t get to you all the way over there!”
  • “You’re literally standing right next to a health pack! Move two inches to the left and you’ll be healed!”
  • “Like hell I’m going out there on my own!”
  • *withering sigh*
  • *sound of me holding my head in my hands, 100% done with the world*
  • “You’re welcome…”