healing the community

there’s no one in the world worth suffering over. if you feel unhappy you have the right to leave without explanation. yes great communication is usually key, but beware of those who try to use your words, thoughts, and emotions against you. those who never find fault in themselves are not worth explaining anything to. you deserve love and you deserve happiness. you never deserve to be with somebody who brings hurt and discomfort to your life. always put yourself first.

this goes for not only romantic relationships, but also friendships, work relations, school, etc. you are never bound to anyone. trust your gut and leave anything that feels abusive.

Dinah Veeris, Master Healer and creator of Den Paradera 

Dinah Veeris gives insight regarding the African involvement in plant-based medicine and healing traditions. Slave healers cultivated some of the most powerful and resilient healing communities on this planet. The very essence of survival, resistance, and communal preservation are the same pillars that guide Dinah Veeris in her work to preserve the traditional medicinal plants of Curaçao.

How strong you are, to go through Hell on Earth, and still smile and carry yourself like you’re in Heaven.
—  Your struggle will pay off someday. It might not be now, but it will get better. // Maxwell Diawuoh
Inspired Healing

A little bottle to focus on a general healing and well being of a person.

  • Sea Salt
  • Lavender
  • Rosemary
  • Sage
  • Bay
  • Mugwort
  • Cinnamon
  • Sandalwood Oil
  • Pink Candle

Salt for purification, to lay a clean foundation

Lavender to inspire peace from any pain or discomfort

Rosemary to bring a feeling of youth again

Sage for inspiring long life

Bay and Mugwort to give strength during the healing process

Cinnamon to encourage fast healing and recovery

Sandalwood oil for success and healing

Pink candle for wax seal to inspire healing and positive thoughts

The first incarnation of this bottle was a loose incense to burn on a charcoal disk. It originally just didn’t have salt. It was made for my father, who had a problem with his heart and was having trouble with day to day activities. 

You could forgo a seal and choose to burn the mixture on a charcoal disc, it’s up to you. 

I ended up using pink salt for aesthetic again at the top. A kind of bookend to the intention to purify the body. 

Be authentic in the way you live life, talk to those who hurt you. Engage in honesty and love, open up and ask those in your life why they are distant. Life is short, it gets muddied by lies and fear.

Be courageous enough to reach out to others, seek forgiveness and redemption in your community. We have been given an opportunity each day to love those around us, all it takes is one step.

Healing starts with communication, communication comes with humility, and humility only comes when we are willing to lay down our lives for others.

Love right now, not tomorrow or the next day, love in this moment and watch it become something beautiful.

—  T.B. LaBerge // Go Now

So I created this simple spread because I’ve been dealing with a lot of loneliness lately and I’ve found it to be really helpful and comforting. I thought maybe it might be helpful for any of you guys too! It works with both Tarot and Oracle decks. I find it the most nourishing & helpful to use the Wisdom of the Oracle Deck by Colette Baron-Reid, but just use a deck that feels right to you!

This is one of my first spreads so it may not be fantastic. Feel free to change things up a bit if you’re called to!


Emotional Healing Spell

What You’ll Need: 

-Band-aid or gauze
-Red pen or marker 
-Incense in the most calming scent you can find

To help yourself heal emotionally, first light your incense. One of my favorites is lavender. Take your paper and stick your band-aid on it, or if you have gauze, tape or place it on the paper. Using your red pen or marker, write this: 
“Let this band-aid seal my wounds, 
 Let this incense cleanse me,
 Let peace find me,
 Let grief leave me.” 

When you are done, fold the paper and stick it in the envelope. Put some ash from the incense in the envelope. Put a part of you (hair, eyelash, fingernail, ect.) into the envelope. Seal the envelope and put it under your pillow. Sleep with it under your pillow for one night. The next morning, set the envelope on fire in a safe place. 

As I lay here in your arms, I remember the nights I endured before you. I think back to the constant trembling, how at a time like this I’d be curled up in my bed, my eyes the equivalent of bursting pipes after holding in my sadness throughout the day. If I was lucky, I’d have time to muffle the sobs. I wasn’t always lucky. I remember breaking when the ones before you left, walking out of the door with pieces of me in tow. But for the first time since then, I feel like I was never broken in the first place, just bent out of shape. Every time your arms tighten around me, I straighten out. It’s almost like you know, almost like you care enough to notice when I don’t seem whole and try to help, just like I would for you. Perhaps this is what love is supposed to be like.
—  Maxwell Diawuoh, Request: Someone who completely changes your view on love. Someone who wipes away all past doubts.

To you,

I wish that things could have gone differently for us. I really wish that there was some way to make things work out. I don’t know what you’re doing right now and I don’t know if I even cross your mind anymore the way I used to. I don’t know how easy I was to forget or if you still lie awake at night thinking about me too. I don’t know if you ever consider calling to check up on me anymore or if you’ve just moved past that entirely. I don’t know if I’m anything more than the girl you know will do you favors because she still cares. Hell, I don’t even know if we’re on the same planet anymore. But here’s to a clean cut and a nice ending. I hope you’re having a nice life.

—  💜
Colors & Meanings
  • Yellow: Concentration,Happiness, Learning, Persuasion, Progress, Intellect
  • Orange: Action, Attraction, Stimulation, Self-Worth, Self-Expression, Success, Joy, Happiness
  • Red: Danger, Lust, Love, Strength, Health, Vitality, Courage, Anger, Passion, Desire, Leadership, Conflict
  • Pink: Affection, Friendship, Love, Partnership, Healing, Harmony, Compassion
  • Purple: Wisdom, Psychic Powers, Spirituality, Intuition, Meditation, Royalty, Independence, Divination, Knowledge
  • Blue: Truth, Understanding, Sincerity, Peace, Wisdom, Loyalty, Protection, Tranquility, Patience, Healing, Calming, Communication
  • Turquoise: Clarity, Cleansing
  • Green: Luck, Earth, Plants, Wealth, Success, Healing, Prosperty, Fertility, against greed and jealousy
  • Brown: Animals, Earth, Studies, Home, Stability, Grounding, Concentration
  • Black: Banishing, Protection, Shapeshifting
  • Grey: Balance, Neutrality, Stillness, Restrained
  • White: Healing, Peace, Purity, Consecration, Divination, Protection, Cleansing, Truth
  • Silver: The Moon,(Feminity,) Astral Energy, Intuition, Dreams, Meditation
  • Gold: The Sun,(Masculinity,) Wealth, Attraction, Happiness, Prosperty, Attraction, Luxury, Success

The Lovers.

Give your heart, mind, and soul to a path of trust and communication. Walk with faith and know that you will find love at the other end.

What if I told you I thought we were meant to be more than this? To me, things weren’t meant to end the way they did. We were meant to be more than this, to waltz through life together longer than this. I imagine what it would be like if we made it past our bad moments. The thought of them makes my every breath a mandatory cardio exercise, and I can’t help but wonder if you ever find yourself following the same regimen. If only our souls intertwined as they were meant to.
—  Maxwell Diawuoh, Request: A girl who knows her ex was her soulmate, and knows that if they had made it through a rough patch they would have been together forever.