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community-created online masterlists for what to do before January


I’ve see a couple of living document masterlists created by folks for what to do in preparation for Trump’s presidency. I have linked them below.

These are community created and have a lot of great information, but are not comprehensive, all-knowing guides. I know there’s many going around, so please reblog and link the ones that you know of as well. We will try to reblog your resources to keep this updated. The more information, the more options, the better it can be for all of us.

Sending y’all love, fight, healing, and resistance.

Oh shit! The what should I do before January guide

Concrete Suggestions in Preparation for January

Louis: Mon Dieu, quit being so dramatic!

Lestat: *Artfully draped over a velveteen chaise lounge wearing nothing but a deep blue silk robe, he holds a Swarovski crystal glass full of blood in one hand and throws the other over his eyes* I’m not being dramatic.

Me Playing Overwatch: Mercy Edition
  • Me: OK, behind Reinhardt. Shit, shit, heal Reaper. Heal Tracer. WTF where's Widow? OK, everyone full, amp Sombra. Hold the p...
  • Some rando playing pharah, three blocks back, nowhere near the objective: I need healing!
  • Me: (ಠ_ಠ)
  • Me: HOLD ON BB IM OMW <3 <3 <3

Disneywatch - Beauty and the Beast

In which Zarya’s arrogance and hate of Omnics earns her a horrible curse and it takes Mercy to put up with her shit heal her.

(Zarya can’t read but she can totally throw THIS BEAR OVER THE CASTLE WALL ANGELA YOU’RE NOT EVEN LOOKING)

Other Crossovers:

Hercules (Widowtracer)

Aladdin (Phametra)

I know
you used to get punished
for speaking. 

Quiet nods
stifled whimpers
were all
they knew
about you.

You were silenced
with clenched fists
words that somehow
managed to hurt even more.

But you,
you have always been
and wildfires, 
so very beautiful 

Your words 
could move mountains, 
the tip of your tongue 
could shake the whole world, 

So speak up. 
Tell them.
Tell them how many years it has been
Tell them how it still hurts, 
how it never really stopped 
Never let them silence you again

—  Milla S.

Guild Message of the Day: Welcome to <Pirates of Arcadia>!
Remember to keep chat friendly and NO EMOJI!!

once a wow nerd always a wow nerd


happy new year everyone!!!!! lets expel all of our bad energy and heal together and whatnot shit idk i love u all thank u for making my life fun 💕

Shit People Say to Witches

- “You know harry potter isnt real, right?”
- “Can you do a love spell for me”
- “You arent actually making that pendulum move, its just the wind”
- “So… I guess you havent read the bible”
- “Magic isnt real”
- “I liked the craft too but…”
- “So… Do you like, hex people?”
- “Awwwww. Ill pray for you”
- “Just dont curse me or anything lol”
- “So. You’re okay with going to hell?”
- “Can You do a money spell for me?”
- “sooo…. Do you like…. Sacrifice animals”

All of these have been said to me directly, its amazing how ignorant people are
Ideas for D&D characters I would want to make if I ever got the chance
  • A healer who has anger problems and heals by beating the shit out of someone. Sucker punch to the jaw? Healed. Kick in the nuts? Healed. Literally beaten within an inch of your life? Healed. Most likely they were cursed.
  • A magic-user of some sort who is #aesthetic af
  • Somehow make an animal tamer who always tries to befriend animal enemies before fighting them. And if the final boss is an animal? “I ROLL TO BEFRIEND THE FINAL BOSS BY PETTING HIM AND TELLING HIM HE IS A VERY FLUFFY GOOD BOY”