healing quotes

Today I choose to feel the pain of sitting through a feeling, the terror in realizing that I am powerless over so many things, and the joy in knowing that I do not experience these things alone. I fight my feet when they beg me to run and battle my mind in its attempts to protect me from remembering the things I worked so hard to forget. Today is a constant war for healing. It is filled with promise and potential.
—  Renee Yohe

“ ‘She stuck a bookmark in (my) HER heart and walked away.’
-Saul Williams

Slightly edited, but it reflects how I’ve been feeling the past couple of months.
My heart is a book, meant to be read by someone very special, but not just yet. It’s still sore and needs time to heal, so I’ve stuck an old napkin or receipt or blade of grass between the pages and taken a step back.
It’s time to focus on my soul.”

Don’t close your door
when someone walks away.
Your wounds will heal
and summer wind will dry
your tears.
Don’t close your heart,
surrender to the sea
of silky rose petals
and let the sun
tickle you.
Don’t lose hope,
life still believes in you.
Darling, raindrops
are nothing but
diamonds tears from heaven
and when your sky is cloudy,
stars are painting
sparkly scenery for you.
Be patient.
Life isn’t meant to exist in a narrow color spectrum of perpetual happiness. That’s a movie. It’s not reality. Experience all your vivid, fiery, watery emotions. Give yourself permission to be full bodied. You’re peeling. Revealing. It’s a messy, magnificent process.
—  Kris Carr
You are beautifully, divinely and wonderfully made. Do not allow social media to make you forget that. Remember who you are daily- as you scroll on and browse about.
—  Lalah Delia

Don’t allow the sadness to stay

we will find a way

to not shatter our hearts

on every step we take.

It will work out one day,

the wounds will stop opening so easily

and you wont feel the necessity to

punish yourself over everything you made.

When we stop feeling anger

over everything that we did wrong,

we will learn to let things go

and we won’t wake up sad anymore.

And all the tears you had cried

under covers at night

will give you some relief

after all you passed by.

If you regret some of the decisions you made in the past,
don’t be so hard on yourself.
At that time, you did your best with the knowledge that you had.
At that time, you did your best with the experience that you had.
Some of your decisions might have been coping skills and a time when you didn’t know what you know today.
If you were to make those decisions with the wisdom you have now, you would choose differently.
So give yourself a break and forgive yourself.
Time and experience has a wonderful way
to make us realize that we prosper,
grow and learn to make better choices today,
for ourselves and those we care for.
—  Brigitte Nicole
When you wake up to your power and snatch it back….
miracles happen.
—  Lalah Delia
Fear held my heart hostage
until I learned to let go.
Now I know what it means to fall,
to let myself fall.
Fall truly, madly, deeply.
Fall head over heels.
Fall, not into emptiness,
not into an abyss of peril,
but into the safe haven of your arms.
The funny thing is, I never lost that gutwrenching fear,
but it’s now no longer a fear of committing,
it’s a fear of losing you…
—  dreamyrainbowwriter, the art of letting go