healing queue

Things that made me fall in love with you

were your hands entwined with mine

I thought too long about Kaito and Shinichi going to cook dinner with the radio on, and it turning into dancing that’s 90% beaming at the other while swaying, and needed to draw it 🌸

anonymous asked:

Hey! I've been scrolling through this blog for a bit and I love y'all's work! If you guys are willing, can you do some aranea×roxy? If you don't feel like doing it that's perfectly fine, I don't mind. Keep up the great work!!

Anon, you’re amazing <3

~Mod Egg

For anyone who hasn’t got the gumption to take on Thordan EX, just remember that in it, Ser Zephirin tries to kill you in a similar manner as he did Haurchefant :V

BONUS - If he kills someone, he delivers this line: